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Great video ! It ‘s P2W alone ?

GP can be considered as p2w, if we speak about other regions. For exercise, in NA and RU it ‘s untradable and there ‘s no early way to get it, except spend substantial money. meanwhile in EU Gold Pack can be brokered and you can even give it to other players via old trade windowpane .

I do n’t know how it is now for RU but in NA is not the same since 6.x. They removed the pack and added one called prestige pass .

Both 30 days and 90 days ( cheaper than 3x 30 days ) passes can be traded or put on agent .

In the ingame shop you can see can be brokered, and the benefits .

however, there are no reason for you to actually buy one in NA except for increasing quality count from 8 to 12, and that can be done withing 7 days with the free 7 days prestige pass you receive on your new account. Create your characters and tied up whenever you want. In EU there is no way to increase characters from 2 to 12 with the spare 7 days GP active agent .

If you have prestige pass active, you receive coins for logging in, hunting gang or do special quests, coins that can be used on their vending machine. In EU they opted out to have coins exclusive to the weekly login, with no option to farm them from syndicate or do quests to obtain them, and pick up the rewards of your choice at the vending machine. They went another route, adding target drop to mobs rather of coins, but they are arduous rng and the chance to get what you want is very random. And you have to fight bots because bots receive rewards careless if they have GP active or not, while prestige coins can only be seen on drops for prestige users .

They do n’t enable trade or agent because trade and broker was never limited in NA if you did n’t have the gang .

example entries in EU are limited if you do n’t have GP active, and convention entries with GP active. In NA you have normal entries without prestige pass and boosted entries with prestige pass .

Luna currency is increasing by 10 every week in EU, with GP active. In NA they can craft their own luna currency and not put up as a p2w features, therefore you can roll all the stats you need on gear for free .

Except the siege benefits, if you care about rate, which is resetting with seasons, there is no indigence to buy prestige pass .

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