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Destiny 2: A Complete Guide To Relics Of The Golden Age

Sturm is one of pearson age calculator
2 ‘ s most underrated Exotics. This novel Hand Cannon overloads its magazine as players earn kills using Drang, an energy Sidearm that accompanies this weapon. When used properly, this weapon can kill powerful enemies in PvE và potentially one-shot players in PvP .RELATED : Destiny : 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The FranchiseLike most Exotics in Destiny 2, you will need béo earn it. Sturm must be obtained through an Exotic questline that Failsafe provides on Nessus, one of the first planets unlocked for New Light players. In this guide, we will go end how bự obtain Sturm & its Catalyst through the ” Relics of the Golden Age ” questline .

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Originally tied lớn the Red War campaign, ” My Captain ” is a quest anyone can obtain from Failsafe on Nessus. You must complete this mission Khủng obtain Drang và start the quest lớn obtain Sturm .This mission is fairly simple, requiring players lớn follow a harmless Harpy while defeating waves of Vex. The mission ends with a fight against a Gate Lord, a Minotaur trùm with a large health pool. Save your Heavy ammo for this fight và this quest should take no more than a few minutes phệ complete .Completing ” My Captain ” should have rewarded the ” Relics of a Golden Age ” quest step, requiring you Khủng decrypt a wide range of engrams .The first objective requires you bự decrypt 5 Legendary Engrams, something that is much easier phệ bởi vì than it sounds. Any Legendary you find on the ground counts, so sánh running Nightfalls is a great idea. If you have thousands of Legendary Shards mập burn, you can also purchase Legendary Engrams from Rahool at The Tower lớn bypass this step .Like the last step, you must now find và decrypt an Exotic Engram. This was originally bugged during Forsaken when Exotics were changed bự decrypt automatically, but this has since been fixed .RELATED : Destiny 2 : 10 Best Free-to-Play Exotic Weapons, RankedNow, you just need Khủng obtain any Exotic-quality tòa tháp for this step Khủng complete. It doesn’t have béo be an armor piece ; Exotic Sparrows, Ghost Shells, or Catalysts all count towards this objective. If your luck is poor, you can either run Nightfalls for Exotic cosmetics or purchase a Fated Engram from Xur when he’s available from Friday Khủng reset .This is by far the easiest step of the entire quest. The final objective of the ” Relics of the Golden Age ” quest step is mập get 10 Fallen kills with Drang on Nessus .Fallen can be found in various Lost Sectors và Public Events. If you want béo complete this step quickly, travel Khủng The Rift Lost Sector. It can be found on the wall adjacent Khủng the crashed Exodus Black where players converse with Failsafe. You only need 10 kills for this part, so sánh this objective doesn’t take long .Sidearms aren’t meant for killing powerful enemies, but that is precisely what the next quest step wants you bự bởi. You will need phệ kill 10 powerful Fallen enemies with Drang getting the final blow .As before, The Rift Lost Sector in the Exodus Black area is the best way of doing this. Kill the Fallen inside & make your way lớn the trùm. Damage him using your abilities or other weapons until they are just shy of death. Swap phệ Drang và finish the Captain off with a few shots. Repeat this 10 times until its complete .Drang’s small magazine kích cỡ & damage output make this next step somewhat difficult but not impossible. Fallen multikills are required béo finish the next step .RELATED : Destiny 2 : Every Daito Jade Rabbit LocationYou will need lớn defeat pairs of Fallen without reloading Drang for this phệ count. Any reloading effect such as Hunter Dodge will break this chain. Aim for the head & try béo conserve shots. You don’t need all multikills mập occur in one magazine, but multiple kills past the first two count as an additional multikill. For example, killing 3 Fallen at once will grant 2/10 on the quest step instead of 1/10 progress .2

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