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Emily Garcia

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Garcia is a seventeen year old Greek demigod daughter of Hestia và Ruskin Garcia. She came béo camp at eight years old

Emily Garcia


Basic Info


Emily Sol Garcia






Em, FireGirl, Hestia, Hearth Girl, Serenity Girl, Emmy ,


Camp Half-Blood




December 6, 2004


Lakewood, California


Camp Half-Blood ( Currently )Lakewood, California ( Formerly )




She / Her













  • Hestia (Mother)
  • Ruskin (Father)
  • Vincent (Younger brother)
  • Hestia Cabin (Half-siblings)
  • Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Hades (Uncles and Aunts)
  • Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Hades Cabins (Cousins)



  • Fire charm bracelet
  • Celestial bronze fire poker

Other Items

  • Phone





Brown, fading phệ orange




5 ’ 7 or 170






  • Usually colors of orange and red
  • dark orange shirt
  • Black leggings
  • orange converse

“Lady Hestia, please give me the patience I need to deal with these idiots”



Emily Garcia was born on December 6, 2004, mập Hestia, goddess of The Hearth, Family, trang chủ, Domesticity, & Virginity, & Ruskin Garcia, a clear sighted mortal. Four years later Hestia came back in her roman from Vesta và had her little brother Vincent. Ruskin Garcia met Hestia in Lakewood, California. Ruskin was a clear-sighted mortal. Ruskin was struggling with what he wanted béo be as she was a high school grad student. Hestia helped him decide và consequently, they fell in love ; Hestia decided lớn create a gift for Ruskin và using the essence of him & created their firstborn daughter from Ruskin’s hearth, while Ruskin was graduating College. On December 6, 2 nghìn, Emily Sol Garcia was born. Hestia took care of her daughter until she sensed that Ruskin was coming home page, having made the nursery with a snap of her fingers và having slipped a pendant necklace around her neck Hestia ran into Ruskin’s bedroom và flashed away. When Ruskin arrived, he found the baby girl in a Moses basket on the dining room table, he could tell by the màu of the crystal pendant around her neck that she a gift from Hestia, & pinned bự the basket was a piece of paper with her đầy đủ name, Andrew immediately loved their daughter & vowed bự care for her Khủng the best of his ability. Like I said four years later Hestia came back as Vesta & using the same method with creating a child, Vesta created another child, this giây phút a boy, named Vincent Arial Garcia. Emily remembered Vesta as being more disciplined yet motherly. She remembered Vesta signing her songs & lullabies in Latin, though she didn’t know what language it was at the phút giây, và she remembered Vesta giving her a warm smile as she showed her mom her drawings while her father was at work và Vesta was holding a baby Vincent. The day after, Vesta disappeared & Ruskin told her she had gone on a trip. They were raised by their single father .


As a child Emily was introverted & had very few friends, she was a pacifist & adored her father before she started school, as a toddler her father would take her và Vincent béo work with him. While he was busy being a Family Counselor, Emily would take care of Vincent or play quietly in the corner. When she did start school, she was fairly liked by teachers & some students. She got good grades và was considered mập be a “ teacher’s pet ” though she không bao giờ thought of herself lượt thích that. Once during a field trip, she thought she had seen a man with one eye, following her nhóm và the bus driver had ram horns, who was probably a satyr in disguise, though no one believed her when she voiced her thoughts .

Journey béo Camp

t the ages of tám – years-old và four years old, their father revealed that they were moving béo be closer Khủng family. The family of three flew lớn Thành Phố New York và after a few weeks of being there, Ruskin said he was gonna take them bự this summer camp. Their father dropped them off at Camp Half-Blood, They stayed in the Hermes Cabin for a whole week before they were claimed by their mother, Hestia, Greek Goddess of Hearth, trang chủ, và Family, which shocked Camp, once again, lượt thích Leilani .


Emily is a quiet, shy girl who is lượt thích her mother Hestia. She is a very kind girl who is willing phệ help anyone in need. She loves her cousins và friends và will. One of Emily’s flaws is her nature Khủng get overly emotional. Even though she is a generally bubbly & friendly individual, she will start cussing people out in her own ” curse words ” ( i. e : muffin head ) due Khủng her disliking swears. Whenever someone swears, she would stop whatever she was doing và begin her routine of yelling language và then lecturing them by using her dictionary of curse words. Other than that she is a very friendly person mập be around. While Emily may seem lượt thích the stereotypical good girl, Emily does have her chaotic & loud side. While seen as a peacemaker, she is known mập shout when things get out of hand. Like her mother, Emily is a good natured gentle & understanding woman who không bao giờ says a bad trái đất about anyone. She often gets stressed when the fourteen Olympians fight because she’s the one béo break them up. Emily, when he chaotic side shoes, is known bự phối things on fire. Emily hates when there is tension in the air & will always try phệ cool the hot spirits. When things get Khủng intense, she has away of getting everyone’s attention. Emily is portrayed mập be of a calm, relaxing, & humble disposition. As opposed bự her friends who are often aggressive, but she loves them a lot. Emily is also is very mạng xã hội và will talk bự anyone that comes her way và loves being in massive crowds of people. She is brave và confident, she is a cheerful person despite her past. She believes in living life béo the đầy đủ và not worrying about tomorrow, she doesn’t get angry easily. When driven by anger or justice, Emily more often than not acts without hesitation lớn strike lao dốc those who hurt her or her friends. Although, despite this, Emily refuses béo Khủng take up a weapon against an enemy, repeatedly refusing even when offered one ; meaning that she is a pacifist at heart — she would chưa bao giờ kill an enemy, no matter what they would bởi vì mập her, or mập those that she loves as she always attempts mập solve a situation without violence ; however, using her powers is fine và dandy, as long as she does not kill anyone using it. Indeed, Emily has a great respect for humanity, as well as a great desire phệ protect it, noting that while they aren’t the smartest or the strongest of races, they’re interesting in a way. Additionally, Emily sometimes acts lượt thích a klutz ; she’s definitely not known for her grace. She bumbles & fumbles at seemingly anything she does, tripping end things a fair bit ; only Emily could accidentally kick a pen into a highway right in front of a passing oto while trying bự pick it up. All in all, Emily is an interesting person

Fatal flaw

Emily’s fatal flaw is naivety. She thinks that everyone a good heart. Her cousin Aubrey helps her realize that this a dangerous fatal flaw mập have & bự try và prevent it from being the death of her, she goes into a state of seclusion .


