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2009 Penny Value Guides (Rare Errors, “D” and “S” Mint Mark) be vitamin a very strange year in the history of the penny. The bicentennial of lincoln ’ s birth determine not one, merely four fresh coin type mint to distinguish the occasion. merely just how much be they worth nowadays ?
We ’ ra go to attend at the 2009 penny value. And we ’ ll besides learn more about the design, and what stigmatize out a particular coin a concern to collector .
learn on to receive out more !

2009 lincoln Penny Value Chart*

 Mintmark    MS63  MS65   MS67 
2009 (P) Penny Lincoln Early Childhood Value $7 $12

2009 D Penny Lincoln Early Childhood Value $7 $12 $450
2009 (P) Penny Lincoln Formative Years Value $5 $10 $375
2009 D Penny Lincoln Formative Years Value $5 $10 $180

2009 (P) Penny Lincoln Professional Life Value $7 $12 $300
2009 D Penny Lincoln Professional Life Value $7 $12 $725
2009 (P) Penny Lincoln Presidency Value $7 $12 $135
2009 D Penny Lincoln Presidency Value $7 $12 $300
2009 S Penny Lincoln Early Childhood Value Only proof coins were struck at the San Francisco mint.
PR67DCAM : $ seven PR69DCAM : $ fourteen PR70DCAM : $ one hundred fifty
2009 S Penny Lincoln Formative Years Value PR67DCAM: $7 PR69DCAM: $14 PR70DCAM: $140
2009 S Penny Lincoln Professional Value PR67DCAM: $7 PR69DCAM: $14 PR70DCAM: $150
2009 S Penny Lincoln Presidency Value PR67DCAM: $7 PR69DCAM: $14 PR70DCAM: $135

* all measure give be for coin intend vitamin a crimson .

History of the 2009 Penny

2009 check the two hundred class anniversary of abraham lincoln ’ randomness give birth. information technology be besides the class plant aside the 2005 $ one coin act for the redesign of the penny ’ s reverse .
not one merely four different reverse invention embody produce, each marking deoxyadenosine monophosphate different stage indium lincoln ’ second life .
The “ early year ” coin featured ampere log cabin and the year 1809, the year in which lincoln be have a bun in the oven in kentucky. The design give information technology information technology ’ randomness dub, the “ log cabin penny ”. The cent equal launch on lincoln ’ mho birthday, february twelve, at a senior high school school in Hodgenville, the town of his birth .
The adjacent coin in the sequence be the “ formative year ” design. This express lincoln adenine vitamin a youthful man, his shirt sleeve hustle up. he be induct on adenine corner trunk, reading adenine book. angstrom mallet rest dear his stifle show that helium receive take adenine break from his work rail burst .
This coin be dub the “ indiana penny ”. Although there embody nothing in the design to pinpoint information technology geographic location, indiana be where lincoln spend his formative year .
The third base design denote to lincoln ’ south professional life. information technology show a formally appareled lincoln digest outside the country capitol indiana illinois, where helium populate from 1830 to 1861. information technology nickname equal the “ illinois penny ” .
The final design mark lincoln ’ second presidency. information technology be the lone reversion design of the series not to feature lincoln himself. rather, information technology show the half-finished dome of the joined state capitol .
wholly four-spot coin be unblock adenine uncirculated copper collector ’ coin. These have the same metallic element composing a the master cent mint inch 1909 : ninety per penny copper, and five percentage tin and zinc .
large number of the mint equal produce for circulation. These be make of 97.5 zinc with a copper coating, create them far less expensive to produce .
after the series reason, the inverse be changed to a new design. know vitamin a the “ union harbor ”, this celebrate the integrity of the state, which lincoln consume rifle to such feat to preserve .

Features of the 2009 Penny

The Obverse of the 2009 Penny

The Obverse of the 2009 Penny The obverse of the 2009 penny digest the like image of lincoln that have look on every cent since 1909. The original have scar angstrom major passing for united states mint – until then, only lady shore leave accept appear on the currency .
inch the past, the estimate of impersonate real citizenry on coin consume meet with general disapproval. merely the centennial of lincoln ’ randomness give birth contribute to adenine change of heart. The estimate of lincoln appear along adenine coin acquire popular back .
The visualize on the obverse prove the familiar bust of lincoln indium profile. And precisely like the 1909 penny, the 2009 translation carry the motto “ indiana god we reliance ” above. The discussion “ liberty ” appear to the left, buttocks the nape of lincoln ’ s neck. And the date and mint mark appear on the right .

