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Summary: in problem twenty dollar bill. We have a a person. Uh, that ’ s on a diving display panel three meters above the water, the water system trace in a pool and at the bottom of the pool. There is a penny and the person seize the penny or the penny of pears to the person to be seven meters, uh, from from where they are and they ’ re looking at normal incidents. And then what ’ randomness find is that the light is coming from the guidance of the penny into the person ’ south eye and the apparent, uh, outdistance. Um, what ’ mho get ’ s ? Let ’ s shout it the double outdistance. So this is the S prime distance. Seems it ’ second on the same side as the entrance fall. So that tells us right away that as prime is minus justly to this, this is an significant point to keep in mind. They were pacifying the apparent the the death of the water at the point at which the person sees the pennies that we can use. equation this equality any over sulfur and be over. Ask, primed as equal to zero. And this is equation thirty four point one three. now the the estimate here is assault for second we know we know a name, you know, and be sol nowadays is the water. So that ’ s one point three three three and this is air. So that ’ second one. And, um well, we need to solve for for us. But we did Teo at first base, appropriately determined second prime because we have the information to determine as prime. But we don ’ thyroxine know, ask prime precisely because as prime is decide relative to the interface of the two media and not by the observer. therefore, seven, the seven eaters is not Yes, prime. In fact, sulfur premier is the parent distance of the panic excessively. This interface, the breeze water interface. So that would actually be the difference between these two views of difference between the acme at which the person ’ second located her die of the diving board and the observe distance of the penny. So we have then seven meters. sol s leading ’ s seven meters minus three meters, which gives us four meters. so now we have everything that we need. So we only have one nameless, which is s. And if we good kind of fix around this equation by rearranging it we find sulfur is adequate to minus and a over and be ah times south prime. now, I wrote four meters here, but I need to be careful, correctly ? Because I said ask. Prime is negative. So I need to put a subtraction sign in movement of that to account for the sign convention. What you barely explained earlier that it ’ mho on the like that the apparent distance is on the same side of the entrance light is the A supposed to the outgoing light. So you need to have a minus signboard. And the polarity conventionality was explained in section thirty four item one of your textbook. So south prime in truth is subtraction four meters. Okay. Um, so all that ’ s left to do is just plug in the numbers. We have minus one point three three over one times minus four meters, and this gives us a five point three two meters .
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SOLVED:NOIES ASK YOUR TEACHER coin Is at the bottom of pool of water the water'$ surface_ (n-1.33) that is ?.20 m deep. how deep does the coin appear to be? someone looks at the coin from directly abo

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