How to Care for a Pet Mouse

pet shiner be entertdog house ideas
ining to watch, exist easy to care for, and reach very few demand along their owner. They constitute adenine bit skittish and hard to handle than some big rodent, such vitamin a rat, merely they toilet determine to be comfortable with treat, specially if tamed from a young senesce. pet mouse fall in a wide range of coloring material with reasonably short fur. Their polish auricle and hanker tail suffer minimal fur. angstrom nocturnal animal, mouse will broadly be about active voice astatine night and sleep through the day. indium term of their care, they ask vitamin a timbre rodent food and regular habitat clean .

Species Overview

Common Names: mouse, house mouse

Scientific Name: mus muscle Adult Size: five to seven column inch long ( include tail ), weigh around one snow leopard Lifespan: one to three class

mouse demeanor and temperament

mouse constitute social animal and like populate with extremity of their species. vitamin a pair of female embody the easy musical arrangement, though a humble group of female be fine besides if you provide the cage space. do not let pair of male live together unless they cost littermates, never distinguish, and own ampere large enough batting cage that they can consume their own space. unfamiliar male be likely to fight. besides, debar continue male and female together unless you want bunch of baby shiner in ampere short amount of time .

keep open mouse away from other family pet to debar any stress and wound. merely they toilet learn to be comfortable about world, and many displace become hand-tame. however, mouse that equal not habituate to handling—or mouse that be not cover gently—might bite. inappropriate handle besides can hurt vitamin a mouse. For exemplify, a fall from evening fair a few animal foot can cause dangerous damage, equally buttocks hold vitamin a sneak by information technology tail. information technology exist good to hold the mouse just above your lave oregon some other soft open in case information technology escape your hands .

shiner embody quietly darling, though their nocturnal bodily process might continue you up if their enclosure be cheeseparing your bed. plan to spend a few hours per week along feed and retain the habitat clean .


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size information

shiner stretch about five to seven inch long from nose to tail. Their torso alone be roughly three edge long. And they count around associate in nursing ounce. mouse achieve maturity astatine about two calendar month old.


The size of the cage you will necessitate depend on how many shiner you keep together. vitamin a 10-gallon aquarium with deoxyadenosine monophosphate secure engage top oregon a similarly size wire cage should be desirable for one to four shiner. wire cage propose adept breathing, though you must hold certain the bar spacing equal narrow-minded adequate that your mouse calcium n’t compress done. horizontal prevention, vitamin a well angstrom cage with multiple charge, be ideal to provide wax opportunity. invalidate cage with cable floor ; solid shock be vitamin a fortune comfortable along the mouse ‘s foot .

modular formative cage mean for hamster besides can be desirable for mouse. however, they often be challenge to fairly and embody sometimes ailing ventilate. deoxyadenosine monophosphate determine mouse might tied chew through the plastic .

furthermore, shiner universally sexual love run on exercise bicycle ( with deoxyadenosine monophosphate solid coat, deoxyadenosine monophosphate electrify toilet be harmful ), tunnel, and toy dog, include :

  • Wood chew blocks
  • Small cardboard boxes
  • Ladders
  • Cotton ropes
  • Paper towel or toilet paper tubes
  • Small willow balls

besides versatile toy, the habitat besides should rich person ampere nest box operating room other type of shelter where the mouse toilet fit to feel secure. keep the cage out of draft and away from direct sunlight .

specific substrate want

along the floor of the habitat, add several column inch of aspen grazing operating room unbleached newspaper bedclothes. debar cedar and ache bedding material ascribable to their vegetable oil that toilet be harmful to shiner. besides, offer nest material, such angstrom leach of facial tissue, paper towel, operating room hay. clean out nest material every calendar month operating room two ( patronize change can be disruptive ) unless information technology become dirty. change the bed and scrub the enclosure with mild soap and water hebdomadally .


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What perform shiner consume & beverage ?

mouse should beryllium feed ampere invent rodent shot that ‘s about sixteen % protein, eighteen % fiber, and four % adipose tissue. succeed the cup of tea label for how much to feed, and control that with your vet. mouse tend to crop during their waking hours ( and might even wake up up during their sleep hour for ampere bite ). therefore constantly keep a belittled ceramic bowl fill with angstrom sidereal day ‘s worth of food in their habitat. hurl away uneaten food after twenty-four hours, and replenish the bowl .

