BfA PvP Season 2 Has Begun + Conquest and Ranked Rewards Details

Battle for Azeroth PvP Season 2 is nowadays bouncy, and with it comes a few system changes and update Conquest rewards .

Conquest Reward Updates

With PvP Season 2, we ’ ve fine-tune the Conquest reinforce schedule to provide players with more kind and flexibility to get the kind of gear they ’ rhenium looking for .
Players who earn 500 Conquest points in a given week will receive one Quartermaster ’ randomness Coin and a nibble of gearing from that week ’ sulfur choice. Players might besides earn an extra piece of gear or Quartermaster ’ s Coin each week by using a weekly bonus roll token in PvP. 10 Quartermaster ’ randomness Coins can be exchanged for a Warlord ’ sulfur Trophy, which players can use to upgrade a piece of Sinister Gladiator ’ s gear to a higher item level ( based on their current Rated PvP bracket ) .
Alliance PvP Season 2 Armor
During weeks when the Conquest wages is a head, shoulder, or chest item, players can choose from one of four different pieces of Azerite gear. For the weeks when the Conquest reward is not an Azerite slice, bangle, or weapon, players will be able to choose gear from one of two different slots such as legs and wrists, hands and back, or finger and feet.

Reading: Week Item Level Item 1 Item 2 1 375 Weapon 2 385 head 3 385 Legs wrist 4 385 bangle 5 385 Chest 6 385 hand back 7 385 shoulder 8 385 bangle 9 385 finger metrical foot 10 400 Weapon 11 400 head 12 400 Legs waist 13 400 bangle 14 400 Chest

15 400 hand wrist 16 400 shoulder 17 400 bangle 18 400 finger foundation 19 400 Weapon 20 400 mind 21 400 shank back 22 400 bangle 23 400 Chest 24 400 Legs finger 25 400 shoulder  

Horde PvP Season 2 Armor
The PvP wages UI will now show the criteria needed to receive your weekly chest of drawers. Elite sets ( available to earn for a limited meter only ) can besides be viewed in the Appearances interface under the Set tab .

Ranked PvP Rewards

We ’ ve besides updated the naming conventions for the brackets. now when players reach a 2400 rat in any bracket ( 2v2, 3v3, or 10v10 Rated Battlegrounds ), they will be moved into the Elite bracket. Like early brackets, players will immediately be granted an accomplishment and title when reaching the bracket. Elite titles are class-specific, and players will receive a alone tabard for their collection .

PvP Tier Rating













Sinister Gladiator Title

The Gladiator style and accomplishment will immediately be earnable by winning 50 games above a 2400 rate in 3v3 Arena. Players in the peak 0.1 % at the end of the season in this bracket will earn the title Sinister Gladiator for Season 2 .
PvP Season 2 Mounts
PvP Season 2 Alliance and Horde Mounts
Season 2 Mounts
During Battle for Azeroth Season 2, players can work toward claiming the Vicious Black Bonesteed or Vicious Black Warsaber. once earned, players can fill the bar again to receive a Vicious Saddle, allowing them to purchase a saddle horse from previous seasons .
Keep an eye on the Player v. Player Leaderboards during the season to follow who ’ randomness making waves at the acme .

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