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Running Trade Packs/ Aged Larders

Inter-zone and intercontinental barter is an built-in contribution of the Archeage Unchained economy and the deal itself largely revolves around Trade Packs. The Trade Pack system is based around creating, enchant, and deal packages for profit. here is, more or less, how it works :

  • You find a Specialty Workstation (these are often located within every region’s population hubs).
  • You create a Trade Pack that is native to the region you are currently in (this is an export/import thing; you want to make a pack out of goods that are common in your region and take them to a region where they are rare to profit on them).
  • Creating a Trade Pack consumes materials, Labor Points, some Gold, and sometimes Gilda Stars; amount and kind consumed are pack-dependant. Materials used for pack creation become the pack’s cargo.
  • Created Trade Pack is automatically placed on your back and your character becomes encumbered (which means that your movements become very limited).
  • Now it is time to deliver the Pack to one of the Specialty Buyers that are located in all three regions on each continent. This might require a way of transport (Donkey, Farm Cart or a Farm Wagon).
  • Specialty Buyer will buy your Pack for a set amount of Gold. The Gold will be delivered to you via mail, in ~8 hours. Amount of Gold received for delivering a Pack depends on a few factors: the popularity of the Pack (the more packs of the said type delivered, the lower the payment), your distance traveled (higher distance equals higher payment), the trade pack’s type (if it consists of goods that are rare in the region, it will be worth more), and its age.

Note1:  If you decide to buy Trade Pack materials on the Auction House, you should constantly calculate your profits beforehand to check how much Gold you ‘ll actually make. If you divide your electric potential gold made for a carry by the come of Labor needed, you will besides get your Gold/Labor ratio.

The main difficulty of Running Trade Packs is transportation. If you do n’t fancy running on your feet with a gang on your back, at the begin, you have the stick to options :

  • Donkey – A simple mount that increases your traveling speed while you are encumbered. It’s handy at the start as it lets you save some time, but you should upgrade it as soon as possible.
  • Farm Cart – Faster than the Donkey and it can carry two Packs at once (and you can still carry the third one on your back!). Having a Farm Cart effectively triples your transportation efficiency. Blueprints for a Farm Cart are a reward from the Blue Salt Guild Questline.
  • Farm Wagon – Upgraded version of a Farm Cart; it has twice the capacity, which means that it lets you transport a total of five Trade Packs at once (4 in the Wagon + 1 on your back).

Note2: Due to the Archmage Unchained servers hush being reasonably modern, a lot of people are running Trade Packs. This greatly lowers the demand, which in turn has a damaging shock on Gold received for delivering them ; calculate your profit before starting a run to check if it is worth it on your server ! After the server ages and people find option ways of making Archeage Unchained Gold, packs will rise in respect again.

Aged Larders Special kinds of Trade Packs that can be made with the help of Farmer ‘s Workshop ( the Workshop itself can be built on your Land ). You can use the Workshop to craft “ Multi-Purpose senesce Larders ” that can be placed on your Land. After you place them, you fill them with materials that you want to old age. Aging takes three days and these packs are rather expensive to make, but they sell for more. Transporting and Selling of Aged Larders works precisely the like as transporting and selling standard packs. These might be a better option on older servers, as they are more expensive to make and have a 3-day timekeeper which makes them much more difficult to run ( which in turn means that fewer people are running them, and this results in higher demand ) .

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