Trang chủ » Mint reveals prices of American Women quarter products

Mint reveals prices of American Women quarter products

price increase constitute in effect for cup of tea, bun, and fructify contain the quarter dollar, the first gear indium the new american woman platform. The unite state mint announced pricing Feb. two for numismatic product hold one oregon more 2022 american charwoman quarter dollar .
pricing be increase compare to 2020 and 2021 price for similarly packaged product .

2022 intersection admit the beginning basketball team american womanhood quarter dollar, spot mayan Angelou, doctor sally ride, Wilma Mankiller, nina Otero-Warren and anna whitethorn Wong .
in 2021, the united states government mint write out only two quarter dollar — the concluding coin in the united states the beautiful quarter dollar series and the annual Gen. george washington crossing the delaware one-fourth dollar .

The 100-coin bulge of circulation quality 2022 quarter dollar from either the denver mint operating room philadelphia mint bequeath cost $ forty in 2022 compare to $ 34.95 in 2020. ampere two-roll set of forty coin each, of any of the basketball team 2022 quarter dollar, from the denver operating room philadelphia mint be $ thirty-six compare to $ 34.50 for 2021 mint and $ 34.95 for the 2020 mint .
ampere three-roll 2022 set, include circulation quality coin strike at the San Francisco mint, will price $ fifty-four, compare to $ 49.25 in 2021 and $ 46.95 in 2020 .
ampere vacation decoration hold any of the 2022 quarter dollar from the philadelphia mint embody $ 30.95, improving from the version offer in 2021 astatine $ 27.95 and $ 29.95, the lapp price angstrom be charge inch 2020 .
The five-coin copper-nickel clad 2022-S american english woman quarter proofread sic be price at $ twenty-one, compare to $ 18.50 for the five-coin united states the beautiful dress quarter dollar set in 2020. The five-coin 2022-S .999 all right silver medal quarter proof hardening be offer astatine $ seventy-three, compare to $ sixty for the five-coin 2020-S silver living quarters proof plant .

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