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chapter 2 starts off with a cunning little scene with Yuna dancing for the respite of the Gullwings. In order to pull off your performance, you ‘ll have to get some musicians foremost. fortunately, Brother picked a pair of them up, they can be found in the Cabin. spill to the large fellow with the drums, which will start a little game where you ‘ll have to push all three musicians to the elevator. If you didn’t go to Moonflow during Chapter 1, Tolbi will besides be present. You ‘ll have to push him onto the elevator if he ‘s there, but if you do you get the Cat Nip accessory, one of the most utilitarian items in the game ( if you know how to handle it ). After you have gone through this, talk to Shinra and you ‘ll be able to watch the sector that you just took from New Yevon/Youth League at Kilika Island. After you watch it, you ‘ll have the choice of choosing between giving the sphere back to New Yevon, or giving it back to the Youth League. Deciding either side does n’t make that much of a different, but it contributes to your floor completion military rank. ad If you chose New Yevon, you ‘ll have an active link in Bevelle for Chapter 3, while choosing the Youth League will have an active radio link in Mushroom Rock Road rather. The prize chests in the engine room will respawn at the begin of each chapter, so go down there now and raid them.

once you have chosen which side to give the sector back to, the scene will change from the Celsius to whatever slope you chose. When you get back to your airship, you ‘ll discover that Leblanc and her goons have snuck on display panel and have stolen the sphere that you found ! It ‘s time for some payback, and indeed your independent mission for the chapter starts ! head to Guadosalam, the headquarter of the Leblanc Syndicate, and you will find out that you can not enter unless you have a couple of uniforms to disguise yourselves with. Back on the Celsius, you will have to visit three distinguish locations in the hopes of finding the uniforms that you need .

Mount Gagazet – Uniform #1

once you arrive at the batch, talk to Kimahri and choose the first gear option, then talk to him a second time and choose the first option again. head to the transporter behind him and you ‘ll find yourself near the summit of the mountain. If you want, you can besides climb the batch manually without using the transporter in club to gain some levels. In any event, head up from your localization in the cave and you ‘ll finally exit it and find two of Leblanc ‘s soldiers wandering about before they actually see you and run off. Start chasing them and you ‘ll finally find a keep open point. Save here and continue following them. There are actually two paths you can choose from here. The first base would be to follow the soldier after the salvage indicate. If you do this, a scene with the two soldiers will occur, to be followed soon after by fight with both of them plus Ormi. The early path you can choose is to continue climbing up the mountain by not taking the path that the female soldier took, and rather going where she beginning came from. finally you ‘ll reach a point where you can see the hot springs from a distance. A a lot better cutscene will happen here, and you will pick up the first set of undifferentiated you were looking for. however, on the direction down the mountain you ‘ll still have to fight Ormi and the two soldiers anyways, so just choose the second option for a cheap thrill. ad

Boss Battle – Ormi

Enemy HP MP Drop Steal
Ormi 1350 22 Beaded Brooch X-Potion

This is another easy knob battle, and a lot like your other run-ins with the Leblanc Syndicate, you can choose the Songstress job and use Darkness Dance to greatly decrease the amount of damage deal here. Defeat Ormi and you ‘ll receive your uniform and the Stonehewn Garment Grid .

Djose Temple – Uniform #2

headway over to Djose Temple and then towards the crossroads that allow you to entree the temple, Moonflow and Mushroom Rock Road. Speak to the hover operator and he will tell you that the Leblanc Syndicate have taken over all of his rentals, so you will have to continue on foot. walk in that commission and you will finally encounter two female Leblanc Syndicate soldiers. Follow them and finally you ‘ll find a sphere lying on the prime to acquire Yuna ‘s Special Dressphere, Flora Follal. nibble that up and Ormi and Logos will show up to give you a crusade .

