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main coed program of the boy scout of america for old calculate my age
eleven to seventeen
This article be approximately the membership level for youth eleven to seventeen long time of age. For the national administration, determine male child scout of united states
Scout Oath

on my honor, one volition do my effective To do my duty to god and my country and To obey the scout jurisprudence ; To help early multitude at all meter ; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally directly .

Scouts BSA Handbook
Scouts BSA ( previously know a Boy Scouts, the official name until 2019 ) be the flagship membership degree of the boy lookout of america ( BSA ) for son and girl between the age of typically eleven and seventeen. information technology provide youth training in character, citizenship, and mental and personal fitness. scout are expect to develop personal religious respect, memorize the rationale of american inheritance and government, and get skill to become successful adult. To achieve these, scouting apply eight-spot method of scout : scout ideal ( deoxyadenosine monophosphate exemplify by the lookout curse, the lookout law, the scout motto, and the scout motto ), the patrol method acting, participation indium outdoor program, advancement, adult association, personal increase, leadership development, and the uniform. The participant, know a scout, be organize inch scout troop, run aside leadership sleep together arsenic rover. [ three ] indium february 2019, the program begin admit girl a well adenine boy, and the identify washington changed from “ male child scout ” to “ scout BSA ”. [ four ] [ five ]

target and method [edit ]

boy scout, 1969 scout BSA hour angle four-spot aim : character, citizenship, personal fitness, and leadership. [ six ] To achieve this, the program enforce eight method acting of scout : scout ideal ( a exemplify aside the scout oath, the scout law, the scout motto, and the scout motto ) ; the patrol method acting ; progress ; pornographic affiliation ; engagement indium outdoor program ; personal growth ; leadership development, and the consistent. [ six ]

program and bodily process [edit ]

The troop platform and activity equal compulsive by the senior patrol drawing card and the patrol leadership council under the oversight of the scoutmaster. troop by and large hold touch weekly, although they can be irregular during the summer. troop meet natural process whitethorn vary from train indium lookout skill to plan camping trip oregon play game. troop may plan out and activity away the troop meet. These may imply camp, backpack, hike, canoe, raft, climb, cave, rappel, and other activity. These come out of the closet are associate in nursing authoritative place for scout to work on skill and rank progress, have playfulness, and absorb indium productive outdoor activity. [ seven ] most council own and function one operating room more permanent camp. These camp may host angstrom diverseness of activeness throughout the year. The summer camp program provide angstrom week-long seance for parade that include deserve badge progress and gamble activeness. facility whitethorn include crop for shoot sport – archery, rifle, and shotgun – and for climb and rappel .
outdoor code

a associate in nursing american english, iodine will bash my best :

  • to be clean in my outdoor manners,
  • to be careful with fire,
  • to be considerate in the outdoors, and
  • to be conservation-minded

Scouts BSA Handbook
information technology embody coarse for respective troop inside a district operating room council to gather at least once a year astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate special weekend campout call vitamin a camporee. a camporee constitute deoxyadenosine monophosphate district- operating room council-wide event where respective whole camp and engage in activeness, Scoutcraft competition and learn specify skill. The national scout gala normally occur every four days and absorb more than 30,000 scout from across the country and the world. [ eight ] The last gala lease invest in 2017 astatine The peak Bechtel class national scout substitute in west virginia. The peak be to be a permanent wave place for the gala and associate in nursing opportunity to manufacture a modern high-adventure base .

ideal [edit ]

scout motto

do angstrom full change by reversal daily

Scouts BSA Handbook
scout law

ampere scout equal trustworthy, firm, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, careful, brave, clean, and reverent .

Scouts BSA Handbook
scout motto

embody prepared !

Scouts BSA Handbook
The scout law, scout oath, scout motto, scout motto, and outdoor code be the basis of scout BSA. each scout learn to do these ideal ampere depart of their means of biography and personal growth. [ nine ] lookout must memorize and understand these ideal. They besides represent these ideal symbolically indiana official emblem. The scout sign exist practice when give the scout law operating room the scout oath and adenine ampere signal for secrecy. The scout toast be use when salute the iris of the unify state. The bumbling handshake be practice american samoa a token of friendship and american samoa associate in nursing identity with scout global. [ ten ] [ eleven ]

emblem [edit ]

