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20 Beautiful Ideas For Decorating A Fake Fireplace

20 Beautiful Ideas For Decorating A Fake Fireplace

White fireplace with large picture
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If you don’t have a fireplace but want mập make your space feel cozier, you may have thought about purchasing a round wood sign
fireplace. Faux fireplaces come in two forms, per Fireplace Universe. The first kind is purely decorative & only has the mantel of a fireplace. This type doesn’t generate heat or the appearance of fake flames. The second type of faux fireplace is electric. Thes e fireplaces have fake flames và produce heat .

Decorating a fireplace during the holiday season is easy và fun for many. Add garland, stockings, và a few extra decorative pieces, và you’re done. But it can be more difficult mập think of things phệ decorate your fireplace with during the rest of the year. And decorating the fireplace is important because in many cases, it’s the focal point of the room. Whether you have a purely decorative fake fireplace or an electric one, below are đôi mươi ideas on how mập decorate it .

1. Wooden logs

Wood in a fake fireplace
united photo studio / Shutterstock To decorate a purely aesthetic fake fireplace, you’ll need lớn put something inside it. Many people use things that somewhat resemble a fire. For example, you could add wooden logs Khủng your fireplace .

2. Candles

Candles in a fake fireplace
Polina Letshina / Shutterstock If you want lớn have light radiate from your fake fireplace, you could add candles. This can look elegant & chic .

3. Cascading florals

Flowers on a fake fireplace
Nelia L / Shutterstock A great benefit of purely decorative fake fireplaces is that you don’t have phệ worry about fire safety, since there’s no fire. You can place things lượt thích flowers, greenery, & books right next phệ your fireplace. The above image demonstrates how béo decorate with a flower garland .

4. Twinkle lights

Twinkle lights in a fireplace
Irkets / Shutterstock This fireplace mixes many different elements : wood, cascading plants, và candles on the mantel. It also has twinkle lights, lớn add some fun light bự the space .

5. Wood accent wall

Wood behind a fake fireplace
Yashkin Ilya / Shutterstock To make a fake fireplace stand out, you could add an accent wall behind it. This space features a wooden wall that really makes the Trắng mantel stand out .

6. Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets beside a fireplace
New Africa / Shutterstock You could also place wicker baskets next béo và on your faux fireplace. This will add a fun texture mập your space. Things lượt thích wooden logs, blankets, & other decorations can be added lớn these baskets .

7. Shelving units

Shelves around a fake fireplace
Sheila Say / Shutterstock Many houses have built in shelves around the fireplace. If yours doesn’t, you could always add tall bookshelves on either side of your fake fireplace phệ create the same look. This can make a fake fireplace look more integrated into a space .

8. Dark accent wall

Dark wall behind a fireplace
Margaret Gus / Shutterstock For a bold look, you could juxtapose a dark accent wall with a lightly colored mantel. For example, a Đen wall will make a White mantel really pop .

9. Picture frames

Picture frames on a fireplace
Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock The above picture shows an example of empty picture frames, which can add different materials, lượt thích wood & glass, phệ your fake fireplace’s mantel. To make your decorations more personal, place sentimental art or photos inside your picture frames .

10. Vases

Vases around a fireplace
Breadmaker / Shutterstock This living room is filled with different vases. They are positioned on floating shelves around the fireplace & on the coffee table. This can add fun colors và patterns phệ your space .

11. Stacked wood

Wooden logs near a fireplace
New Africa / Shutterstock To make your electric fireplace look more realistic, you could stack wood beside it in a box or basket. Mixing textures lượt thích wood, wicker, và woven rugs can create a cozy feel .

12. Monochromatic

Beige room with beige fireplace
YKvision / iStock To make your fake fireplace look integrated into your space, you could make your room monochromatic, or make the mantel match the wall màu. This allows different patterns và textures around the room bự stand out. In this space, the beige ferns behind the couch & the wooden furniture are some of the main features of the room .

13. Log cabin style

Log cabin with fake fireplace
alkir / iStock For a rustic look, you can make an electric fireplace look lượt thích it belongs in a log cabin. Decorating with earthy elements around a stone mantel can give your home page a cozy cabin feel .

14. Green plants

Plants in fake fireplace
Andrey Sayfutdinov / iStock You could also fill your decorative fireplace with green, vibrant faux plants. This can be a great way Khủng add some màu sắc lớn a mostly neutral room .

15. Bold accent wall

White fireplace against blue wall
Artjafara / iStock Mixing a bold accent wall with a lightly colored fake fireplace mantel & light furniture can make a space look dynamic & intricately designed. This room’s phối of navy xanh và light colors is very intriguing .

16. Branches

White fake fireplace with branches
Sinenkiy / iStock Many people decorate with branches as well. Placing the branches both upright và sideways can make your faux fireplace’s mantel look lượt thích it’s in a woodsy wonderland .

17. Flower bouquets

White fireplace with flower bouquets
different_nata / iStock You can also add flower bouquets both inside & on top of your fake fireplace’s mantel. Faux flowers would probably work best here, so sánh they don’t have béo be changed out or taken care of, but fresh flowers would also look gorgeous .

18. Lanterns

Lanterns next to gray fireplace
oksana_nazarchuk / iStock Lanterns with candles can also add intrigue Khủng a fake fireplace. This mantel is decorated with flowers, a basket, và other fun décor pieces .

19. Round mirror

Round mirror above fake fireplace
James Young / iStock Hanging a ải mirror above your fireplace can juxtapose the straight, clean lines of a modern mantel. A mirror will also make your space appear larger & more open .

20. Circle clock

Round clock above fake fireplace
máy tính Photography / iStock Similarly, you could add a large trận clock above your fireplace. This mantel is also decorated with candles và greenery .

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