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hen I was growing up, I was all about card games. I ‘d force my kin to play Uno and Blackjack, or I ‘d deal out a pass of Solitaire if I was alone. As a bona fide adult, I ‘m more concern in playing “ What tarot card am I ? ” as I flip through the deck for spiritual guidance. The earliest tarot card cards date to the early fifteenth hundred, Alexis Alvarez, an intuitive department of energy worker and apparitional adviser, tells me, and the earliest decks were right up my alley : They were used to play games, not try cognition. “ It was n’t until the seventeenth hundred that we began to see occult symbolism and charming meanings being attributed to the cards, ” Alvarez says.

“ nowadays, most people use the tarot card deck as a divination tool, ” the expert continues. “ Divination literally means communing with the divine, or your higher self. Professional intuitive readers, department of energy healers, and coaches like myself use tarot card cards … to get answers and higher guidance from source energy. ” That ‘s not to say you have to be an intuitive in order to use a tarot card card deck. “ I believe anyone can use tarot card cards as a tool for personal steering and development, for divining the future, to obtain cosmopolitan wisdom, for apparitional growth, and brooding contemplation, ” Alvarez says. “ I actually encourage everyone to get a deck, because it helps us get outside our heads and initiates us to follow our intuition. ”

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So, how do I use them and what tarot card am I?

For the uninitiate, tarot card cards are n’t your typical total casino deck —they have specific pictures and symbols on them, each with a unlike mean. “ The traditional tarot card card deck contains 78 cards, all numbered, ” says Alvarez. “ This is then split into two main categories : the Major Arcana ( boastful secrets ) made up of 22 style cards, and the Minor Arcana ( fiddling secrets ), which includes four chief suits : wands, cups, pentacles ( or coins ), and swords. ” Though there are a count of ways to work with tarot card cards, Alvarez suggests you choose from her five fave options for guidance.

1. Pick a card of the day

The easiest room to find your tarot card card is to “ let your intuition be your guide, ” says Alvarez. “ Randomly pull a wag from a shuffle deck, faced down. Doing this each morning or even will give you some guidance for the sidereal day. ” Unlike some other ways of reading tarot card cards, this method acting does n’t require you to ask any questions ( like you would a Magic 8-Ball ) —you literally just pull from the deck. “ then look up the meaning [ in the booklet that accompanies your deck or on-line ] and reflect back during your day to see if the poster had any significance or highlighted an implicit in theme, ” she says. “ This process helps beginners become more familiar with the cards in a theoretical smell equally well as to view them as a liaison to personal and virtual events. ”

2. Find your zodiac card

As you ‘d imagine, this proficiency revolves around your sunday gestural ( the one you say when person asks you, “ What ‘s your gestural ? ” ) and its respective characteristics, according to Alvarez. “ This menu helps bring to light your strengths and what you could be working on, angstrom well as reoccurring themes in your life that can be attributed to imbalances. Look up your sun signal, then the Major Arcana card that ‘s traditionally associated with it. ” While there are many layers of meaning within each card, Alvarez says these are descriptions to follow : Aries: The Emperor ( I Am ) —ambition, assurance, fiscal stability, accomplishment, confidence, control, energy, power Taurus: The Hierophant ( I Have ) —traditional values, a wise person, provides guidance, authority, forgiveness, inspiration, materialization, spiritualty, wisdom

Gemini: The Lovers ( I Think ) —love relationships and choices, attraction, poise, beauty, emotions, harmony, romance, sex, sex Cancer: The Chariot ( I Feel ) —triumph over difficulties, military capability of will needed, concentration, retaliation, strength, achiever, transformation Leo: Strength ( I Want ) —gentleness with inner lastingness and courage, legal action, control, energy, obstacles, power Virgo: The Hermit ( I Analyze ) —withdrawal for contemplation, inner wisdom Libra: Justice ( I Balance ) —fairness, the necessitate for a poise mind, legal matters, balance, fairness, military capability Scorpio: Death ( I Desire ) —major variety, transformation, endings Sagittarius: Temperance ( I See ) —patience, temperance, compromise, symmetry, healing, action, adaptability, harmony, love, solitaire, integrity Capricorn: XV- The Devil ( I Use ) —manipulation, overindulgence, self-enslavement, anger, survival, influence, boundaries, limitations. Aquarius: The Star ( I Know ) —hope, bring around, optimism, better times ahead, libra, clarity, faith, spiritual guidance, insight, inspiration Pisces: The Moon ( I Believe ) —uncertainty, magic trick, fluctuating emotions, unobserved depth, iniquity, obstacles, secrets, truth

3. Divine your personality card

You can besides use the tarot card cards by finding one that corresponds to your personality. “ This tarot card wag is calculated by adding the numbers of your birthday and then finding the Major Arcana batting order that corresponds to the sum, ” says Alvarez. “ For example, if your birthday is September 25, 1985, you add 9+2+5+1+9+8+9 = 43, then 4+3 = 7. ” She adds that if the sum ‘s from 1 to 22, the card from the Major Arcana with the comparable number is your personality menu. If the sum is greater than 22, then calculate the total of the two digits, as seen above.

4. Level up with your power card

“ Your baron card is thought to represent your unique strengths, ” says Alvarez. “ Simply pull the Major Arcana card that has the same number as your day of birth. Do this in the lapp way as above—if you were born on days 23 to 31, use the kernel of those two digits to figure out your exponent circuit board. ” She notes that, once find your might, personality, and zodiac cards, “ you will be able to see the bigger movie of who you are and what it is you need to seek for remainder and happiness. ”

5. Set an intention with a “know thyself” tarot spread

Before doing this type of tarot card wag reading, net your mind. “ This easy tarot card go around can be used to uncover aspects of yourself and how you can meet your true needs and desires, ” says Alvarez. “ Before you consult the deck, make sure you ‘re in a balanced, center state. possibly light a candle or incense, smudge your quad, or grab your darling crystal, then take a few deep breaths and equitable set the intention to get accurate data that is for your highest effective. ” then, shuffle the deck and then pull three cards, laying them face-up from left to right. “ Read the descriptions for each tease and honestly contemplate their mean and how they apply to you, ” says Alvarez. Well, Solitaire ca n’t do that. For more energy guides, here’s how to use a pendulum to help make decisions. And here’s the secret on how to communicate with spirits or your spirit guides for some advice. 

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