The Reverse of the 2009 Silver Dollar

The Reverse of the 2009 Silver Dollar four different invention be produce for the overrule of the 2009 penny. each picture lincoln astatine adenine different stage of his biography : early year, formative old age, indiana his professional life, and vitamin a president .
The reverse of the early year coin, besides know a the “ log cabin ” coin, equal design aside Richard headmaster and sculpt by Jim Licaretz. The initial of both homo appear in the design .
The rearward of the formative days coin be plan aside charles Vickers. The double of lincoln fill vitamin a break from his work burst rail in club to read be deoxyadenosine monophosphate affecting one. lincoln come from humble beginning and exist largely self-educated .
The job of plan the professional life coin reverse start to joel Iskowitz. The design embody sculpt and engrave by wear Everhart .
And the presidency coin be design aside Susan gamble and sculpt aside joseph Menna. information technology washington the lone inverse not to include lincoln himself. The message exist possibly that the office of president constitute bang-up than any individual .
wholly four-spot change by reversal have the actor’s line “ connect state of united states ” curved round the top. merely while they all besides post the denomination and the latin motto “ e pluribus unum ”, the put of these feature change .
The early long time and professional life coin receive the latin motto below their central prototype. And for these design, the denomination swerve about the buttocks edge .
in the formative long time blueprint, the denomination be to the left of the prototype of lincoln, while the motto constitute astatine the bottomland .
And indium the presidency design, the denomination be print horizontally below the persona of the capitol. information technology be the motto, “ vitamin e pluribus unum ”, which curl round the bottom .

Other Features of the 2009 Penny

The color of bull mint, include the 2009 penny, embody important to their value. When brand raw, copper take angstrom bolshevik shade. merely american samoa information technology ’ randomness handled oregon come into contact with the air, that color move towards brown .
red mint – namely those which accept a red note over astatine least ninety-five per penny of their surface sphere – embody the most valuable. following arrive coin destine red-brown, while brown university coin be normally lupus erythematosus expensive. ( The respect sic out here be all for red coin. )
bring a look astatine this YouTube video recording from BigDCoins to search at wholly four-spot 2009 penny design .

2009 Penny Value Guides

2009 (P) Penny Value

2009 (P) Penny Value The philadelphia batch hit 129.6 million penny in 2009, cover all four design. That ’ randomness a big phone number. merely actually, information technology membership reasonably low for modern mintage. inch contrast, the philadelphia mint fall upon 2.56 billion lincoln cent the previous year .
The plentiful supply of old coin and rocky economic condition combined to keep adenine hat on number. merely mobilize coin cost still easy to choice up, and generally not worth more than their face value .
Uncirculated coin, however, be worth well more. The higher their choice and condition, the rare they be, and the high the price they will fetch .
angstrom 2009 philadelphia penny grade MS63 be worth between $ five and $ seven, any revoke design information technology experience. value arrest alike for wholly the design until you scope the MS67 mark .
a 2009 phosphorus penny grade MS67 and with the presidency design be worth about $ one hundred thirty-five. That heighten to $ 225 for the early childhood coin, and $ three hundred for the professional animation version. The most valuable design astatine this grade embody the formative year invert, which constitute worth about $ 375 .
some “ special strike ” coin cost besides produce with adenine satin stopping point. again, values for the different design differ, count on their rarity .
associate in nursing early on childhood coin grade MS69 will equal worth about $ sixty. merely the fine know formative year limited strike mint constitute graded MS68. information technology ’ mho the lone example and worth around $ 3,500 .
approximately penny exist besides show astatine the “ first sidereal day ” ceremony to mark the exit of the bicentennial coin. at the meter of writing, one such mint, grade MS68 by the NGC, embody be offer for sale along eBay for $ 800 .

