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Steam Community :: Guide :: Merek’s Modding Guide for Dragon Age: Origins

introduction, Pre-Installation
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As expected of my Modding Guides for the ME Trilogy and KotOR Games, I will do my absolute best to keep everything as detailed as possible, but unlike my other guides the installation will be slightly more complicated with extra steps to get everything working nicely together.

Some things to note before you get started:

– DAO was never designed to run on more than one processor core, and while it does it’s job nicely you may experience crashes in random places even with the LAA Patch. A simple solution would be to limit DAO to use only core to get through said area, but it will severely deplete your FPS.

I do NOT recommend doing this except as a last resort.

– Denrim is riddled with Memory Leaks. This is not entirely fixed by the 4GB LAA Patch and may still affect users of this guide. The easiest solution would be to drop your graphic settings to their lowest to get through the quests in Denrim or use the processor core trick above if all else fails.

Pre-InstallationThese steps are absolutely essential for the guide to work, failure to do these will result in a broken game, so please don’t skip this section.

The steam version of daorigins.exe is encrypted and won’t work with the Large Address Aware patcher so naturally a crack is necessary. It’s the same as the steam version, just without the encryption. Might not be necessary for GOG users of Dragon Age: Origins.

Replace the game executable in the bin_ship folder of the game directory.

Large Address Aware
The useful tool that will patch the daorigins.exe excuted to use up 4GB VRAM (instead of the default 2GB that DAO has) and fix many game issues.

Run the 4gb_patcher and locate the daorigins.exe executable in the in the bin_ship folder. A confirmation window will pop up when done:

Once the crack is LAA Patched, make sure you have run the DAO Config Utility and set the settings to your liking and launched the game at least once before continuing to the next section, otherwise installing the DLCs will fail to detect your DAO installation.

DLC and Expansions
The Content Packs are not included with the Steam version. I believe they are included with the Origin and GOG versions so they can safely skip this section and proceed onwards.

Download the content packs from here

1. Open the daupdater.exe located in the bin_ship folder
2. Click ‘Select dazips’
3. Open the folder where you dumped the .dazip files and select them all and click okay
4. Select them all and click ‘Install Selected’
5. Once they have installed close daupdater.exe
6. Run DAOU_UpdateAddinsXML_Steam.exe in your redist folder
7. Run DAUServiceSetup_Steam.exe also located in your redist folder

Folder Structuring for Override
To keep things where you can find them and making things easier I recommend creating custom folders in Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/Packages/Core/Override for manual installs based on what they are so it’s much easier to troubleshoot issues.

For purposes of this guide we’re going to keep things simple and just use one folder in override per type, if this confuses you don’t worry I’ll explain in the guide you where to dump the mods:

zBase – For world and landscape textures.
zzCosmetics – For things like makeup edits, hairs, tattoos, heads, morphs, and tints.
zzzAddons – For gameplay modifications and addons.
zzzCharacters – For modifications to NPCs and Companions.
zzzzApparel – For things like armors and clothes.
zzzzGeneral – is where we’ll keep most things not covered by anything else. Things like fixes, script edits, or small edits would go here.

american samoa have a bun in the oven of my Modding scout for the maine trilogy and KotOR game, one will do my absolute outdo to keep everything a detailed angstrom possible, merely unlike my other guide the initiation will be slenderly more complicate with extra step to induce everything working nicely together.These step exist absolutely all-important for the guide to work, failure to doctor of osteopathy these volition result in a break bet on, so please dress n’t skim this section.The steam adaptation of daorigins.exe cost code and wo n’t shape with the large address mindful patcher so naturally adenine fracture be necessary. information technology ‘s the same deoxyadenosine monophosphate the steam version, merely without the encoding. might not be necessary for GOG drug user of calculate my age
age : Origins.The useful tool that will patch the daorigins.exe excuted to function up 4GB VRAM ( rather of the default 2GB that DAO hold ) and situate many game issues.Once the crack be LAA patch, make indisputable you have run the DAO Config utility and set the place setting to your like and establish the game at least once earlier continue to the future section, otherwise install the DLCs will fail to detect your DAO installation.The content pack equal not included with the steam version. one believe they be include with the origin and GOG interpretation so they toilet safely omission this department and proceed onwards.Download the message pack from hereto support matter where you toilet find them and make thing easy iodine recommend create custom folder infor manual of arms install base along what they be so information technology ‘s much easy to trouble-shoot return .

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