Top 10 Graphic Design School Programs in Pennsylvania – 2019 College Rankings

Our 2019 rankings of the top 10 graphic design school programs in Pennsylvania. For an explanation of the ranking criteria, snap here. Carnegie Mellon University1. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Founded in 1900 and serving closely 14,000 students, Carnegie Mellon University ( CMU ) houses more than 100 centers and institutes. CMU students have access to over 100 programs across seven colleges and schools. The College of Fine Arts is home to the School of Design—one of the oldest blueprint programs in North America. here, students can earn a Bachelor of Design ( BDes ) degree with one of the follow track options : Communications ( Graphic Design ), Products ( Industrial Design ), and Environments ( both physical and digital ). A minor in Design is besides available. Per the educate, Carnegie Mellon ’ second course of study is “ one of the alone programs in design ” that allows students to customize their academic degree. Students can choose to “ keep a reasonably narrow focus in order to develop deep expertness, or take a broad set about that results in a more interdisciplinary concentration. ”

Find a school During the first year of the BDes plan, students are introduced to all three plan tracks : Communications ( C ), Products ( P ), and Environments ( E ). The beginning year is designed to provide “ broad exposure, allowing students to gradually adjust their path as their interests become clear and talents emerge. ” In the spring each year, the School of Design hosts “ Confluence, a career event attended by more than 70 top companies. Confluence helps students land summer internships ( peculiarly after the second base and third years in the program ), adding real worldly concern design experience to their growing number of credentials. ” By the third semester, students begin to focus their attention on two prefer tracks. ” Study abroad opportunities become available to students during the junior year. In the final two semesters of the program, “ students work in multi-disciplinary teams and apply corrective expertness to capstone projects in the areas of Design for Service ( Sv ) and/or Design for Social Innovation ( Si ). ” Graduates are cook to seek positions in the field or apply to graduate school. CMU offers a master of Design ( MDes ) broadcast that the school says is rooted in Information and Communication Design. The program takes two years to complete. The University of the Arts2. The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Founded in 1876, The University of the Arts ( UArts ) is the state ’ s only comprehensive examination arts university. The school is home to 1,900 students enrolled in 46 undergraduate and graduate programs, and more than 30 minors, through the College of Art, Media & Design, the College of Performing Arts, the Division of Liberal Art, and the Division of Continuing Studies ( Grad Programs ). The College of Art, Media & Design houses the School of Design, which offers a BFA in Graphic Design and a BFA in Illustration with nine assiduity options including Graphic Design Communication, Graphic Design Typography, Painting and Printmaking, Animation Movement, Animation Visual Development, Game Art, and Photography. The BFA in Graphic Design prepares students for employment in fields ranging from issue design to motion graphics to branding and more. The cross-disciplinary platform offers courses such as Advanced Digital Interactive Techniques, Communication Media and Strategies, Digital Interactive Techniques, Visualizing Language I : typographic Hierarchies, and Electronic Media/Production. During the final examination year of the program, students will take senior Studio, Design Strategies : nonlinear Narratives, Design Strategies : Brand Identity, Applied Design Laboratory, and the Design Internship. The BFA In Illustration program blends creative ocular problem resolve, digital experiences, drawing, figure model, exemplification, paint, photograph produce, digital experiences, angstrom well as specify graphic design courses, self-discovery through mentor-student relationship, and history of graphic image name. sample distribution courses include Communication Design, Figure Anatomy, Illustration I-IV, Image/Time, Materials, Responsive Drawing, and Words, Images & Idea. Graduates of the Illustration Program at UArts have gone on to create illustrations for The New Yorker, New York Times, Rolling Stone, ESPN, Random House, Ralph Lauren, Fortune and others. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania3. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Kutztown, Pennsylvania Founded in 1866 as the Keystone State Normal School, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania ( KU ) serves approximately 8,309 students from 28 states and 40 countries. The school offers 160 major programs through four colleges. The College of Visual and Performing Arts houses the Communication Design Department ( KUCD ), which offers BFA and MFA degrees in Communication Design ( Graphic Design ). The Communication Design Department has the largest number of majors within the College of Visual and Performing Arts and the graduate program is the first gear & only MFA in Communication Design within the Pennsylvania State system. Per the school, BFA students begin the course of study with foundations : draw, design and digital