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Best Free VIN Check Sites to Get a Car History Report

Did you know that a car rental in hanoi
’s Vehicle Identification Number ( VIN ) cannot be changed ? Every car has its registration numbers & numerous other codes but unlike the VIN number, they can be changed. Think of the VIN number the way you would think of a fingerprint. Your car’s VIN number is chất lượng to your car alone as it was ascribed to the mới nhất car during production .The VIN number is used by engineers to identify the car & its parts for easy repairs. Law enforcement agencies use the VIN number to identify cars or car parts that have been stolen. If you kế hoạch on getting a used vehicle or a mới nhất car, you must kiểm tra the VIN number before completing the transaction .

A VIN kiểm tra allows you to see the car’s history simply by entering the VIN number in the tìm kiếm bar. It allows you to know if the used vehicle is a stolen one or if it has been involved in an accident in the past. The VIN kiểm tra also provides you with details on the kind of repairs the car has undergone và recalls. The easiest way to kiểm tra a car’s VIN is by using VIN kiểm tra sites that offer VIN decoding features. Some of the best VIN tìm kiếm sites include :

  • Bumper (Best for sellers of damaged vehicles)
  • ClearVIN (Best for individuals and car dealers)
  • Carvertical (Best for affordable prices)
  • EpicVIN (Best for car dealers)
  • Autodna (Best for USA and Europe users)
  • CARFAX (Best for Mobile phone users)
  • VINpit (Best for versatility)
  • Autocheck (Best for comparing private vehicles)
  • VINfreecheck (Best free VIN checker)
  • Cebia (Best local decoder)

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The 10 Best Free VIN Decoder Sites

Bumper is primarily a web-based công cụ that enables you to kiểm tra a vehicle’s features using its VIN number. The site gathers accurate information on the vehicle’s history of damage from 22 state-level departments. It also collects vehicle dữ liệu from scrap yards, insurance companies, salvage auctions, & towing agencies .Bumper provides you with information lượt thích a car’s salvage, theft, và accident records. It also tells you the sales & registration record of the car. It also provides you with a quick estimate of the car’s updated market value as well as the estimated cost of repairs that the car may need .


● Allows you to choose the specific history● Legitimate sources● Seven-day trial● Provides relevant information


● Limited to 50 searches per month● Bumper is a car dealing site và not primarily a VIN checking site .

Key Features

● Buying và selling of used cars● Plate number kiểm tra● VIN Check● Market value estimation

Pricing: Bumper offers an even-day trial for $1 and a monthly fee of $19.99.

ClearVIN is a VIN kiểm tra service that provides fast & accurate vehicle history reports. ClearVin has partnered with the National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System ( NMVITS ), a program of the U.S. Department of Justice, to provide the public with the reputable information in every report .A ClearVIN report contains information on vehicle registration, past tiêu đề liens, & theft records history. It also provides you with car ownership history, car sales history, insurance total loss details, market values, safety recalls, & any tiêu đề changes .Aside from its partnership with NMVTIS, ClearVIN also gets information from several sources, such as salvage yards, towing agencies, financial institutions, federal agencies, & local departments. This allows them to provide their customers with authentic và clear information .


  • Free report preview option
  • 100 % Money-back guarantee
  • Multilanguage trang web và understandable report
  • Offers a recall lookup system for free
  • Free VIN Decoder tool
  • Original Window Stickers
  • Free License Plate Lookup
  • Bulk access to VIN kiểm tra for business


  • Car photos are limited to 10 per one record
  • No market values for specific equipment

Key features

  • Car Ownership History
  • Vehicle Stolen Summary
  • Detailed Valuation Data & Final Bid Amount
  • Exclusive Vehicle Rating based on VIN history

Pricing : For the individual package, ClearVIN offers a single VIN report for $ 14.99, or 3 VIN checks for $ 21,98 ( $ 7,30 / report ), & 5 VIN checks for $ 28,99 ( $ 5,80 / report ). One-time fee và no thời gian limits to use the prepaid VIN reports .They also have significant discounts for business – only $ 2,50 / report to used car dealers & those who need NMVTIS dữ liệu & auction sales records in bulk. No dealer license or minimum monthly volume requirements to sign up for Dealer Program .With a primary goal of protecting car buyers from scammers, CarVertical provides its users with basic information about vehicles. This site provides you with details about a vehicle’s servicing history, damage history, mileage, & current faults. It also allows you to preview a vehicle for free & buy a vehicle report .With a rating of 4.2 on Trustpilot và 5.0 on Google Play, Carvertical has maintained a good Reviews record which is a result of its top-notch service to its users .Carvertical also makes use of a scoring system that rates a vehicle anywhere between một to 10. This scoring is based on three main features of the vehicle, damage dữ liệu, mileage records, & Mã Sản Phẩm faults. This scoring system can be quite useful for people who have multiple vehicles to choose from. You could simply compare the vehicles ’ scores to make an objective choice .