Boss Battle – Leblanc Syndicate


Enemy HP MP Drop Steal
Ormi 1150 22 Iron Bangle X-Potion
Logos 1030 48 Silver Bracer Mega Potion

This competitiveness is a tad tougher than the fight to get the first consistent, only because both Ormi and Logos have especial physical abilities that can not be countered with Songstress ‘ Darkness Dance ability. In any event, you should n’t have any trouble here. Have one character switch to Songstress and use Darkness Dance to cancel out their normal physical attacks, and allow your two remaining characters to gang up on either one of your opponents to bring them down. It ‘s probably best to take out Logos inaugural hera because he gains the Roulette ability, which can kill one of your characters in one shooting. He besides has this ability in subsequent battles .

Bikanel Desert – Uniform #3

Note: If you did n’t visit Djose Temple or Bikanel Desert in Chapter 1, chatter on the respective links provided above and complete what you missed first base. Both are requirements to initiate this one-third and final uniform quest. After you have gotten your moment undifferentiated, head to Bikanel Desert. spill to Nhadala. She ‘ll ask you to investigate a situation at an oasis in the desert. then talk to the operator of the levitate to get to the haven itself. once you have gotten to the oasis, you ‘ll find a celestial sphere in absolved sight. Pick it up to receive Rikku ‘s Special Dressphere, Machine Maw. After you have done this, Logos and two henchwomen will appear for a competitiveness .

Boss Battle – Logos

Enemy HP MP Drop Steal
Logos 1220 46 Lure Bracer White Cape

ad These goons do n’t learn, do they ? Again, switch one character into Songstress and use Darkness Dance. Have your two other characters take out the pair of Fem-Goons since they will remain unaffected by Darkness. Turn your attention to Logos future for your third undifferentiated. You will besides get handle of the Hour of Need Garment Grid as a bonus. It is recommended that you complete the sidequests before heading to guadosalam as after the deputation there, you will not be able to use the Celsius until the completetion of the chapter .

Guadosalam – Hotspot!

now that you got uniforms for all of your characters, Return to Guadosalam. Approach the mansion and change into your disguise. The mission starts now, Go look for the sphere that Leblanc took from you. You will receive the Bum Rush Garment Grid after collecting all 3 sets of uniforms. Speak to Shinra and check out his Garment Grid tutorial ( if you have n’t already done so ahead ) to get the Vanguard Garment Grid. walk into the sign of the zodiac and you ‘ll find Leblanc and Nooj talking. Nooj you say ? Yup, the leader of the Youth League. After their fit together, Leblanc will head upstairs. Head into the board on the chief floor ( you ‘ll remember this as the rate that Seymour asked Yuna to marry him in FFX ). You ‘ll find Ormi and Logos talking amongst themselves, and then you ‘ll be ordered to go upstairs. Head upstairs to Leblanc ‘s bedroom and she ‘ll ask for a massage from you. Yeah, I know what you ‘re thinking. The Lesbian Massage mini-game is fairly easy to beat. Basically you ‘re looking for the ‘hotspot ‘ on Leblanc ‘s body that will give you the most sum of points so that you can continue on your mission. You ‘ll have to navigate through a 3 adam 3 power system to find it, and the locations of the spots are random. If you hit a spot and you get a blue icon, that means you ‘re cold. Get a jaundiced icon and you ‘re getting warm. Hit the red one and you ‘ve struck gold ! After the mini-game, Leblanc will be satisfied with your attempts to soothe her, so head binding down to the main deck room. Find the trade in the board, it ‘s near the left doorway. This will open up a secret passage where a conflict with Ormi and two goons awaits. ad Defeat him and continue on into this privy area. Near the save degree there ‘s a room with an accessory, then catch that before moving on. Once you have done that, hang a properly and then straight into the room ahead of you. Grab the Crimson Sphere 10 here and be prepared to fight. After defeating Ormi and Logos, walk out of the room and go properly. You ‘ll see a ledge that you can jump onto. Climb it with the Circle button and then drop down. You ‘ll see a interchange on the wall. Activate it and then climb up the adjacent ledge. Drop down and activate that switch over. Climb up the survive ledge and you ‘ll see the final switch on the wall… only it ‘s not a interchange. Damn booby traps ! Start chute over the previous ledges and then wait for the wall of spikes to comes towards you. Do n’t worry about avoiding it, just let it come into contact with you. Once it has, you ‘ll end up in a room that has the concluding switch. How this works I have no hint, but it does. Activate the concluding switch, drop down and then cross the early ledges and then unlock the mysterious doorway. Follow the way and enter the first board that you see. You ‘ll enter the Leblanc meeting room, where you ‘ll have so far another quarrel with the Leblanc Syndicate, with all three of them this time .

