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Disney’s Dinosaur (video game) – Wikipedia

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Disney’s Dinosaur is a 2000 video game published by Ubi Soft, and functions as a tie-in to the Disney film of the same name.



The game loosely follows the story of the film, starting with Aladar, Zini, Suri, và Plio on the Lemur Island. The island is destroyed in a meteor shower, forcing Aladar và his friends béo flee bự the mainland, where they encounter a herd of Big Sky Donno Actor
saurs led by the ruthless Kron .

game Play[edit]

All versions of the game are played from a third-person top-down perspective. The game is played in a platforming-esque fashion, while most of the game consists of puzzles. The player’s goal on each level is to complete tasks, such as defeating all enemy dinosaurs in an area, or locating and leading lost dinosaurs back to a herd. Enemies include Velociraptor, Oviraptor, Albertosaurus, Dryptosaurus, Spinosaurus and Carnotaurus.

The PlayStation & Dreamcast versions of the game both feature 12 levels. Checkpoints are featured in most levels. The PC and console versions allow the player mập separately or simultaneously control three characters : Aladar, Zini, & the Pteranodon that took Aladar’s egg phệ the lemur island in the film, here dubbed Flia. The PC and console versions feature clips from the film, which play before và after each màn chơi .The Game Boy Color phiên bản supports use of the trò chơi Boy Printer & features 27 levels, as well as six playable characters from the film : Aladar, Eema, Url, Zini, Plio và Suri. [ một ]


The game was met with very mixed Khủng negative trình làng upon release. GameRankings & Metacritic gave it a score of 51.62 % for the Game Boy Color version ; [ ba ] 51.89 % & 44 out of 100 for the PlayStation version ; [ 2 ] [ 7 ] 49.20 % và 53 out of 100 for the Dreamcast version ; [ bốn ] [ 6 ] & 45.75 % for the PlayStation 2 phiên bản. [ 5 ]

Blake Fischer reviewed the Dreamcast version of the game for Next Generation, considering it adequate, but not as compelling.[17]

Adam Cleveland of IGN reviewed the PlayStation phiên bản & said : ” The game isn’t exciting, the levels are drab, và the graphics are outdated. Dinosaur’s objectives can be accomplished quickly, & the levels tốc độ by. Before you know it, it’s all end “. [ 16 ] Anthony Chau of IGN criticized the Dreamcast phiên bản for ” horrible collision detection, tedious fighting sequences, và an overall gameplay experience that just isn’t fun “. [ 15 ]Marc Nix of IGN criticized the Game Boy Color phiên bản for lack of good puzzles và gameplay as droned và boring. Nix also criticized the game for bad collision detection và controls, as well as three of its playable lemur characters : ” You kết thúc up playing most of the game with a leaping monkey. That may be fun elsewhere, but I want mập stomp, mập swim, Khủng fight. [ … ] If the game box says ‘ Dinosaur ‘, I want Dinosaurs. [ … ] Even Aladar, the film’s star, sees little màn hình hiển thị phút giây in this game “. [ một ] Gamecenter ‘ s Colin Williamson considered it a ” tired action / puzzler ” game, although he praised the graphics. [ 11 ]


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