● Accurate results● Constantly updated dữ liệu● Reasonable charges● The report is damage-proof & blockchain-based .


● Expensive single report● Occasional omission of damage results .

Key features

● Comprehensive database● Scoring system● Quality dữ liệu sources

Pricing: $18.56 for one report, $22.92 for two reports, and $29.46 for three reports

EpicVIN is considered to be a very trustworthy company for checking a car’s VIN number. Like every other VIN checker, it provides you with a vehicle’s history & other related reports. It is also a good way to confirm a car’s VIN authenticity before purchasing it. With EpicVIN, you can also kiểm tra for a vehicle’s history using only the plate number và state in which the plate number was assigned to the car .Besides vehicle information checks, EpicVIN also offers several free VIN tools. Thes e include :● VIN decoders based on the cars ’ models● VIN kiểm tra by state● Flood kiểm tra● Odometer kiểm traEpicVIN has a simple interface that guides you throughout the process of entering the VIN number to choose your preferred package. It provides the report immediately after payment & allows you to access the report every phút giây you log in to the trang web .


● Easy payment process● Fairly affordable prices● Provides relevant information● Offers free VIN services


● Overwhelming trang web features● Inefficient chatbot

Key Features

● Specific car Model VIN decoder● State-based VIN kiểm tra● Flood kiểm tra● Odometer kiểm tra

Pricing: EpicVIN offers three packages: one report for $14.99, four reports for $28.17 and 16 reports for $86.34.

AutoDNA is one of the largest sites that provide car history và every other necessary information with the aid of a VIN number. This site is considered one of the most reliable VIN kiểm tra sites because it searches through millions of databases to provide its users with the necessary information. This huge database reach allows AutoDNA to serve customers not just in the U.S., but also in Europe. AutoDNA is also in collaboration with Autocheck which is fully integrated into their site .


● Affordable pricing● Simple user-interface● Trusted information sources


● Paid country-based authentic dữ liệu reports● Not enough alternatives pricing packages for users to choose from

Key Features

● Vehicle history● Manufacturer recalls● Stolen records● Vehicle equipment● Last inquiries● Archived photos

Pricing: AutoDNA offers different prices for different locations;

● Basic report : € 5,40● U.S. vehicle report : € 9● Estonian vehicle report : € 9,90● The Netherlands vehicle report : € 4,90● Belgian vehicle report : € 9● France vehicle report : € 9● U.S.. and Canada vehicle report ( AutoCheck ) : € 12,90CARFAX is a VIN checking site that allows you to kiểm tra a vehicle’s history using its VIN number. This VIN checker can be used by both private sellers & buyers of used vehicles. Buyers can use the report from this site to avoid scammers và sellers can use the report to get the best giảm giá for their vehicle .With a claim to have access to 100,000 sources và several years of providing VIN checking services, CARFAX is one of a few reputable VIN checking sites. Amongst other sources, CARFAX gets its dữ liệu from DMVs, insurance companies, police departments, và auction houses .Some of the details CARFAX provides you with include, accident dữ liệu, rental history, service history, type of use, ownership history, và so sánh on .


● Has more than 100,000 dữ liệu sources● Reliable through its long history in the car industry● Provides helpful dữ liệu to improve the used car sales industry● Accessible through a điện thoại ứng dụng


● A single report costs too much● No phone gọi tư vấn

Key features

● Car care● điện thoại notifications● Used car listing● History-based value

Pricing: One report costs $39.99, three reports cost $59.99 and six reports cost $99.99.

VINpit is a VIN checking site that offers multiple functions such as VIN checking, VIN decoder, free reports, & license plate lookup .VINpit offers a free vehicle history report và gives you access to details such as the state in which the car was bought, the year, rental history, Mã Sản Phẩm details, & features of the vehicle. It also allows you to buy a detailed report of the odometer readings, distance covered, & the used car’s updated market value. With VINpit you can get details on a vehicle’s manufacturer recall, the vehicle’s equipment, & previous sales record .


● Authentic odometer reading● Archive of vehicle photos at different locations● Comprehensive vehicle report● Good value for money


● Splits dữ liệu into different paid reports based on the country’s source● Relatively hot nhất in the industry

Key features

● Stolen vehicle database● VIN decoder● License plate lookup .