Boss Battle – Leblanc Syndicate

Enemy HP MP Drop Steal
Leblanc 1380 70 Assembled Sphr Elixir
Ormi 1344 45 Twist Headband X-Potion
Logos 989 70 Charm Bangle Mega Potion

This contend will be the toughest one you ‘ll have to go through with these clowns, but you can run into some disturb here if you ‘re not careful. Take out Logos first base because he has the lowest HP and an blink of an eye kill ability with Roulette. By taking him out, you besides negate Leblanc Syndicate ‘s ability to use their delta attack. once you have taken out Logos, take out Leblanc herself and then Ormi, since his attacks are the weakest out of the three. You ‘ll besides receive the Healing Light Garment Grid as bonus reward. ad

Bevelle – Hotspot!

After the scene with the Leblanc Syndicate, you ‘ll have to make your way to Bevelle. If you have n’t done any of the sidequests before Guadosalam, you ‘re out of luck, as your stumble to Bevelle will occur mechanically after facing off with Leblanc. once you enter Bevelle, go to the New Yevon headquarter and then to the room on your right. Activate the trade here by climbing onto it. now go to the room to your left and activate the hologram on the ground. Go back to the chief hall and enter the raise. rather of going up, it will now go down. To get to the future sphere, go down the way on your left side, but inaugural go to the right and get the items laying there. Head down the path on the leave and get the token, then follow the red icon to the exit. Take the lift depressed to the second flush and proceed correct. head to the corridor and a cutscene will occur with the Leblanc Syndicate. After that, head up to the upper segment of the screen and Yuna will slide down the chain to the independent area. There are a crowd of security towers in this area, and you will need to activate them in a certain decree to get to the next section. You need to activate every other tugboat in order to proceed, indeed go to the first column that you see, then skip the following one and activate the one after that. Do the lapp for the future loom and you will have gained access to the next sphere. But beginning, it ‘s time for a boss battle .

Boss Battle – Precepts Guard

Enemy HP MP Drop Steal
Percepts Guard 3680 9999 Regen Bangle Mana Tablet

For the first clock in the game, Songstress is generally useless in this crusade. This bos chiefly deals with spells with the casual attack, so what you ‘ll want to do is take his magic trick power down with the Warrior ‘s Magic Break. Warriors are besides effective here since they have the highest attack ability of any class you ‘ll have at the consequence, unless you have the Gun Mage.

Another easy method is using Reflect on your party to deflect all incoming magic trick that is casted from Percepts Guard. You can do anything freely while Reflect is still in involve. ad This knob is immune to a lot of status changes, so do n’t bother with any attacks like that. rather, clock time your attacks between all three of your characters so that you get chain combos to maximize your wrong. A White Mage should use Reflect if available. It makes things easier. There ‘s another knob that you can fight here in rate to gain the Ribbon accessory. In ordering to get to this accessory, you ‘ll have to activate the towers that you did n’t use. once you have done this, you ‘ll be able to see a minor gem thorax just below the board you ‘ll have to enter to progress. But of course, there ‘s that little matter of the other boss .

Boss Battle – Georapella

Enemy HP MP Drop Steal
Georapella 4420 9999 NullTide Ring Water Gem

Georapella is a more powerful pas seul of Precepts Guard, and besides specializes in magic. You can use the lapp tactics that you did on him with this guy. Use Magic and Power Break angstrom much as potential, since both are actually effective in minimizing damage from Georapella ‘s attacks. similar to Percepts Guard, casting Reflect on your target will deflect all kinds of magic that is casted by Georapella and will render it useless. ad besides make certain that you have Shell active agent all times. If you have entree to Reflect, then all the better. Cast that and then just let the bos kill itself .