skills. Sophomores study the foundations of blueprint : typography, ocular think, illustration techniques, and more digital skills courses, along with Historical Survey of Graphic Design and studio apartment classes in digital photography or life draw. KUCD juniors may focus on three of four concentrations : Graphic Design, Advertising Design, Interactive Design, or Illustration. Along with their concentration courses, seniors can choose from a kind of workshops from box invention to greet cards, font design or motion graphics. “ They can besides choose an internship ( if qualified ) or a variety of fine art studios, business or market classes. Courses in professional practices and portfolio growth ensure that students are prepared when the real-world comes knocking. ” The MFA is a low-residency broadcast that requires barely three weeks on-campus a year—one week each fall, spring, and summer. The platform “ promotes a all-around department of education through the study of design history, contemporary topics, typography, emerging media, and the exploration of personal and professional goals. ” other program highlights include custom-make determine, the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty, and the opportunity to create “ an original finishing touch calibrate research project exploring ” your “ creative path to professional or academic aspirations. ” The Capstone is 12 credits. Drexel University4. Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Graphic Design program at Drexel University ’ s Westphal College of Media Arts & Design is a 4-year BS degree program and prepares students for a career in graphic design. Students learn to conceptualize, visualize and realize ocular communications through the asperity of project-based exploration and experiment based on the courtly foundations of typography, image-making, aesthetics and critical think. Graphic design students are immersed in all aspects of ocular communications including books, magazines and publications ( print and screen-based ), posters, ad, packaging, web, motion and interactional design and UX, exhibition invention and datum visual image. Students develop an expansive professional portfolio, and graduate amply and competitively train to enter the profession. The course of study provides a balance of theory and practice, a rigorous cogitation of design, enhanced by coursework in the humanities and the physical and sociable sciences. Graphic Design students can besides pursue advance elective course coursework in web and motion graphic design, kinetic and advanced typography, environmental graphic design, experimental issue design vitamin a well as other interdisciplinary special topics projects. This major features little class sizes and studio apartment based education from a wish and accomplished faculty. The program is housed in outstanding facilities in the award-winning URBN Center which is home to numerous early design disciplines and an across-the-board array of technologies, which encourage interdisciplinary collaborations. All Graphic Design students work full-time for six months in their junior year as part of Drexel ’ mho noted cooperative department of education platform, and over 93 % of our graduates are working as designers or in graduate school within one class of gradation. A high percentage of Graphic Design students study abroad and the Graphic Design course of study has a longstanding term-long course of study in London, England, and a shorter program in Japan. And, seniors in the Graphic Design program run a Graphic Design agency that creates most of this College ’ randomness print and network market and informational materials, a well as for clients from across the University for which are students are paid for their cultivate. Drexel ’ s Graphic Design students are regularly recognized in competitions and publications such as Graphis, CA, Creative Quarterly, UCDA, winning on average over two twelve national and international awards each year. University of Pennsylvania5. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Founded in 1740 and home to about 25,000 students, the University of Pennsylvania ( UPenn ) offers more than 400 programs across 16 schools. The School of Design offers a fine Arts academic degree ( BFA ) that the school says includes a “ diverse stove of studio courses ” in the areas of Design, Animation and 3D Modeling, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Painting, Sculpture and Video. The course of study “ besides provides students with the opportunity to thoroughly analyze contemporary artwork, creative research, synergistic design and public artwork through seminar-based education. ” early program highlights include the Spiegel Wilks Artist Residency Program, which brings outstanding artists and designers to campus for lectures, workshops, and studio visits ; the Silverstein Photography Studio Abroad Program and Lecture Series, and a close relationship with the Institute of Contemporary Art, which provides opportunities for students to experience and study contemporary art from around the earth. In summation, students will benefit from unique cross-school partnerships like The Common Press and the opportunity to work side-by-side with standing faculty, calibrate students, experts in the field, and staff mentors on long-run research projects through the Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships.