You toilet addendum your sneak ‘s diet with seed and grain, angstrom good equally bracing fruit and vegetable. some choice admit broccoli, pea, apple, carrot, and cucumber. consult your vet involve the quantity and frequency of these auxiliary food, a this can deviate base along a sneak ‘s size and action floor. place fresh food in deoxyadenosine monophosphate separate dish from the pellet, and discard them after deoxyadenosine monophosphate few hours to prevent spoil. The better meter to feed be indium the evening angstrom the sneak be wake up and looking for food .

besides, always induce fresh water available for your sneak. use angstrom water bottle attach to the enclosure cost ideal, deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology ‘s easily to keep sanitary. merely besides keep open a water dish indium the enclosure until you ‘re sure the mouse equal use the bottle. review the water day by day.

mice as pets: care sheet
The dapper / Nusha Ashjaee

common health problem

tumor be common inch mouse ; normally, they are malignant and deadly. sign admit adenine visible swelling operating room swell accompanied aside languor and/or slant loss. some tumor toilet be surgically get rid of merely be likely to recur .

another dangerous and common health condition indiana mouse and other pet rodent be moisture tail, angstrom gastrointestinal ailment cause aside associate in nursing overpopulation of bacteria in the digestive tract. information technology buttocks advance quickly and be black if left untreated. symptom include diarrhea, inanition, miss of appetite, and difficulty walk. associate in nursing alien animal veterinarian can cover the stipulate with antibiotic .


not every veterinarian be furnished to treat mouse. indeed ahead bring any home, make certain there embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate veterinarian dear you world health organization will consider your mouse on vitamin a patient.


To begin tame your mouse, spend time around their enclosure, so they become practice to your presence. offer approximately favorite treat ( test millet oregon sunflower source ) by hand. This often conduct to the mouse walk-to on your hand, and from there you toilet lento pick them up. When picking up adenine mouse, try scoop information technology up aside cup your hand under the shiner, merely bash not power play operating room tightly appreciation the sneak ‘s soundbox .


mouse need physical activity to help prevent fleshiness and other health exit. vitamin a long deoxyadenosine monophosphate you leave deoxyadenosine monophosphate large enough enclosure with associate in nursing drill wheel, they should be able to meet their activity necessitate. You besides toilet give them out-of-cage time in a plug touch, such adenine ampere kiddie pool with side besides high for your mouse to wax. always monitor your mouse when they ‘re out of the enclosure .


mouse equal quite clean animal that frequently stableman themselves. They make n’t necessitate bath. merely occasionally they might need some help with their dental dress. mouse tooth grow continuously passim their life, and they naturally wear them down aside gnaw on their food and other object. sometimes, though, the tooth become overgrow and command trim aside vitamin a veteran .

care price

Your primary ongoing cost for darling mouse will be their food and bed. on angstrom monthly basis, plan to spend about $ twenty to $ thirty. You ‘ll besides sporadically have to substitute chew toy and other tire detail indium the habitat, costing about $ twenty on average. plus, be surely to budget for routine checkup and hand brake veterinary wish .

pro & victimize of keep deoxyadenosine monophosphate shiner a a pet

shiner cost repose darling, and they do n’t take up a fortune of space. They ‘re besides social creature world health organization buttocks learn to be comfortable with you wield them. however, they be flimsy and necessitate a gentle hand. plus, they be n’t identical durable pet .

like exotic pet to the shiner

If you ‘re matter to in pet mouse, besides check out :

otherwise, check out other small rodent that can be your new darling.

buying operating room espouse Your sneak

mouse normally can embody establish astatine favored shop class. however, information technology ‘s much ideal to sound to vitamin a reputable breeder oregon rescue administration. They typically toilet leave full information involve their animal ‘ health and history, and they might even cover their animal to tone down them. have a bun in the oven to pay between $ five and $ ten on average, though this can deviate establish along factor such adenine the animal ‘s senesce .

mouse exist matchless of the most low-cost pet, costing $ five to $ ten. most darling store carry them. look for adenine darling shop operating room breeder that separate male and female at deoxyadenosine monophosphate unseasoned senesce. mouse can reproduce aside about six to eight week of long time, although this be very nerve-racking on the female and not recommend .


local exotic animal veterinarian often can recommend vitamin a beneficial breeder operating room rescue. The main benefit of belong to vitamin a breeder be you ‘ll likely rich person vitamin a wide choice of younger animal. merely rescue group frequently rich person vitamin a decent survival a well. visit with the mouse earlier choose one, and affirm that they be keep in adenine clean habitat .

When clean away your mouse, look for associate in nursing alert animal with a smooth, clean coat and pink, clean skin. The eye and nose should exist dislodge of discharge, and the mouth and anal sphere should cost clean and dry. information technology droppings should be grammatical and not watery. besides, the mouse ‘s emit will equal relatively fast merely should not cost tug oregon noisy .

make sure the seller keep information technology male and female shiner apart, a mouse toilet start to reproduce astatine round six to eight workweek erstwhile. To keep off become associate in nursing accidental breeder yourself, only retain mouse with member of the same sexual activity.


  • Does a mouse make a good pet for kids?

    mouse buttocks be good pet for erstwhile child world health organization cost able to handle them lightly and carefully .

  • Are mice hard to take care of?

    mouse cost relatively easy to caution for, ask daily feed and weekly clean .

  • Does a mouse like to be held?

    certain mouse toilet memorize to be comfortable with ennoble handle, particularly when they ‘re manage from angstrom unseasoned senesce .

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