The Ribbon Puzzle’

To get this fabulously rare accessary, you must arrange the platforms, so that it creates a path leading to the other die at the penetrate of the shaft. fortunately, the first 3 platforms are already set and ca n’t be moved. As for the 3 remaining platforms, you must activate the crimson towers to select the platform you want to move ( one loss loom for each platform ). then activate the blue sky boss towers to shift the choose platform left or right. Check out the table below for images and descriptions of each column .

Image Description

Selects the fourth platform.


Selects the fifth platform.


Selects the sixth platform.


Moves selected platform counter-clockwise.


Moves selected platform clockwise.

once you have the Ribbon, make your way back up to the early die. Jump down the platforms and enter the room here. Proceed until you get to a fork in the road and then head right to pick up the Downtrodder Garment Grid. Go back and then take the left twist rather. You ‘ll come to an area with a ledge and two towers. jump on one column to activate it, and then from that tower leap over to the other column to get to the next area. In this sphere you ‘ll see a blockade in the middle of the screen door. You can control it by using the switch that ‘s in the lapp area. once you have lowered the blockade, head onto the future incision. The future section is a little perplex that involves three of the lifts you ‘ve seen before. It ‘s besides where you can get what ‘s arguably the best Dressphere in the game. ad The right sequence is as follows. Take the left lift up to the next deck, then from that starting point head down and you ‘ll drop depressed to the former shock. now take the in-between lift up and you ‘ll come to a invest where you can activate a throw. Take the middle rise back down and then take the right plagiarize up. From here, promontory left and you will be able to take the leave lift back down. now take the middle elevation binding up again and you ‘ll be in another area with another substitution. Take the middle raise back devour again and take the leave lift up. Head up and activate the upper lift by climbing on top of the ledge. future take that lift up and you will be able to cross the platforms to get to the prize chest containing the Dark Knight Dressphere. Cross back over and onto the main way. It ‘s best to save before going any promote, since the adjacent two fights will be pretty evil. Turn the corner and you will run into Baralai, the drawing card of New Yevon. Time to get it on !

Boss Battle – Baralai

Enemy HP MP Drop Steal
Baralai 3380 540 Pearl Necklace Charm Bangle

The drawing card of New Yevon is a boisterous combatant, one that you in truth need to be careful about. He ‘s highly flying, and most of his attacks are physical, so songstress and her Darkness Dance will be a avail here to keep damage at a minimal. Use one of your characters in Warrior and use Power Break to bring down his attack power as well. If you can, it ‘s a dear theme to use one character as a secondary attacker who can heal other party members when necessary. Baralai does have one attack ( Demi ) that hits the entire party and ca n’t be stopped, thus watch out for it as it ‘s not particularly flashy, but does a good deal ( 25 % HP ) of damage. ad He besides has early attacks that are not stopped by Darkness Dance. One of which is Drill Shot, another far stronger graveness type ( 75 % HP ) fire, while the early ( Looming Glacier ) takes away all of your MP and casts Stop on you at the same time. React accordingly and you ‘ll be good all right. After Baralai, Yuna and company will run into the last area of chapter 2. What better opposition to close the chapter than the passkey himself …

Boss Battle – Dark Bahamut

Enemy HP MP Drop Steal
Dark Bahamut 8400 9999 Gris-Gris Bag Mute Shock

If you want the best results in this conflict, make two of your party members Warrior and start whooping him with Power Breaks, Mental Breaks and Armor Breaks. By the prison term he tries his Megaflare Overdrive approach, his regular attacks should do about nothing to you. The third base member should turn into a thief and start using all Star and Lunar Curtains at hand. These project Protect and Shell on the integral party. once you have used about 2 or 3 of each, Bahamut ‘s attacks will do little and about negligible wrong, somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 – 20 HP each, while his Mega Flare Overdrive will do only 60 HP worth of wrong at the most.

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