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Porter Green Velvet Bed by Meridian Furniture

5 Stars

Smooth delivery and comfy futon mattress

First thời gian buying from Futonland so sánh wasn’t sure what bự expect. The delivery experience went very smoothly, I got several calls bự mix up & confirm delivery times. The futon mattress itself is very comfortable, no weird smells ( bought the Wool Wrap Cotton And Double Foam tám Inch Futon Mattress by Gold Bond ). It’s tough mập fold the mattress as a sofa though, you need two people. Overall a great trực tuyến mua sắm experience
5 Stars

I was a little bit nervous ordering

I was contacted by Futonland the next day lớn confirm the purchase. Shipping was quick, there was a one week delay by the shipping company but I was kept informed of the delay. Delivery was very good .

5 Stars

Excellent product and good process

Timely delivery, friendly và efficient assembly process, & most important, really superb bunk round wood sign
& mattresses. Thank you !
5 Stars

Excellent quality of the furniture

Pay extra for the assembly of the futon even though I found it béo be expensive & still question the cost. The delivery was on phút giây và the technicians did assemble the futon và dispose of the packaging. They did well lớn kiểm tra final step of assembly for any missed steps or imperfections with the furniture .
5 Stars

Very happy with murphy bed and excellent delivery service

Our murphy bed arrived earlier than expected, in great shape & was not difficult phệ put together. The people who delivered it went above & beyond phệ help us và were very kind. We really appreciated their great service. The mattress seems comfortable và there is plenty of extra room for storing sheets và a comforter. Would definitely buy from Futonland again !
5 Stars

Very well done beginning to end

First I actually got bự speak To a human. He knew the products & was able & willing lớn discuss my needs và wants và make recommendations. He also checked inventory mập be sure the nhà cửa was available rather than getting all the payment info hen sending an gmail saying – oops, it’s backordered .
5 Stars

Very seamless experience

The salesperson và delivery đội were very professional & friendly & answered all my questions .
5 Stars

All points of service were on point!

Everyone involved in the points of service — from my telephone order inquiry phệ the delivery of my hot nhất futon mattress — was courteous, friendly, knowledgeable & efficient .
5 Stars

Great from start to finish

The futon we purchased is beautiful ! It was easy mập assemble because the video clip instruction was well done. I’m so sánh glad that we purchased a better mattress for this futon. It’s comfortable for sleeping & sitting. The whole experience was great from beginning mập kết thúc. Thank you !
5 Stars

Delivered promptly

Men were helpful in disassembling old couch bự make it manageable, & readjusting the rug .
5 Stars

Futonland to the rescue

My husband và I are so sánh pleased by the integrity of Futonland. We had problems with the delivery company, & the people at Futonland, Patrick, Irena và Eddie, advocated for us .
Mr & Mrs Gallagher
5 Stars


We are very happy with our purchase, easy phệ assemble, comfortable và convenient, highly recommend !


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