Trang chủ » Clock alarms, creative dreams, a good neighborhood bar and Riverside Publix’s parking lot

Clock alarms, creative dreams, a good neighborhood bar and Riverside Publix’s parking lot

Clock alarms, creative dreams, a good neighborhood bar and Riverside Publix’s parking lot

About a year ago, I received a fancy & highly advanced alarm clock as a birthday gift from my mother. It has all the bells & whistles : an iPod dock so sánh I can wake up peacefully phệ ” Good Vibrations ” by The Beach Boys or violently jar myself from a sound slumber at an ungodly hour phệ the equally ungodly sounds of Slayer. It has three alarms, various buzzer sounds that start at a low volume & increasingly get louder so sánh as not béo startle me, a digital display with adjustable levels of brightness và a snooze I can kick into action by simply making a motion in its general direction. It’s safe béo say it’s my best friend in the world of sleep since I threw away my stuffed tyrannosaurus rex at pearson age calculator
7. However, a problem arose Tuesday morning that had me perplexed. Having mix the alarm Monday night for 7 a. m. in anticipation of taking a morning jog, I woke up with a bout of acute onset laziness that required me mập reset the alarm for a later thời gian. But as I clumsily fumbled my hands Khủng the appropriate ” + ” button bự mix the alarm forward 45 minutes later, I noticed that it would only mix the giây phút backward. Try as I might phệ elicit the clock’s cooperation, the minutes would bởi vì nothing but decrease. I frustratingly fumbled through the functions on my cell phone & eventually mix it béo the desired thời gian. But as I drifted back bự dreamland, my brain’s creativity began working overtime as I imagined my alarm clock as some sort of giây phút travel device. In my brief period of lucidity I dreamt I went back béo famed CBGB in Manhattan bự catch The New York Dolls play a bill with Fear và Television bự a raucous crowd. I visited my grandmother who passed away in 2002 & took her Khủng game five of the 1969 World Series & watched Ron Swoboda cơn sốt a double phệ knock in Cleon Jones for what would be the winning run. Then I was jarred awake bự the horrendous sound of my phone alarm và I realized I missed out on something important. If I could really go back & vì something practical, I surely would have met the planners who designed the Riverside Publix parking lot, burned their plans & told them Khủng go back phệ the drawing board. Each giây phút I pull into the lot from Oak Street on that horrible blind slope, I inevitably have Khủng slam on my brakes mập avoid someone leaving the lot. Then it’s thời gian mập dodge pedestrians who seem Khủng have no prescribed direction or semblance of safety lane bự cross the busy parking lot. When I find a spot phệ pull into, I hold up a line of five SUVs và feel the glares of the poor đá bóng moms who drive them burning a hole through my back window. The parking spaces are so sánh tight, I would gladly enter my oto via its sunroof, if it had one. Seriously, I drive what seems lượt thích twice the distance Khủng go béo the Publix in Roosevelt Square just so sánh I don’t have lớn put up with the headaches. The whole ordeal makes me crave a cold beer & a dark, friendly environment in which Khủng complain & drown my displeasure at the bottom of an ice cold, frosty mug. And when this urge arises, I have but one place béo turn : The Alibi on Edgewood Avenue South. If you love an ice cold beer at a cheap price at the kết thúc of a hard day, this is your place. It’s no-nonsense và I always feel at trang chủ. No matter how infrequently I show my face at this diamond-in-the-rough of a dive, my favorite bartender, Kim, is usually there, already waiting with mug in hand & heading right for the Yuengling tap from which flows my libation of choice. It doesn’t bother me that they don’t serve liquor, nor does it bother me that the bar is adorned with Pittsburgh sports memorabilia ( my least favorite sports town ). The smoky atmosphere fills itself with tunes cranking from the jukebox that, depending on the makeup of the diverse crowd, could be playing anything from Linda Ronstadt béo the Ramones. Draft beers, which run from $ 1.50 & up, make for a cheap afternoon or evening & I can’t remember a giây phút when my tab has been higher than USD trăng tròn. There is a quarter-operated pool table, a couple of dart boards, Golden Tee và Silver Strike bowling đoạn phim games, Megatouch machines, some tasty bar snacks và even some centerfolds affixed above the urinals in the tidy men’s room – truly a modern-day Xanadu. It may sound simplistic or lacking ambiance, but in my humble opinion, it’s in the pantheon of true, old-fashioned, no-nonsense neighborhood watering holes. And it’s a great place lớn forget your troubles, even if they arise from something as trivial as parking lot gridlock. Riverside resident Jason Yurgartis can be reached at jason. yurgartis @ .

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