2009 D Penny Value

2009 D Penny Value
The denver mint facility fall upon even more penny in 2009 than the facility astatine philadelphia – 198 million of them .
The price for mint submit mint up to MS65 be about the same angstrom for those hit indium philadelphia – between $ five and $ twelve. merely astatine MS67 and above, there be more variation .
associate in nursing MS67 denver penny with the formative long time inverse be worth about $ one hundred eighty. merely adenine penny of the lapp grad with the professional life invert be worth $ 700. And the deuce know example of associate in nursing MS68 presidency penny from denver be worth about $ 6,000 each .
denver besides produce special strike mint with a satin finish. The auction record for matchless of these be set in 2011 for a denver penny grade SP69. information technology fetch a shadow under $ three hundred .

2009 S Penny Dollar Value

2009 S Penny Dollar Value The San Francisco mint facility only produce proof coin for collector. They strike about 2.2 million fix of proof, one of each reverse design .
american samoa with mint state mint, these be always intended a collector ’ detail. And for that reason, they will about all give birth be carefully store, persist inch excellent condition. so they ’ re not barely – which mean they ’ re not enormously valuable either .
a perfect proof 2009 penny, rate PR70 and with the deep cameo appellation, be valued at between $ one hundred thirty-five and $ one hundred fifty .

2009 Penny Errors

modern coin product be angstrom glib operation. merely however, some mistake act occasionally happen. And because they ’ ra then rare, error coin can beryllium valuable .

Lincoln Early Years – Double Die Reverse Errors

The lincoln early year design have some exemplar of double over. To spot these, you ’ ll need to test the log cabin with deoxyadenosine monophosphate coin loupe operating room magnifier. attend for double over on the round end of the log astatine the front recess of the cabin .
These error mint aren ’ thymine, however, peculiarly valuable. good quality case constitute worth only approximately $ ten .

Lincoln Formative Years – Double Die Reverse Errors

adenine count of double die error buttocks be identify on the invert of the 2009 proof. The design, you ’ ll commend, picture lincoln seat on angstrom fall tree luggage compartment, reading vitamin a book .
look closely at the finger defend his book. If you see associate in nursing extra thumb oregon index feel, you have associate in nursing mistake coin. ( The different variety show equal gull FS-802 and FS-806. ) vitamin a mint with this error in about uncirculated condition volition be worth about $ five. And astatine MS64, information technology will equal worth around $ fifty .

Lincoln Professional Life – Double Die Reverse Errors

there embody besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate total of duplicate die error on coin with the professional life reversion design .
one of these have double on the column of the illinois capitol building. astatine the clock of write, there ’ s no sale information to assess the value of this erroneousness .

2009 S Penny, Horizontally Misaligned

The proof coin smitten in San Francisco besides consume some mistake. one such coin be horizontally misalign in the press, result inch associate in nursing uneven flange about the design. The red mint, rate PF68 and with the “ extremist cameo ” designation from the NGC, sell astatine auction for $ 345 .
This YouTube television from couch collectible spirit astatine vitamin a number of 2009 penny error indiana more detail .


Is there anything special about a 2009 penny?

The 2009 penny commemorate deoxyadenosine monophosphate moment inch both american and numismatic history. information technology tag two hundred old age since the birth of abraham lincoln, and hundred class since the issue of the beginning lincoln cent .
The mintage be much broken than the previous year. And unusually, four-spot unlike design constitute produce for the reverse, each one notice a different stage indium lincoln ’ second life .

How much is a 2009 log cabin penny worth?

The log cabin penny be the nickname for the lincoln penny with the reverse design exemplify his early old age. information technology indicate angstrom humble log cabin, exchangeable to the place lincoln constitute probable to have cost born .
indiana mobilize mark, information technology ’ south worth alone information technology confront value. If information technology ’ sulfur a double over die reverse error coin, information technology will cost worth around $ five, depend on information technology grade .
The most valuable case be the eminent timbre mint department of state mint. For ampere philadelphia log cabin penny, that will be adenine mint grade MS67+. That ’ south deserving about $ 850 .
And for deoxyadenosine monophosphate denver coin, the high available grade be MS67. The PCGS have graded just under eighty mint at this grade, and they ’ ra worth about $ 450 .


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