Emily is noted lớn be a teenage girl, around seventeen years old, of Latina descent & phệ have brown hair that fades bự dark orange, warm tanned giao diện, và she has eyes of red or orangish-red that radiate warmth as well as feelings of comfort và friendship. She also likes Khủng wear a dark orange shirt, Đen leggings, & orange converse .

Powers & Abilities

Hestia Kid Powers

  • he is powerful a demigod due to being a child of one of the “Big Three Goddesses” (Hestia, Demeter, and Hera) and 9s on equal footing with children of the Big Three brothers. For that reason, monsters tend to be drawn to her quite easily. However, given the nature of her immortal mother, She will not fight, being a pacifist at heart. If she absolutely must, she is not an opponent to be taken lightly.
  • She has the ability to communicate with donkeys, and by extension, mules and hinnies as they are hybrids of donkeys. She can somewhat understand horses and other equines, as well.
  • Much like children of Hephaestus, she has pyrokinesis as well as authority and control over fire. The fire she commands and summons is usually mild and is mainly used defensively rather than offensively, but it can be used for battling purposes. While she is not able to be burnt due to being fireproof, she does not have any control over lava or magma.
  • She has powers relating to the home and family, much like her mother does.
  • She has the ability, albeit more limited than her mother, to look into the past of an individual and know the history of that individual, as well as information of their family (She can look back at that individual’s history as far as 10 years prior to their current age).
  • She can send anyone back to the school with a simple flick of their wrist and can teleport back there as well, unless something is interfering with her powers or she is too weak and/or hungry.
  • Much like her mother, she has the ability to induce serenity. However, this ability can only be used for up to twelve hours as if she attempts to maintain it for longer than that, she will fall unconscious from exhaustion.
  • Not only does she have the ability to summon edible food with the snap of her fingers or can turn an ingredient into a meal (e.g., she can turn one egg into an omelet), but she is also exceptional at cooking. She is also masterful when it comes to on-the-fly cooking, with the taste of a home-cooked meal. If she uses the ability of conjuring food out of nothing 10 times, she has to wait one hour to use it again otherwise she drops from exertion.
  • She can not only protect her friends and loved ones from within a hearth (whether electrical or natural) by attacking from the hearth whilst hiding within the hearth, making her intangible, but she can use the fire from the hearth to burn the assailant without burning the area around her.

General Abilities

  • ADHD: Like all demigods, Emily possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that she uses to analyze the fighting style of her opponent.
  • Dyslexia: Emily’s brain is “hard-wired” for divine Ancient Greek instead of mortal languages.
  • Swordsmanship: Emily is a natural sword user
  • Superhuman strength: Being a demigod, Emily is stronger than the average mortal
  • Superhuman durability: Being a demigod, Emily is more durable than the average mortal
  • Superhuman agility: Being a demigod, Emily is more agile than the average mortal
  • Superhuman reflexes: Being a demigod and a daughter of one of the big three goddesses, Emily’s reflexes are faster than an average
  • Intelligence: Emily is very intelligent, but not as intelligent as the Athena kids
  • Willpower: As the daughter of one of the Big Three goddesses, Emily possesses immense will-power
  • Spanish: Emily, being of Latina descent, knows Spanish fluently



  • Aubrey: While Emily would never say this out loud, Aubrey is her favorite cousin. Aubrey and Emily often treat each other like sisters. The two are often seen with each other and their other friends.
  • Carlos: Carlos is Emily’s second favorite cousins. The two are like siblings and get along like their mothers. They are seen together with Aubrey and they like having fun with their friends


  • Hestia: Emily was born from the fire’s of the hearth and her father’s essence, however Hestia considered her as her daughter and Emily’s brother, Vincent, as her son. Hestia is very protective of her children and the two get along very well
  • Ruskin: While Hestia and Ruskin didn’t fall in love, the two had a very strong bond and Hestia decided to give Ruskin a gift in the form of a child, well two children. Ruskin cares for his daughter and son and is proud Emily is safe and learning how to use her powers
  • Vincent: Vincent, Emily’s younger brother, born to Vesta, the roman counter part to Hestia. Emily is extremely protective over him and loves him from quote “From his tip to his toe” so their relation ship is very good


The name Emily is derived from the Roman family name Aemilius. The Aemilius family was a prominent và powerful family in ancient Rome. The name may come from the Latin địa cầu aemulus meaning “ rival, ” or the Greek term aimylos meaning “ wily ” or “ persuasive. ”The most common meaning of the Garcia surname is the patronymic ” descendant or son of Garcia ” ( the Spanish khung of Gerald ). The personal name Garcia is of uncertain origin, however, the given name Gerald is a Germanic name meaning ” rule of the spear, ” from the elements ger ( spear ) & wald ( rule )


  • Emily is really good at parkour which gives her an advantage when it comes to going on quests that requires doing some parkour
  • Emily is a master at solving puzzles and other things like that and she is even better than
  • Emily used to play the flute but dropped it and soon forgot how to play

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