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FIFA 13: Latest Updates on Features, Rosters, Gameplay Videos and More

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13 is EA Sports ‘ franchise with the most worldwide appeal, và kết thúc the last two years, it has become one of the company’s best .The series has seen steady improvements in animation, graphics, sound & gameplay mechanics. FIFA 13 ‘ s release is just around the corner, & each of these categories has been targeted for improvement .World footballers get ready, here is a healthy dose of everything FIFA 13 .

Here is what we know so sánh far 🙁 Newest updates will appear just after the cover athlete going forward )

Release Date: September 25 (September 21 for EA Season Pass)

Formats: Xbox360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, PS Vita

Publisher: EA Sports

Cover Athlete

Football is Lionel Messi’s world. We know it, và so sánh does EA, & that is why the global superstar is still representing on the cover .But this year, Messi is not alone on the cover. EA Sports announced on August 20 that Alex Oxlade Chamberlain & Joe Hart would join the FC Barcelona star on the cover .Here is the đoạn phim from EA Sports making the announcement :

Demo Details

The phác thảo for FIFA 13 arrives on September 11. Here are the details, per FIFA Blog :


Back in early May, EA Sports began releasing these stunning screenshots of FIFA 13. Thes kinh hãi were enough mập excite most video clip game football fans .The detail in those screenshots is amazing. The Sizzle trailer that was released not long after gave a glimpse of the game in action. FIFA 12 was a very solid game visually, but FIFA 13 definitely has some noticeable visual improvements .Check out the Sizzle ló mặt :


FIFA 12 sported a nice, free-flowing commentating engine, và that system doesn’t appear lớn have be tinkered with much. However, you will hear score updates from other matches in your league, voiced by Alan Mcinally và Geoff Shreeves, per FIFA Blog .That is pretty cool, & it is something hot nhất mập football games .The FIFA 13 soundtrack hasn’t been officially announced, but many fans are eager Khủng hear what tracks they will be rocking out bự .


This is the area of the game that has received the most focus, & that is something most every game thủ will love hearing. This lộ diện from Gamescom in Germany is the latest example of gameplay :The changes và improvements can be broken lao dốc lớn the following areas .( information per EA Sports )

First-Touch Control

This innovation in gameplay is designed béo trương mục for the various ways a player can control the ball on first touch .Every pass is not perfect, & every player doesn’t have the same ball-skills. Thus, First-Touch should trương mục for all the combinations of bad Khủng good passes, & expert lớn novice ball-handlers. It’s an ingenious concept, & we’ll have mập see how it operates in the phác thảo .

Attacking Intelligence

This concept is very similar Khủng NHL 13 ‘ s Hockey IQ. Both of them aim béo increase the artificial intelligence of computer controlled teammates và opponents .Players should be able Khủng judge space, thereby making smarter cuts & dashes mập get in scoring position. It should also enhance the way players help you defend, và defend against you .

Complete Dribbling

The dribbling has also seen some improvements. Now there is even more control given Khủng the người chơi & his or her cấp độ of control with the ball .This is especially exciting mập me because I love creating the highlight-reel plays. I have been accused of hogging the ball a bit, và this system only encourages my negligent behavior .But at least I’ll look good while I’m doing it .

Tactical Free-Kicks

Thes kinh will take some getting used béo master, but you could really make your opponents pay with this feature. The deception is awesome, & if properly executed it will be the fuel for many YouTube videos .

Kinect Integration

This year you can use the Xbox Kinect mập interact with gameplay via voice và pitch commands. You will also receive referee feedback for your choice of words .If you use profanity, or excessive yelling, you can receive yellow & red cards. It can even affect the storyline for your character .

Game Modes

FIFA Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is one of the most popular game modes in the series. It returns in FIFA 13, và now the mode has extended béo the ipad tablet và điện thoại Apple iPhone for an extended connection béo your league .The thẻ system is something that adds great intrigue, và it simulates the joy that many of us experienced from opening a pack of sports cards. Combining that dynamic with the traditional fantasy draft concept makes this a major draw for the FIFA series .

EA Sports Football Club

This mode also returns from FIFA 12, & it still allows gamers Khủng build their club in comparison mập their friends & other gamers across the world .New Khủng FIFA 13 is the Football Club Catalogue. The catalog features tons of awards, và it can help guide you as you attempt Khủng climb through all-100 status levels .One of the options you can unlock is the ability mập edit players in your career mode .Also through the EA Sports Football Club is a mới ra feature called Match Day. It plugs your FIFA experience into real-life action. Gamers can play the same exciting matches that are taking place in real football .According bự EA Sports :” Real-world drama such as injuries, suspensions, đội size và truyền thông gossip will be reflected through in-game commentary & play out in-game. “If this is done properly, it could build on, & blow away the NBA 2K today feature on NBA 2K12 .Interjecting the drama aspect of the sport could take it béo the next màn chơi .Learn more about this feature by clicking the liên kết above .

Career Mode

The largest mode of the game has expanded bự include Internationals this year. You can choose béo play as a player or manager ( not both this year ). As a manager you can guide a national nhóm through friendlies, qualifiers, và tournaments .When you play as a player you will start off on the club cấp độ, & you’ll be aiming mập be asked phệ represent your country in international play. Once your player retires, he can then enter management .The transfer system has been redone. The system allows for you béo offer players và cash in trade requests .Here are some of the other details for the transfer system, per EA Sports :

Skills Game

FIFA 13 also has a skills mini-game included in this year’s phiên bản. There are 32 games that cover eight different sections of the mới ra physics-based game engine, per FIFA Blog .Here is a hé lộ that shows the mode :

Pre-Order Offers

Per IGN, EA Sports has an unprecedented mix of pre-order incentives planned for fans that reserve the game with Gamestop .IGN states gamers will receive :” One FIFA Ultimate Team pack per week for 24 weeks, which equates lớn end £ 15 in extra nội dung. Each pack contains 12 items, from players bự stadiums, balls và kits .

All players bundled will have a rating of 75 & kết thúc, và each pack will also contain one ” rare công trình “, such as enhanced player attributes & the ” most coveted players ” .

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