Pricing: $14.99 for one report, $28.16 for four reports, and $86.34 for 16 reports.

Autocheck is a reputable VIN checking site, và it has one of the best VIN decoders that has proven end the years to provide high-quality services to its users. It has a quality feature on its site that allows you to quickly assess a vehicle’s condition before you get the details of the report. It makes use of a rating system between một to 100 và tells you the condition of the key based on the rating it gives it on that scale .To get a detailed report on Autocheck, you have to go through a series of simple process which involves providing the VIN number, choosing a subscription kế hoạch, và making payment. You could also decide to pay for a single report rather than a subscription kế hoạch. The single report works best for people who bởi not kế hoạch on using the site regularly .In the Autocheck report, you should get information about the vehicle’s mileage, owner history, brand, emission testing, accident history, theft record, lease, và so sánh on .


● Multiple và reliable dữ liệu sources● User-friendly trang web● Affordable price for multiple reports● The best system for comparing vehicles● Best for private sellers & buyers


● No details on past maintenance● Expensive single report

Key features:

● Conditional rating score● Vehicle report● License plate tìm kiếm

Pricing: $24.99 for a single report and $49.99 for five reports

VINfreecheck offers completely free VIN checks & license plate checks. As the name suggests, most of its features are free including a free VIN report. VINfreecheck has a VIN decoder that helps to decode your VIN number & gives you accurate vehicle specs of the vehicle such as the engine specification, steering type, trim, transmission, & tank Size. It also provides you with a free flood kiểm tra, salvage history, & market value estimate in its free VIN reportAsides from its free VIN checking feature, it also offers a premium service that provides you with a lot more information. The premium service gives you information such as the odometer records, vehicle history, và accident history all of which are not in the free VIN report .


● Basic history for free● Affordable premium prices● Simple user-interface● Detailed trang web


● Most of the detailed information is in the premium package● Not enough pricing plans

Key features

● Free vehicle history report● Vehicle market valuation● Flood kiểm tra● Odometer kiểm tra

Pricing: This site offers mostly free VIN features but it also offers a paid premium report for $8.99.

Cebi also known as Zkontrolujsiauto. cz is a site that provides VIN checking services to its users. This Czech-based site has a primary goal of fostering safe transactions during car sales. It also offers car dealers a chất lượng option of buying a report certificate to convince potential customers of their authenticity .Cebia makes use of a system that allows it to provide basic VIN kiểm tra dữ liệu on vehicles including fraudulent records. It also has a database of more than một billion records of vehicle history reports. This is because it gets vehicle dữ liệu from prominent vehicle manufacturers, dealers, repair services, leasing, & insurance. Cebia’s only major only downside is that it is mostly designed to provide service to vehicles in the Czech Republic & Slovakia. This is due to most of their sources being local providers .


● Adaptable pricing packages● Suitable for both used car buyers và used car dealers


● Restricted to vehicles in the Czech Republic & Slovakia .● The vehicle history report is not in English● More expensive than its competitors .

What is a VIN?

The 17 – digit “ name ” that a car manufacturer gives each chất lượng vehicle is called a vehicle identification number ( VIN ). It comprises numbers và characters. You can learn numerous details about vehicles, such as their airbag type, country of manufacture, engine form size, & Model year. You can also learn about the vehicle type, trim màn chơi, và facility name from the vehicle identification numbers .

Why Should I Check the VIN Number When Buying a Car?

To find out if it is a recall vehicle

When a manufacturer or a lượng truy cập safety administration agency finds that a car or its mix of tires poses an excessive danger to the safety or falls short of the required minimum criteria, they issue a recall. A VIN will allow you to determine the recall involved .

To ascertain whether the vehicle has been in an accident

A VIN gives you information about small và big accidents, as you are already aware, và other information. A VIN will provide you with information about a car’s significant accidents & if it’s been mended .

To determine an automobile’s actual mileage

Some fraudulent và exploitative tự động hóa sellers generally try to defraud customers by rewiring a car’s mileage, which is the miles an automobile has driven or traveled. The dealer or tự động hóa seller rolls back a vehicle’s mileage, giving the impression that it is lower than it is. You can avoid this hassle with a VIN kiểm tra since it shows the vehicle’s precise mileage .

To tell whether the car is flooded

Massive vehicle damage can result from flooding, which gives crooks a chance to swindle unwary automobile purchasers. A flooded car is one with a damaged body toàn thân, engine, gearbox, or other mechanical parts due to being partially or submerged in water. Such vehicles are still in use, & conducting a VIN kiểm tra on the vehicle you intend to purchase is one of the safest methods to determine whether it has a history of flooding .

