SOLVED:a.lf a coin is tossed three times,what is the probability of getting 2 heads ii. at least 2 heads

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mhm. So the interrogate is saying there are three coins which are tossed ones and we have to find the precedence of different cases. Right ? So the priority is actually the total total of friendly cases. Upon entire number of cases. Or we can say entire phone number of friendly outcomes upon full outcomes when we ‘re tossing three coins. The sum number of outcomes are eight. That is either all tales T T had T corresponds to tail and head is corresponding to each like T T H T H T H T T T H H H. D H H H. T. And HHS. So these are the total number of cases are it nowadays let ‘s start doing one by one. First three heads three Herdsmen. How many cases are there when three heads remain entirely one cases there. So the probability for the inaugural depart is one by that is one favorable and total act about concert it. Let ‘s do the second part. Second is two heads. How many cases are there were two heads are coming 12 three. So how many darling cases ? three And full count of car answer 8. 3rd part. At least two words at least two herds means either two or three maximum. We can have only three years to how many, how many kids are there were at least two words are coming one boo, three and four. So the entire outcomes are favorable, outcomes are four and total um consequence size. So it is one by two. nowadays Let ‘s do 4th. Yes at most. Two heads at most. Two heads means either two or one or no head. So the full markets are 1234567 How many kids are there ? Seven And total cases are eight. No fifth 1 is no head. No head means all the result should be tails. So they are only one casing is one case. So that is one by it. now. Let ‘s do 63 tails. Three tails. only one case. That is T T t merely one case. They ‘re thus favorable is one and total is it ? No future is precisely two tails. How many kids are they were precisely two tails are coming one, two and three. only three kids are there so three favorable upon sum number of cancer. No tail. Which case has no tales ? alone one case. That is when all the outcomes are had merely one favorable and entire is eight. No final examination at most. Two tails at most means Either two or 1 or zero tails. How many kids are there ? One, 1, 2, 3, 45, 6, seven. How many cases ? Seven favorable upon sum. Mhm. Cases are eight. So the final examination answer is seven by a sophisticate. nine separate properly. Thank you then much.

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