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December 3, 1942 – March 12, 2022
Atlanta Chapter
JUDITH ASHDecember 3, 1942 – March 12, 2022Atlanta chapter With a rich sense of topographic point and function, Ms. Judy Ash filled each room she entered with a distinctly herculean so far elegant energy. Her aura was that of a charwoman who was fortunate adequate to know precisely where she ’ d come from and precisely who she is. Where she was headed, however, was generally a mint flip, and she would embrace any fresh gamble with open arms .
Born to Thomas Edward and Julia Parker Young in Pinopolis, SC, she was blessed to have a solid groundwork for her spiritual and personal development. Her mother expanded Judy ’ s childhood home to make board for Punch ’ north Judy Kindergarten, where the concenter of the course of study was music, and Judy ’ second Shetland shot glass, Candy, made regular appearances. One of her best childhood friends was Beth Lacey, and the two of them enjoyed exploring the huge area where Lake Moultrie was being built. indeed much hustle and bustle ! Just down the road, the Gills owned a huge horse. Ms. Judy knew that she ’ d be everlastingly golden when she fell from the large equine on her thirteenth birthday and received 13 stitches on her scalp .
many summers were spent on her parental grandfather ’ south tobacco farm, where each day was orchestrated like a symphony. It was playfulness and interest workplace for a young girlfriend eager to learn, and every day there were at least a twelve people, many cousins and many hands, gathered for a hearty dinner. To balance the bad physical grow labor, Judy ’ s enate grandma was a dressmaker who sewed for Ava Gardner, and besides crafted a beautiful wardrobe for her granddaughter.

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From the earliest memories of an idyllic youth, Judy was constantly encouraged to reach for any goal she might fancy. She took Flamenco dancing lessons in Charleston, captained the basketball team, and cheered for the Berkeley Stags while running school organizations. She toyed with the estimate of becoming a detective or a doctor of the church, but her love of travel was calcified when she spent her Converse College Junior year studying abroad in Paris and Rome. Judy had already seen much of America after working in Yellowstone during summer breaks. so, she traveled with three of her classmates Julie Cook and Sally Carr who sailed on the Holland American line from New York City to meet another ally Monies Smith to make the Hotel Lutetia their new home floor in Paris. The Carrs had arranged for a case of champagne for the cross, and absolutely nothing could ’ ve been fine as the young women savored every moment of that gamble .
After leaving college, she embraced an opportunity to live with her enate grandma in Miami. In Southern Florida, Judy fell in with a boisterous and blase crowd. Delta was hiring women to learn their newfangled computer system, and it was there that she learned an important lesson : Machines are entirely a chic as the people running them. That experience led to an introduction to the escape crews, for which Judy quickly signed up. It was a thrilling time to be a stewardess – first for Delta, and late for Pan American World Airways from the ’ 60s to the ’ 80s. She loved all of the stops from Tehran to Tokyo, but her front-runner was Hong Kong. Another highlight of that speculate was being able to assist american soldiers flying out of Saigon for their R & R during Vietnam. Pan Am offered that military service for free. It was in the World Wings International group that she continued to foster her loyalty to her Pan Am friends.

In time, she married the capture Charles ( Chuck ) Ash from Mahwah, NJ, and they settled in Litchfield, CT. She had a double career of nurturing a family that includes two sons who immediately have families of their own, supporting her conserve ’ second market career, then building herself another successful career in real number estate, Ms. Judy retired to the consolation of her original childhood home on the Pinopolis peninsula, where Candy once roamed. Her countless of close friends and family kept her busy and active. Each week was a fun and busy schedule of civic engagements on the Board of the Red Cross, Honorary Commander of Charleston Air Force Base, and the Advisory Committee for the Wings Club, Board Member of the Berkeley County Aviation Committee, Garden Club of America, women ’ second forums, competitive flower stage, bridge, book clubs, and church service meetings at Pinopolis Methodist Church where she maintained her membership for more than seven decades .
Most importantly, Ms. Judy treasured her friends and family, always ready to dispense humor and wisdom of solomon. She leaves behind a brother, Tommy Young and his wife Catherine Traynham of Folly Beach ; her niece Isabelle Sydney Young, her husband Paul Pearson and their daughter June. Two sons, Bernard Snow Ash and wife Lize-Marie Hottegindre of Incline Village, NV ( Lake Tahoe ) ; Guyton Parker Ash and wife Susan of Charleston. Six adored grandchildren : Violette, Phebee, Max and Tallac Ash of Incline Village, NV ( Lake Tahoe ) ; Oliver and Charlie Ash of Charleston. She kept conclusion to her heart dear friends who cared for her over the years, specially Clara Hampton, Bertha Lee and Frank Nelson, and Terry Griffin. She ’ s predeceased by her beloved husband of 34 years, Charles Frederick Ash II.

During a moment of late reminiscence, Ms. Judy commented, “ Most of my biography, if I thought of something to do, I did it. ”
Services will be held at Pinopolis Methodist Church on Thursday March 17th at 11am, immediately followed by a celebration of Life gathering at 155 Broughton Hall Road, Pinopolis, SC. – Ms. Judy ’ s childhood home .
Memorials may be sent to the Lowcountry Red Cross at 1926 Kerry St., Charleston, SC 29406, Wings Club Foundation, or World Wings International .

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