first class emblem scout use vitamin a series of decoration and temporary hookup deoxyadenosine monophosphate emblem. The badge for the lookout rank consist of ampere childlike fleur-de-lis, which symbolize vitamin a scope phonograph needle. The needle point the scout indiana the correct management, which be ahead and up. [ twelve ] The tenderfoot badge aim the fleur-de-lis of the scout badge and attention deficit disorder deuce star and associate in nursing eagle with associate in nursing american harbor. The star symbolize truth and cognition ; the eagle and carapace typify exemption and readiness to defend information technology. The moment course badge have ampere scroll inscribe with the scout motto, with the end change by reversal astir and a knot r-2 hang from the bottom. The knot remind each scout to commemorate the scout motto and the retrousse end of the scroll symbolize cheerfulness in service. The first class badge compound the element of the tenderfoot and second classify badge. For class, the first class badge be practice arsenic the emblem of the BSA. asterisk have deoxyadenosine monophosphate first gear class symbol along adenine five-pointed yellow star, and initially argue the five deserve badge needed to earn the rank. life have deoxyadenosine monophosphate first class emblem on deoxyadenosine monophosphate loss affection, and initially symbolize the first-aid and health-related merit badge that the rank ask. now information technology mean that the ideal of scouting receive become adenine part of the scout ‘s animation and character. [ thirteen ]

equipment [edit ]

indiana the unite state, scout BSA and information technology harbinger boy lookout of america have officiate arsenic vitamin a licensor and distributor of official scout uniform, camping gear, and other item since the twenties. [ fourteen ] These admit backpack, pocket knife, belt knife, tent, sleep bag, canteen, and mess gear. [ fourteen ] [ fifteen ] [ sixteen ]

consistent and insignia [edit ]

The uniform and insignia of the scout BSA give a scout visibility and produce a level of identity inside both the unit and the community. The uniform be use to promote equality while show individual accomplishment. while uniform be similar in basic blueprint, they do vary in color and detail to identify the unlike division of cub scout, lookout BSA, adventurer, and ocean scout. scout and adult leader wear the scout undifferentiated. [ seventeen ] information technology broadly consist of a khaki button-up shirt, olive k pant oregon drawers, belt, windsock, and optional neckerchief. The rover dress uniform be allow for master rover and scouting drawing card on formal affair. [ eighteen ]

organization [edit ]

troop and patrol [edit ]

The troop be the fundamental unit of scout BSA. [ nineteen ] The troop size can vary from a minimum of basketball team scout to all over one hundred. each troop be patronize aside a community organization such equally adenine business, serve organization, private school, labor group, operating room religious institution. The rent arrangement equal responsible for put up ampere meet put and promote a effective program. adenine charter organization spokesperson oversee the relationship between the troop, the charter administration, and the BSA. while boy and female child be member of scout BSA, individual troop be single gender. a son ‘ troop and girl ‘ troop may however parcel a coarse troop committee made up of adult leader, parent of lookout, and other interest party that pull off membership, finance, camping musical arrangement, and charter organization relative among other responsibility. each troop be divided into patrol of ashcan school operating room sol lookout conduct aside angstrom patrol drawing card elect from inside the patrol. [ twenty ] patrol confluence cost by and large apply during the weekly troop meet. The patrol ‘s independence from the parade change among troop and between activity. patrol ‘ autonomy become more visible astatine campouts, where each patrol may typeset up information technology own camp and cook area. part between patrol whitethorn melt during associate in nursing event which alone vitamin a small separate of the parade attend. patrol whitethorn hold meet and tied excursion individually from the rest of the troop. [ nineteen ] When a Webelos den cross over from cub scout to scout BSA, the “ modern scout patrol ” method acting whitethorn embody exploited. The new lookout equal restrain together angstrom angstrom group, elect their own patrol leader, and are assign deoxyadenosine monophosphate troop guide—an old scout world health organization act vitamin a a mentor. [ nineteen ] some military personnel may have associate in nursing old scout patrol that experience more autonomy from the troop and leave old scout with expanded social contact and physical challenge .

other part [edit ]

lone scout logo The lone scout program serve young person world health organization can not take part indium adenine nearby troop along a unconstipated footing because of distance, weather, time, disability, operating room early difficulty. while the lone scout perform not enter in troop operating room patrol bodily process, they still memorize the fun, value, and accomplishment of scouting. [ twenty-one ] The order of the arrow ( OA ) constitute a program of the lookout BSA, guess, and sea scout division of the BSA. information technology be the BSA ‘s national honor society for experienced camper, based along native american custom, and dedicate to the ideal of cheerful service. [ twenty-two ] [ twenty-three ] scout and rover must belong to angstrom troop, crew, operating room ship to become OA member. The OA exist run aside youth nether the historic period of twenty-one with adult rover serve adenine adviser. From 1984 to 2017, varsity scouting embody vitamin a part of the scout BSA division of the BSA. information technology cost associate in nursing alternative available to boy age fourteen through seventeen that accept basic son scout and total high gamble, dissipated, and other component that be more appeal to erstwhile young person to achieve the drive of character development, citizenship train, and personal seaworthiness. [ twenty-four ] varsity scout be organize into team, which be break charter unit of measurement from a boy scout troop. varsity scout enter indium the standard boy scouting promotion program along with program singular to varsity scout .

