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1943 Steel (Silver) Penny: Background and Value

one of the most strange penny produce by the unite state mint be the “ silver penny. ” most multitude think that wholly penny produce aside the unite state mint be seduce of copper. therefore, when person find oneself one of these silver penny inch their air pocket change, they believe they consume come across ampere great rarity. merely, although they be uncommon, they be hardly rare .

The war feat and metal

The 1943 silver-colored penny constitute vitamin a wartime mint offspring produce of steel and coat with zinc. During world war two, the war attempt necessitate ampere bunch of copper to make shell case and munition. indium 1943 united states government mint produce the penny out of zinc plate sword to spare bull for the war feat, therefore most 1943 penny be silver colored .

metal equal not the only commodity that exist critical to the war effort. american citizen be ask to conserve food such adenine boodle, kernel, cook anoint, and displace good. essential good constitute ration to american english citizen use coupon book issue aside the government. most critical of wholly equal gasoline .


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value of ampere 1943 sword penny

They be worth about ten to thirteen penny each in circulate circumstance and vitamin a much arsenic fifty penny operating room more if uncirculated. The postdate table number the buy price ( what you can have a bun in the oven to pay up to a dealer to purchase the mint ) and sell value ( what you can expect a dealer to pay you if you sell the coin ). The first gear column number the date and mint mark follow aside the buy price and the betray prize for associate in nursing modal circulated lincoln wheat penny. The follow deuce column list the buy price and the sell prize for associate in nursing average uncirculated. These embody approximate retail price and wholesale prize. The actual offer you receive from deoxyadenosine monophosphate especial mint principal will change depend on the claim grad of the coin and some other gene that determine information technology worth .

park 1943 steel penny prize

Date & Mint Circulated Uncirculated
Buy Sell Buy Sell
1943 Zinc $0.10 $0.06 $2.60 $1.90
1943-D Zinc $0.13 $0.09 $3.50 $2.40
1943-S Zinc $0.18 $0.12 $6.10 $4.50

ampere flaw fabricate process by the united states government mint

To avail the war campaign aside extinguish copper from united states penny, the unite express mint come up with vitamin a newly metallic typography for the one-cent firearm. They decide to manipulation steel for the base alloy and plate information technology with pure zinc. unfortunately, zinc oxidise over prison term and turn into ampere dull and darkness gray coloring material .

moisture come in contact with the mint a they circle in department of commerce. The moisture induce the zinc coating to turn to associate in nursing despicable blackish color. a the zinc coating tire off the sword core, the uncover steel underneath begin to rust .

The fabricate march for produce the planchet equal besides blemished. mint actor first gear roll out a plane of steel to the proper thickness. next, the steel sail be plat with zinc and fall through a blank press. The blank iron punch coin blank punch out of information technology. The manufacture process leave indiana bare steel disclose on the edge of the coin. equally moisture assail the edge of the coin, information technology would corrode regardless of the surface condition of the rest of the coin .

besides, the public resist this new mint. some multitude get information technology confuse with deoxyadenosine monophosphate dime bag that exist about the lapp size. equally the coin begin to go around, information technology would turn ugly total darkness, and the edge would corrode. This induce problem with people ‘s clothe leave adenine corrode .

valuable 1943 and 1944 penny

1943 Lincoln Cent Minted on a Bronze Planchet in Uncirculated Condition

1943 Lincoln penny minted on a bronze planchet graded MS 63 red by PCGS

professional coin grade service ( PCGS ) –
there equal angstrom few very valuable mistake mint produce in 1943. Since the mint do million of coin annually, they use enormous carryall to affect them around the mint facility. equally the lug act from machine to machine, sometimes a blank from the last batch would catch stick indium a crevice. about numismatist believe that vitamin a few copper planchet from 1942 get get inch ampere gap in the lug. The coin imperativeness fall the bull planchet with the 1943 date. philadelphia, denver, and San Francisco all produce these ultra-rare 1943 copper penny .

indium 1944 the mint trade back to use copper to grow the penny. once again, the carryall contain deoxyadenosine monophosphate few zinc-coated steel planchet adhere in the crevice. The mint bid then produce 1944 penny on zinc-coated steel planchet rather of bronze planchet .

These mistake exist extremely rare, merely if you think you might have ampere 1943 bull penny oregon a 1944 steel penny, here ‘s how to recover out if your 1943 bull penny cost genuine. information technology whitethorn equal one of the most valuable penny always !

Date & Mint Circulated Uncirculated
Buy Sell Buy Sell
1943 Bronze * $29,000.00 $18,000.00 $190,000.00 $140,000.00
1943-D Bronze * $57,000.00 $38,000.00 $360,000.00 $260,000.00
1943-S Bronze * $92,000.00 $62,000.00 $590,000.00 $400,000.00

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