Where Can You Find the Vehicle’s VIN?

You’ll often notice the VIN number in most cars on the front of the dashboard on the driver’s side. Looking through the windshield while standing outside the vehicle is the best approach to seeing it. The driver’s side door pillar is another possible location for the VIN number. Look around where the door to the car locks after opening it .The VIN of a motorbike is often located on the steering neck under the handlebars ; however, often, you can find it also on the motor or the frame next to the motor. The VIN is on the left side of the front portion of a semi-trailer .You should find your VIN number listed on your vehicle’s tiêu đề or liability insurance documentation if you can’t find it there .

Where Does a VIN Decoder Get Information?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA ), which receives its dữ liệu from manufacturers who submit it to NHTSA, is where the VIN decoder obtains its information. Vehicles built after 1981 are used with the VIN Decoder lookup. Your vehicle’s VIN would most likely have 11 characters if it existed before 1981 .Your vehicle’s 17 – character VIN may be quickly checked on any approved VIN-checking trang web. You can use this to seek information on its maker, brand, make, Mã Sản Phẩm, body toàn thân type, engine form size, assembly facility, & Model year. All you have to vì is go to the trang web, insert your VIN in the box provided & nhấp chuột on tìm kiếm VIN .

What Can a VIN Check Tell You?

The VIN is more than a jumble of unrelated letters & digits. Rather, it consists of a carefully chosen combination of characters divided into six sections : the World Manufacturer Index, manufacturer specification dữ liệu, kiểm tra digit, Model year, plant location, và vehicle quality number .

Digits 1-3: The World Manufacturer Identifier

You can know the country of production by a number or letter in the first digit. For instance, cars made in the United States begin with either one, four, or five, whereas those made in Canada và Mexico begin with two và three, respectively .The second letter reveals the company và creator. In certain instances, the letter will correspond to the manufacturer’s name ; for example, “ A ” stands for Audi, “ B ” for BMW, & so sánh on. This is so sánh because several automobile manufacturers chia sẻ the same initial letter. It’s a good decision not to always ngân hàng on this guideline unless you are certain it applies to your make because this isn’t always the case .The third letter indicates the classification of the vehicle or its production division. The World Manufacturer Identifier, or WMI code, comes from this initial nhóm of three letters và digits .

Digits 4-8: Manufacturer Specification Data

This section is located in the manufacturer specification dữ liệu, which might provide information about your car’s Mã Sản Phẩm, body toàn thân type, restraint system, gearbox type, và engine code. This code section allows an trực tuyến insurance company to bring up your precise Mã Sản Phẩm instantly .

Digits 9-11: Check Digit, Model Year, and Plant Location

The ninth digit, known as the “ kiểm tra digit, ” may confirm whether a VIN number is legitimate. The tenth digit indicates the Model year of your automobile. The U.S. Department of Transportation devised a sophisticated mathematical method to calculate this figure .The plant code appears as the eleventh digit. This provides information on the car’s assembly facility, which is how safety concerns & recalls are monitored .

12–17: Vehicle Identification Number

This section of the VIN number is ordered by the date it was built. Thes e numbers are imprinted on the car as it moves along the assembly line. As a result, the first car can have a VIN that ends in 000001 .

How do I find my Vehicle Identification Number?

  • Look at the dashboard. The lower left-hand corner of the dashboard is where you’ll often find VIN plates. Scan the dashboard from the driver’s seat to the wheel’s right. Another option is to step outside the car and peek through the glass to see the VIN more clearly.

  • Check the front frame of the vehicle. On occasion, the VIN is visible on the car’s frame, near the windshield washer bottle. You can see it by bending down in front of the car on the driver’s side.

  • You can also check the spare tire, often in the trunk. It occasionally has the VIN below it, so remove the tire and inspect it.

What information does a Free VIN Report Give You?

A free VIN kiểm tra will help you find out about recalls, safety rankings, original specs, và warranties. The free report also includes information on the vehicle’s safety features, fuel efficiency, & customer testimonials. You can get a free VIN kiểm tra at the National Insurance Crime Bureau .

Bottom Line

In this article, we have provided you with a danh sách of the top VIN lookup sites as well as details on what each VIN checker is best for. To bởi a thorough Review of these sites, we have considered features such as the decoder’s reputation, user-friendliness, extra features, trustworthiness, & many more. When choosing your preferred VIN checker, be sure to consider the tips shared in this article .

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