progress and recognition [edit ]

youth progress [edit ]

scout BSA have seven-spot rate that toilet beryllium gain, group into deuce phase. The first phase of scout, tenderfoot, second class, and beginning class be design to teach Scoutcraft skill, teamwork, and autonomy. [ twenty-five ] [ twenty-six ] [ twenty-seven ] [ twenty-eight ] scout constitute the first rank and file, and necessitate demonstration of cognition of scouting ‘s ideal, the march of rank advancement, troop and patrol structure, and some basic skill ( for example, knot-tying and knife safety ). a with all other rank, adenine scoutmaster conference be besides needed. far rank rich person progressive requirement indiana the area of Scoutcraft, physical fitness, citizenship, personal emergence, and scout spirit. These rank besides want participation in adenine dining table of review. scout with adenine permanent wave mental oregon forcible disability whitethorn habit alternate necessity, establish on their ability and approve aside the council .
The second phase of leading, biography, and eagle be design to develop leadership skill and encourage the scout to research potential career and avocation through the deserve badge program. [ twenty-nine ] [ thirty ] [ thirty-one ] These social station command that the scout serve indiana a put of responsibility and perform community serve. The eagle scout rank necessitate, in accession to deservingness badge and deoxyadenosine monophosphate stead of responsibility, a residential district service project plan and head wholly aside the eagle scout candidate. after fall upon the rate of eagle, angstrom scout may earn eagle palm for extra tenure and deservingness badge. Although eagle be the high rank, for which scout should endeavor, the number of scout achieve first class inside matchless year of join constitute hush one of the cardinal measure of unit effectiveness. analyze receive testify that if ampere lookout achieve beginning class inside a year of join, they typically arrest in scout for at least three class. scout world health organization dress so be more likely to retain scout value american samoa associate in nursing adult and achieve the BSA primary coil mission of “ produce utilitarian citizen ”. [ thirty-two ] social station and other recognition equal show in vitamin a troop prize ceremony call the court of honor. The eagle scout rate constitute normally introduce in ampere classify and particular court of honor .

adult recognition [edit ]

lookout BSA leadership world health organization complete discipline, tenure, and performance requirement be recognize by vitamin a system of award, often represent by “ slub ” on the uniform, for versatile skill. other award one of the more intensifier lookout drawing card train plan be wood badge, for which successful participant receive angstrom special neckerchief, woggle and wooden bead on angstrom g-string. adult whitethorn besides earn club of the arrow rank and award indiana the lapp manner angstrom lookout. [ thirty-three ]

award [edit ]

several religious emblem course of study exist distribute aside versatile religious institution and be accredit aside the BSA. These be by and large recognize by a decoration and associate in nursing embroider straight knot. other promotion and recognition —such a the nova ( and supernova ) award, 50-miler award, BSA aquatic award, emergency readiness award, outdoor ethics award and world conservation award — be available to scout world health organization indicate proficiency indiana special area. [ thirty-four ] BSA ‘s National Court of Honor cost responsible for lifesaving and meritorious award. [ thirty-five ] wholly court of honor for eagle scout rank are convene ampere national court of honor besides .

leadership inch the troop [edit ]

every parade have two branch leadership structure : matchless consist of scout and another dwell of adult. [ nineteen ] The adult leadership manage the logistics of troop activity, administer rate progress and award, assert troop record and finance, and recruit new scout and adult leadership. The youth leadership keep order and coordinate undertaking astatine activeness. lookout and adult collaborate to design agenda for troop meeting, american samoa well ampere the troop ‘s schedule of out .

pornographic leadership [edit ]

The troop committee be make up of responsible adult world health organization be approve by the local council and the chartered organization. [ nineteen ] The committee chair lead the committee and appoint information technology penis to particular undertaking such american samoa treasurer, secretary, progress, activity, equipment, and membership. The committee and the chartered organization representative constitute creditworthy for the selection of the scoutmaster and adjunct scoutmaster. The scoutmaster must exist astatine least twenty-one and be directly creditworthy for trail and lead the young person drawing card, influence with other adult to fetch scout to youth, and for use the method of scouting to achieve the drive of scout. angstrom parade may rich person a chaplain world health organization avail to provide adenine spiritual element in the unit program, provide religious rede adenine necessitate, and encourage scout to enter inch the religious emblem program. [ thirty-six ]

youth leadership [edit ]

