Trang chủ » With the lifespan of elves, would you ever encounter a low-level elf?

With the lifespan of elves, would you ever encounter a low-level elf?

\ $ \ begingroup \ $Oh, I remember being curious of that when I first met Formentera. I was 15 & he was lượt thích 100 something. Sure he looked a lot more confident than I was, và carried himspearson age calculator
with an elegance và he was such an excellent archer, but I would have thought a century on this world would have turned him into a fighting machine. I thought about asking what in the world he had been doing all those years, but I felt that would be rude – really rude particularly because he carried himself in such an otherworldly manner .

Over time as we adventured together, I came to partially understand (grok) what was so different about him. You see, elves do everything as if they are like hobbies… Let me give an example: I love writing, I spend so much time telling stories like this, but I would never take up writing as a profession. I like dancing, just ring a doorbell and I could start moving my body, but I would not consider earning my life as a professional dancer. Now, people eventually pick one profession or another, right? Well, no, elves don’t. They do everything as a hobby, they do not feel the same urge to excel in one thing and fill their life with it. It is like they are in a perpetual holiday, they wake up with the dawn, they spend time in nature, they sing songs, write poems, dance, or even just sit down and contemplate about life, the multiverse and everything. Why do you think they are not easily “charmed”: all that philosophy makes you reach an inner peace, you can not easily influence such a mind. Why do you think they do not need sleep: all that meditation binds your mind and body into one.

Just think about it. When you have centuries in front of you and a chance to experience life as it is, without the worries of earning your livelihood, supporting your family, raising kids, without the need to prove yourself to anybody, how would you behave? It is hard to imagine, because you think even the best holiday might eventually become boring, huh? Now imagine that watching the dawn every single morning never becomes boring as you perceive slightly different things every time. One time you hear a new bird chirping, another time you see a slightly different color in the clouds, and most importantly you understand that you have changed a slight bit so the whole multiverse is different for today’s dawn than yesterday’s. A perpetual summer vacation that never becomes boring. Ok, now tell me, would you care to become super efficient with your sword or spell today? Or would you leave it to another day, perhaps in your third century if ever?

Very rarely, they become adventurers. And once they get into the business they sure excel the same way as other races do. But even when adventuring they see the world differently; to us they appear aloof. I imagine to them we look impatient, we lack a real purpose, as we can never see the big picture the way they do. But much like they care about all the plants and animals, they care about us too and stay with us and make friends. Stay with them for a while and let them nurture your soul.

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