A fair coin is tossed 10 times. Then the probability that two heads do not occur consecutively is a. 7//64 b. 1//8 c. 9//16 d. 9//64

hello everyone to the question as a fair coin is tossed 10 times in the probability that two heads do not occur consecutively as we having four options we have to calculate the answer then take which of the follow option is the fictional character of the question is asked that we need to find the probability that two heads to not occur quantitative research oklahoma so basically we know that probability of headway is peer to probability of stern that is one by two all right Nau I am assuming that let this is why it is the probability that out of sentences out of 10 tosses head or cause I X is the occurrence of the head therefore out of 10 tosses head or cause I X and no two pass ok consecutively no two heads orca consecutive sunao if this is the shell then it is net that I which is the happening of the head out of ten thousand do it is clear that I will be greater than 5 entirely connect now I am considering unlike cases for sleep for I equal to zero equal to zero means that no steer or cause it means that the lockers 10 times so it means that no fat what will be the probable team denoting API that will be p0 that will be equal to then they would only take so it will be one property of anklebone 1 by 2 by 2 to the world power 10 nowadays for I call 21 piano I equal to one that is oral sex occurs once and a thymine lockers 9 time so that would be one that would be 10 C1 software that is one by two Pawan and doctrines of stern that is 12.9 I hope this is now taking I could do to equal to tea what would be the P2 that would be dainty 11 by 2 to the power 2 and 1 by 2 to the baron 8 the question is why we have used nine year away with nine year because if I could do to that is we have two heads and 8 days then we have now been possible places foreheads ok so they would be 9 possible places for Head So that we have taken 91 similarly preceding fore very well permit ‘s all get along with this date will be worn by to receive power 10 and keeping it as it is now I am solving it it would be what is tense sentences -10 merely and we can I test 2 to the might 10 not this would be quite what is 9797 is basically 36 50 36 upon 2 raise to the exponent 10 know if I ‘m taking Ipill 232332 and like this thus basically it will be 92928 36 now preceding forth

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similarly we are having a phosphorus 333 would be equal 283123 12 so that would be equal to its 35656 upon to raise to the world power 10 similarly FIFA 20 7C 41 B to raise to the power 4 and 1 by 2 lift to the exponent 6 which comes out to be 7647 c4s 3535 to restore the world power 10 and the last EP 555 would be 651 by to ability 5 and 1 by 2 world power 5 so that would come out to be 60586 only sol 6.2 slipstream to the exponent 10 superhero lyrics in the question we have clearly mentioned that is greater than B if there were any five cases thus what would be here so that would be the full probability with BP 0 + 51 + B2 + B3 + T4 plus P6 on it would be up to 45 so here it is P5 it is P5 that would be equal to in the denominator It is seen that is to raise to the world power 10 some writing down and a dramatic tourist to the power 10 in the numerator it is 1 + 10 + 36 + 56 + 35 + 6 after accession it comes out to be 144 upon 2 lift to the power 10 so solving it it is if I ‘ll be multiplied with 10 clock time so that is sol I can stated as 144 orient tourist ability 32 32 32 now we know that a 16 lines are 14459 saffat 14462 the 32 dangerous left 9.64 this is the probability lashkar-e-taiba ‘s have a search at your options so it is 9.64 it means adoption is the decline answer I hope six Nations cup

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