Coin Dozer Pirates Tips, Cheats & Guide: How to Earn More Coins and Prizes

The championship should sound familiar to you – Coin Dozer Pirates is indeed a newfangled sequel to Game Circus ’ democratic casino game Coin Dozer. This newfangled claim is described as the “ most addictive arcade coin pusher on the seven seas, ” which is actually a parody on what the series is all about, namely pushing coins and earning angstrom much of those coins as possible. “ Play like a pirate and spin the casino dash slot machine to win hoards [ sic ] of loot, ” says Game Circus. The company besides says ion the plot description that you can use tools such as the mint cannon to “ put some coins into your virtual pockets, ” and quick .
If you enjoyed Coin Dozer, which is still a huge success three years after it had beginning debuted, you may want to read this. You may besides want to push forward if you ’ re fresh to the series, as this game, childlike as it sounds, requires a lot of strategy. So lashkar-e-taiba ’ s not take up much more of your time and get on with our Coin Dozer Pirates tips, tricks and scheme guide .

1. Use Lines Of Three Or Four When Dropping Coins

There ’ s a sealed sugared spot you have to hit when dropping coins, and that ’ s dropping them in a line of three or four. You don ’ triiodothyronine want to drop coins in a line of five, as those coins wouldn ’ metric ton fit on the crown part of the board ; your coins will alone clash with each other, frankincense putting your efforts to waste .

2. Try This, Another Simple Coin Dropping Strategy

alternately, you can drop all your coins in the middle and stack them one on top of the other, doing so until they begin to fall together. This is a good scheme to use if you ’ d quite use up all the coins you presently have, in hopes of setting up a short ton of coins for yourself belated on.

3. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Get Coins Back ASAP

You can go to your iPhone or Android call ’ mho settings and fine-tune things a bite, or tweak them a set. Just set your phone or tablet ’ s clock time ahead by nine minutes per coin you wish to have regenerated. If you ’ re actually playing the game, coins will take thirty seconds to regenerate automatically, and if you ’ re in seam, at work, at educate, or anywhere else where you can ’ thyroxine play, it will take nine minutes .

4. The Coin Blast Meter Mechanic – What About It?

Like in the original Coin Dozer title, the coins you drop down the front will be added to your coin blast meter. And once the meter is already filled up, a big mint will drop down and knock some of the coins forward, or alternately off the end. Try your best to fill up that meter and you may be able to benefit big-time.

5. Prizes Can Be Added To Your Collection

For each time you knock a prize off the front helping of the titular Coin Dozer, you ’ ll be able to add that prize to your collection. And if you ’ re able to complete four prizes in a collection, that ’ s going to give you a boost or a power-up. For model, coin walls may final a spot longer than they normally do, or some of the coins dropped may be converted into eloquent coins. Make surely you ’ re completing the coin offers sol you can acquire all of the available trophies .
If you ’ re raw to the Coin Dozer serial, this would entail collecting prizes of four different colors.

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6. How To Earn More Free Coins And Gems

There ’ s a menu in Coin Dozer Pirates that would allow you to earn unblock coins ( standard currentness ) or free gems ( premium currency ). Head there and you ’ ll have a skid of offers from Tapjoy, some which would involve watching videos for exempt. other times, they might ask you to play a browser crippled ( which much tend to be near impossible ), or they may ask you to sign up for something for barren, which may or may not involve you submitting credit menu information. It can be frustrating to earn coins and/or gems this way, but it does work quite well .

7. A Brief Refresher On Wall Coins

What do wall coins, or coin walls do ? These coins launch a irregular wall that appears on both sides of the chopine. This prevents coins and prizes from falling off to the sides, though the wall is entirely up for a few seconds ’ clock. We would advise you to drop the wall coin lone when you ’ ve got enough on you. And while the wall is up, you can drop coins on the platform therefore more coins/prizes can be pushed on the edge .

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