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FIFA 14: Early Preview of Graphics and Announced Features

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FIFA 14: Early Preview of Graphics and Announced Features

Brian Mazique@ @ UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIimage from EA.comEA Sports formally announced the release of xổ số shbet
14 for Xbox 360, Playstation ba và PC on Wednesday, per .With the next generation of gaming consoles on the way, many may be wondering if FIFA 14 will also appear on these unreleased systems. For now, the next phiên bản in the popular series is only confirmed for the current generation of gaming systems & PC .Media và information is also hitting various platforms of mạng xã hội truyền thông. The early previews of the game & its mới nhất gameplay features show the FIFA series will still represent unique from a visual standpoint .Take a look at this screenshot presented by the EA Sports FIFA Twitter trương mục :Let’s face it, the series was already stunning visually. Early indications are that EA Sports developers are putting much of their efforts in improving the realism in gameplay .One of the first mới nhất features we’ve learned about is Real Ball Physics .FIFA 14: Early Preview of Graphics and Announced FeaturesVideo Play Button✨ Watch more top videos, highlights, & B / R original nội dung Right Arrow IconReal-time physics is all the rage in Clip games these days. It is especially important in the genre of sports đoạn Clip games. It allows players mập react as realistically as possible Khủng each other và of course, the ball .RBP is designed béo provide the most life-like physics for the ball while players are dribbling, passing và shooting .Another mới nhất feature is called Pure Shot. This is designed béo give players an opportunity béo take different angles with adjustable momentum. It will offer the opportunity lớn generate shots off-balance & a more varied amount of attempts on goal .Here’s a look at the top five mới ra gameplay features, per FIFA series producer Nick Channon. He recorded this đoạn Clip for IGN .Along with the aforementioned game features, FIFA 14 will also offer an enhancement phệ the career mode experience. It is called the Global Scouting Network và it allows gamers béo develop their own strategies và approach for scouting the world’s best players .The ever popular FIFA Ultimate Team feature will also receive an cập nhật. There will also be a mới ra trực tuyến mode added mập the treasure chest of options .No official release date has been given for the game, but traditionally, hot nhất versions have been released in September .With this hot nhất wave of information, the virtual footballers of the world will be waiting anxiously for more information & ultimately the đầy đủ release .Follow me & Franchiseplay, my sports đoạn phim game alter ego .

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