note that the Fine Arts Program offers a Fine Arts Major for students in the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering, and a all right Arts Minor for undergraduate students across the university. The very well Arts course of study works in concurrence with three interdisciplinary degree programs in Cinema Studies, Digital Media Design and Visual Studies. Fine Arts courses are available to all students at the university to take as electives in order to enhance multidisciplinary eruditeness. Temple University6. Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Founded in 1884, Temple University serves 40,240 students enrolled in more than 400 academic programs through 17 colleges and schools. Tyler School of Art offers a BFA and MFA degrees in Graphic & Interactive Design. A 126 citation hour BFA in Graphic & Interactive Design ( GAID ) with entrepreneurial Studies is besides available, and is offered in partnership with the Fox School of Business. Per the school, all GAID students “ learn how to develop design concepts, to make images, to work with typography and to master a wide compass of new and traditional media. ” BFA course of study highlights include design projects for print and interactional media including logo and collateral invention for corporate identities, packaging, promotional campaigns, books, periodicals, websites, network apps and animation, visiting designers and illustrators and experienced faculty presently working in the sphere. Students besides have access to computer studios current with diligence standards and software applications and an extensive baptismal font library for both mark and interactional media, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as off-campus opportunities such as the internship program for course credit, participation in national and international plan competitions and exhibitions, community-oriented work for nonprofit organization organizations, tours of professional blueprint studios, and portfolio reviews through professional design and ad organizations During the final examination year of the program, elder design students “ focus on the development of a concluding portfolio. Advanced tied courses are offered in a wide roll of topics including corporate design, promotion, typography, publication design, forwarding design, advertise, art commission, design authorship, illustration, digital narrative and interactional design. ” The MFA is a biennial program that “ emphasizes the character of interior designer as generator and entrepreneur, with students defining the subject and form of large-scale, semester-long projects in a wide kind of forms such as books, posters, folios, games, clocks, clothing design, synergistic narrative, web sites and environmental design. extensive research, writing, image-making and editing, american samoa well as exploration of form and technique, are integral to the process. ” A highlight of the plan is GAID ’ s blueprint incubator known as “ The Hatchery. ” The enterprise was designed to “ promote entrepreneurship and transform student projects into marketable products. ” The plan provides students with “ real-world experience and the opportunity to be their own client. ” MFA students “ workplace directly with the design incubator ’ s Director on marketing plans for graduate projects created at Tyler. ” Pennsylvania State University7. Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania Founded in 1855, Pennsylvania State University ( Penn State ) University Park is the largest campus in the Penn State system. The school serves around 46,610 students of the about 100,000 students being serves system-wide. Penn State offers more than 275 majors through 12 academician colleges. The College or Arts and Architecture houses the H. Campbell and Eleanor R. Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. here, students can earn a BDes in Graphic Design and an MFA offered in junction with the School of Visual Arts. The four-year BDes program prepares students for employment in prepare students for employment in Design Studios, Advertising Agencies, Packaging, Publication and Corporate Design, Film and Television, and Web and Interactive Design. sample distribution courses include Thinking creatively : Defining Problems, Solving Problems, and Generating Ideas in Graphic Design, Graphic Design Studio, Advanced Typographic Systems, Graphic Design Technology, Time and Sequence, Package Design, and Practical Communications. research project courses, a Studio Apprenticeship and an internship are part of the plan a well as the opportunity to study abroad at Studio Art Centers International ( SACI ) in Florence, Italy. Per the educate, “ SACI offers graphic purpose courses in the fall and form that can be substituted for required first base or second year courses at University Park. consequently, Graphic Design majors must study afield during either their first or second base class. ” For the BDes degree in Graphic Design, a minimum of 120 credits is required. Graduates of the program “ presently hold positions of leadership and importance in Design Studios, Advertising Agencies, and Corporate In-house Design offices throughout the United States and overseas, where they are producing a fully range of graphic invention : brand, box, photographic print, movement graphics, and network design. ” Pennsylvania College of Art and Design8. Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Lancaster, Pennsylvania Founded in 1982, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design ( PCA & D ) is a private, non-profit, professional art college that serves more than 200 students. The school offers BFA degrees in Digital Media, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography. The BFA in Graphic Design highlights competitive assignments, a command aged internship, and a final portfolio and senior exhibition. sample distribution courses for the course of study include Advanced Web Design, Advertising/Copywriting, Digital Design Production, History of Graphic Design & Emerging Trends, Interaction Design, Introduction to Time-Based Media, Motion Graphics, Packaging, Social Media Marketing & Communications, Typography and Visual Communication. Per the school, all PCA & D aged students are assigned individual studio spaces to help them develop and create their dissertation projects. These spaces allow students to work aboard, collaborate, and be inspired by their boyfriend studio apartment mates, vitamin a well as work individually with their instructors. The opportunity to store necessity materials at their own quad, students don ’ t need to transport materials back and away from their apartments or homes. Graduates of the programs at PCA & D enjoy a 97 % employment rate or graduate survey registration within a year of gradation. Lehigh University9. Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Founded in 1865, Lehigh University serves more than 7,000 students enrolled in more than 200 programs through four colleges. The College of Arts and Sciences houses the Department of Art, Architecture, and Design ( AAD ), which offers a BFA in Design with a concentration in Graphic Design or Product Design. Per the school, the Graphic Design Concentration introduces students to the tools and media related to print applications, web-based media, exhibition purpose, print and advertise, ” while Product Design “ concerns the universe of objects used in industrial applications, art objects, furniture, toys, exhibits and trade design, electronic products, family items and amateur equipment. ” sample courses for Digital Photography, Fusion : Design Practice, Graphic Design : Brand Experience, Graphic Design : word and Image, Introduction to Graphic Design, Product Design I : mannequin, Process & Concept, Painting, and Web Design I & II. The Product Design Concentration include many of the lapp courses Graphic Design, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as Product Design II : Designing for Others, Product Design III : material to Market, Sculpture I, and Furniture Design I. All students will have the opportunity to apply for departmental honors at the end of their junior year or the beginning of their senior class. Candidates may have to submit a inquiry paper, purpose project or exhibition, and it must be accompanied by an oral presentation. successful completion of the project and presentation will result in the “ Department Honors ” appellation to the scholar ‘s transcript. Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University10. Jefferson (Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Jefferson was formed in 2017, through the amalgamation of Philadelphia University ( est. 1884 ) and Thomas Jefferson University ( est. 1824 ). The school serves more than 7,500 students, making it Philadelphia ’ s fifth-largest university. Campuses are located in East Falls and Center City, Philadelphia, arsenic well as in Atlantic, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Programs are offered through 16 colleges, schools and institutes. The Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce houses the School of Design and Engineering, which offers a BS in Graphic Design Communication. Per the school, the platform emphasizes “ the ability to solve communication problems by thoroughly exploring the design action of by rights identify­ing the problem ; conducting inquiry, gathering and analyzing information ; generate and iterating alternative solutions and multiple ideas ; prototyping, exploiter test, and evaluating outcomes. ”

The program besides stresses “ the ability to collaborate productively in interdisciplinary teams. ” Students are expected to be “ agile and agile learners with the ability to change and adapt with technology and to amply embrace the concept of life-long learning. ” Course highlights for the 126-127 credit hour program include Design 1-6, Ethics, Design Essentials, Design Theory and Criticism, Foundation for Web Design and Strategy, Global Diversity, History of Animated Cinema, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Management Foundations. During the concluding year, students will complete Capstone Folio Workshop, Design 7 for Graphic Design, Capstone for Graphic Design ( Design 8 ), and Graphic Design Designated Electives ( 6 credits ). scholar work has been recognized by international, national and regional design competitions, with past students winning award at competitions such as the Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Philadelphia Design Awards, AIGA Philadelphia, How Magazine Interactive Design Awards Competition, Excellence in Graphic Design ( Top Senior ) Award, BYOB Nutrition Campaign : AIGA Philadelphia Student Design Competition, and many others.

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