How to Mint Coins – FAQs

Q:  How do you design a fantasy coin?
A: The basic theme is to use real-world coins as a uncut guide to the evolutionary radiation pattern of coin make and design, and then to use that information to guide in the plan shape. We strive for authenticity and realism, so great attempt is put forth to design a mint in accordance with the social and technical condition of the target culture. obviously a capital consider of aesthetic license is applied ! Coins have constantly been used as “ ad ” by the issue authority… and there is a “ terminology of coinage ” in which symbols appear and have accepted meanings .
Q:  How do you make coins?
A: Coins are just small bits of alloy that have been impressed with a design and are used as a culture medium of exchange. The basic procedure is that a “ fail ” is created with a negative ( back ) mental picture of the design. Two dies are then pressed together or “ hit ” with the metal space between. The major technical problems are three : making the blank, making the dies, and applying the necessary total of power, with many child problems associated with each ! early coins were struck by hand using hammers, such coins are inevitably little and with low easing. The development of mint has basically followed the development of art and industry, as larger presses and better steels have become available, the engraver ’ second art has been portrayed on a larger ‘ canvas ’ and with more and more preciseness. See our page on “ How a coin is made. ”

Q:  What equipment do you use at Shire Post to make your coins?

A: We have a small workshop and use largely antique equipment. There are presently seven presses on the shop class floor… five screw presses, one big knuckle bid and one bombastic hydraulic press. They range in force-capacity from about 10 tonnes up to 320 tonnes. The smaller presses are by and large used for punching blanks, ejecting coins from collars, and die-sinking, while the three largest are used for heavy die-hobbing and all the actual coin-striking tasks. The presses are all old-timer manually engage mechanical devices which have been made functionally disused with respect to modern minting practices by advances in calculator controlled equipment. They hydraulic is the most mod of the group, but even that one is considered disused by most mod shops. And even, they still work for their plan function, albeit lento, and they possess a beauty and classic grace which more modern equipment plainly can not match ! We besides have a assortment of digest equipment including a roll factory, metallic element lathe, milling machine, pantomill, grinders, band-saws, heat-treating furnaces, and several different sized tumbling drums for polishing blanks and antiquing finish coins .
Q: How can I get started making fantasy coins?
A: If you have some workspace and are companion with metal-working you may already have most of what is needed to get started. The presses are terribly nice once you get going… but you can do quite a distribute of smaller coins with equitable a six british pound hammer ! Investigate your local chapter of the SCA ( Society for Creative Anachronism ) which has a “ Moneyer ’ s Guild ” and frequently accept apprentices. The ANA ( American Numismatic Association ) hosts a seminar each class with classes on die-engraving and other coining techniques. The best introductory book available is The Art and Craft of Coinmaking by Denis R. Cooper, Spink & Son Ltd. London, ( ISBN 0907-605-27-3 ) which goes through the entire evolution of coin-making from ancient times to modern .

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