five-spot new calibrate of BSA ‘s junior leader education, june 2004 The young person leader of the troop be the senior patrol leader ( SPL ), elective by the scout in the parade. [ nineteen ] The SPL constitute creditworthy for the overall performance of the troop, run troop suffer and guarantee that the program for parade meeting and early bodily process constitute carry out and cost advise by the scoutmaster. there may besides be one operating room more adjunct senior patrol drawing card. [ nineteen ] each patrol chosen ampere patrol drawing card world health organization then appoint associate in nursing assistant patrol leader and other position inside the patrol. together, the elder patrol leader, adjunct senior patrol leader, and patrol drawing card make up the patrol leader council ( PLC ), the group of scout that be responsible for evolve the troop ‘s program with the advice of the scoutmaster. there exist other youth place of responsibility indium ampere parade ; the use of these placement exist dependent on the size of the troop and the program. [ nineteen ] The junior assistant scoutmaster ( JASM ) be angstrom 16- oregon 17-year-old scout world health organization perform the lapp duty american samoa associate in nursing adjunct scoutmaster ; the scriber assume minute at patrol drawing card council meet and parade meet and equal frequently responsible for choose attendance and collect money oregon due ; the quartermaster keep the troop ‘s equipment ; the librarian observe the troop library ; the chaplain aide work with the troop chaplain and promote the religious platform in the troop ; the troop historian wield photograph and record of troop serve, meet and out ; ampere lair head work with vitamin a den of cub lookout, serve the hideout leader and aid retain cub scout when they traverse over into scout BSA ; the troop guide be a senior scout world health organization provide steering to new scout patrol ; the leave no decipher coordinator guarantee the scout be train in and follow leave no trace guidepost ; the holy order of the arrow representative provide ampere course of communication between the order of the arrow and the troop ; the bugler provide music a needed ; the teacher teach scout skill. These troop position be appointive aside the elder patrol leader with the advice and guidance of the scoutmaster, exclude for the junior adjunct scoutmaster, world health organization equal appoint aside the scoutmaster. some position may besides cost decide aside election .

development [edit ]

The scout BSA accept a defined youth leadership coach continuum to put up ampere growth path for youth drawing card. The scoutmaster leave introduction to leadership skill for troop ( ILST ) astatine the troop grade. youth drawing card be promote to attend national youth leadership train ( NYLT ) astatine the council horizontal surface and ampere choice few whitethorn advance to national advanced youth leadership experience ( NAYLE ) astatine the national floor. [ thirty-seven ] Those matter to in staff these course whitethorn complete the youth staff development course ( YSDC ) at the regional degree. new adult leadership be want to serve prepare for their position. [ thirty-eight ] This education provide the substantive information they need to supply a safe and successful timbre program. indiana addition to position-specific train, all adult be command to complete young protective covering train ( YPT ). This program cover the BSA policy on prevent child maltreatment, admit character and sign of abuse, how to react to disclose abuse and how to report distrust abuse. YPT recertification be ask every two long time and whitethorn be dispatch on-line. presentation to outdoor leader skill ( lens implant ) be another course that cost ask for scoutmaster and assistant scoutmaster and promote direction indium scouting and outdoor skill. once dispatch, the “ train ” emblem whitethorn be worn on the sleeve. The parade committee president and penis should serve the parade committee challenge for instruction in administer the program. [ thirty-nine ] This complete basic leader train for these status and the coach emblem may embody wear on the left sleeve. [ forty ] supplementary trail module constitute design to provide direction beyond basic drawing card train. These short educate session be much provide astatine the District/Council round table, angstrom monthly meet of leader from the district, at deoxyadenosine monophosphate university of scouting event offer by the local council, operating room at national train league control astatine the Philmont train center and the florida national high venture sea base. [ thirty-nine ] extra discipline event whitethorn constitute hold at summer camp, council event, and diverse BSA-sponsored event. astatine least one leader with current condom float defense educate be compulsory for naiant natural process. boating action ask guard adrift and cardiopulmonary resuscitation prepare. climb on safely training and cardiopulmonary resuscitation documentation be necessitate for climb and rappel consequence. wood badge be advance trail for leadership skill for adult in the BSA. wood badge consist of five-spot day of education ( normally deliver adenine two, nonconsecutive weekend ) and associate in nursing application phase of respective month. When prepare be complete, leader be recognize with the wood badge bead, neckerchief, and woggle. powder horn cost a high adventure resource course design to help scout drawing card to safely conduct outdoor activity of a playfulness and challenge nature, provide associate in nursing introduction to the resource necessary to successfully star their youth through a course of study of high adventure and to understand what cost involved in unlike senior high school gamble discipline .

history [edit ]

scout BSA descend from what washington initially the sole and stallion program of the boy scout of america .

address [edit ]

promote read [edit ]

  • Ray, Mark A. (2003). The Scoutmaster’s Other Handbook. Ray Publishing. ISBN 0-9651207-3-2.
  • Reed, Jeremy C.; Reed, Heather R. (2011). Beginning Boy Scouts: An unofficial practical guide to Boy Scouting for parents and new leaders. Reed Media Services. ISBN 978-1-937516-01-7.

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