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Please be surely to up vote this post : -D You watched either : or some early video and saw 10000 % APR ( +-27 % a day ) and now you want in .
You run to one of these exchanges :

Buy your coins and download the wallet hypertext transfer protocol : //b3coin.net/ :

Start the wallet up and let it set for 10 minutes and it never sync WTF ! WTF ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! now you are on-line praying person can help you setup the wallet. If you are at this target welcome, if you have been on discord ( instructions below ) you probably know me as the dbag that kinda help and did n’t at the like time lol !
*******This is very important!!!!! You setup and allow this wallet at your own risk, this is a help guide and I take no responsibility if anything happens to your network.********

With the disclaimer out of the way Lets get started

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  1. Download and install the wallet(please see above).
    • Create a folder under C: call it wallets
  2. Join Discord https://discord.gg/ARpuv79
    • If you are a security freak like me and don’t click links from strangers.
      • First bravo!
      • Second visit the B3 web site (http://b3coin.net/), scroll to the bottom, click join the discord.
  3. Start the wallet let it load and then close the wallet. Yet close the wallet.
    • Windows firewall is going to ask you if you want to allow the wallet to connect on private or public.
    • Pretty much however you setup you current connection it will listed on your puter as public or private.
    • The correct one will be checked. Please see notice above and below
  4. Go to discord, click the wallet-help tab, click the pin, and download:
    • peers.dat
    • b3coin.conf
  5. Go to your B3-CoinV2 folder
    • C:\Users%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\B3-CoinV2
    • If this does not work, you can unhide the AppData Folder
      • Depending on how many people user your computer there might be multiple users however for most people:
        • Now this is a given it wont be called “This is normally the user profile you are looking for” but I have to say it for those special ones ;).
      • Please see risk stipulation above.
      • Double click the User folder, click view, click options, click change folder and search options, click view in folder options, click show hidden, files, folders, and drives.
        • Its recommend after you are done to hide these files again.
  6. Now that we are finally in the B3-CoinV2 folder move the peers.dat and b3coin.conf files into here.
    • When it asks if it should replace the current files click yes
  7. Open the b3coin.conf file remove the old nodes and fill it with the new nodes below.
    • Go to https://chainz.cryptoid.info/b3/#!network and click nodes need to the wallet.
    • Copy all these nodes into b3coin.conf file.
  8. Start the wallet and let it sync (10 min to 1 hour pending your link).

Wallet is setup now lets join the pool

  1. Unless you buy 3+ million coins right now you are not going to stake alone.
  2. Fill out https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeSE4ZyD4HkgHlqfB_YesRlXxZ23UEYVIiyGHFO67zdb-fnQg/viewform to join the pool
  3. Move coins to SiRa1XzCAFtFHUyMhZoJNXSgZdThavmrFs, go to the image below and get the address there if you dont trust this one.
  4. Wait 24 to 48 hours for the next pool announcement
  5. Look for your name
  6. If your name does not show up for 4 days please follow the instructions under

*******This is very important!!!!! You setup and allow this wallet at your own risk, this is a help guide and I take no responsibility if anything happens to your network.********
Tips are always welcome if this help you out please :
BTC : 1HegBDMnkazWcYkn6hnSXoQ1L32eNwNuiR
ETH : 0xF7C7Ce5d5F25F4a57fcd7DC2D735453633a258dF
B3 : SfgRN9M1BhhEt2rJJpJPJzsnyCZjAwQKgW

source : https://ontopwiki.com
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