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Before buy and deal SUB, there are numerous issues you need to understand. We have narrowed down the top brokers that guarantee you humble fees for a smooth and agile get down .

What Is the Difference Between Buying and Trading Substratum?

Beginners typically interchange the two terms. There are bare differences between the two .


  • Involves getting SUB tokens for decree currency or other cryptocurrencies. On exchanges, you will find references of trade pairs, for example, SUB/BTC, SUB/USDT, SUB/EUR, or SUB/USD. Buyers need to understand that there are decree to crypto and crypto to crypto exchanges .


You can choose to go hanker or short on your SUB tokens. CFD brokers enable you to short sell crypto assets. You can besides choose to leverage your crypto assets which increase your risk exposure. Some other trading instruments include margins and future deal .

How to Buy Substratum Online?

As explained, you can deposit decree to an exchange and buy SUB tokens or depository crypto and practice that to buy SUB. We recommend using credible crypto platforms that are regulated. This will reduce the hazard of losing your fiscal and personal data. here is a bit-by-bit guide :

Step 1: Find a suitable exchange or a broker

Consider factors like security, reputation, and fees.

Step 2: Create an account and fund it

Sign improving and fund a buy.

Step 3: Make a purchase

Finding an exchange that allows buying the SUB/USD match might be challenging. however, lodge decree into the account and choose SUB from the list of crypto. Enter the come you want to spend and click buy. You can besides use early cryptocurrencies to buy SUB tokens. We recommend buying Bitcoin or Tether first base. You can use these cryptos to swap with Substratum on crypto to crypto exchanges.

Step 4: Store your coins

store your coins in a wallet to keep them safe .

How to Trade Substratum?

trade takes away the fuss of bribe and storing crypto assets. It allows the use of trade options without owning the underlying crypto assets. In this case, traders can use CFD brokers to speculate on the price movement of SUB. You can decide to leverage the price and increase the hazard exposure enabling you to profit. other trading instruments include futures and spread dissipated .

  • Step 1: Find a suitable broke .
  • Step 2: Deposit money into your account. Select your financing method and add decree currency, for example, USD, AUD, or GBP. Currency conversion fees will apply to fiat that the broke does not support .
  • Step 3: Decide how to trade — for model, CFDs or spread dissipated .

We advise beginners to open show accounts and practice these trade options. Use small amounts for your beginning few trades .

What Are the Different Ways to Pay for Substratum?

Payment methods available on a crypto platform will depend on the legal power and partnerships. Choose an choice that is convenient for you ; most buyers consider the fees equally well. Exchanges list the different support options they accept. Check the fees vitamin a well. here are the main ways to pay for substrate :

Credit Cards

credit cards are a moderately accept modality of payment. Banks extend a line of credit to the cardholder depending on their creditworthiness .


Fast transactions convenient Easy to use


high and multiple fees transaction limits miss of anonymity

Debit Cards

debit cards, unlike credit cards, require you to have a plus bank symmetry. Buyers, however, can entree an overdraft facility .


Fast transactions Easy to use fasten


lack of anonymity

Prepaid Cards

Like debit cards, these cards are loaded with cash. Some exchanges accept prepay iTunes, Amazon, and Google play cards .


Promotes privacy Easy to use commodious


not widely accepted


PayPal is a popular on-line payment option with over 300 million users. This method acting is typically more expensive than many other options .


Easy to open and fund an bill Easy to use fasten


relatively higher transaction fees Using third-party options like bank transfers to fund the PayPal score


They are acceptable on all crypto to crypto exchanges. Buy SUB tokens with mainstream cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum or stable coins like Tether .


Swapping crypto is free on most exchanges far-flung adoption on platforms, including decentralized exchanges Fast transactions compared to bank and electrify transfers Avoid multiple fees levied on decree currencies


It might be not very easily for beginners The process of acquiring crypto and then swapping for SUB is longer

What to Consider When Buying Substratum?

When buying Substratum, there are some considerations to make. Below are some of the most all-important examples .


  • There is real contest from network decentralizing projects like MaidSafe and Skycoin. According to Coinmarketcap statistics, Substratum lags far behind these projects. With such contest, we advise great caution when investing .

Project Roadmap:

  • After an ICO in 2017, the company burned through $ 13 million and started laying off some staff. Substratum has been acquired by a company named Epik as of August 2021. The new owners promise renewed energy on the project .


  • Some of the fees you have to contend with admit sediment, withdrawal, and trade fees. Credit cards and PayPal may be subject to higher ones. Bank transfers offer the best bet for lower prices. Look at the tip schedule of the crypto platform to ascertain the best support method .


  • Like any other crypto, SUB tokens have been discipline to small price swings over the past class. Price campaign is an important consideration, specially for traders who want to take advantage of have a bun in the oven or bull market volatility .


  • only a limited number of crypto platforms offer SUB tokens. Examples include HitBTC and Bitbns .

Is It Safe to Buy Substratum Online?

It is possible to buy SUB tokens safely on-line. however, to avoid losing personal data or crypto assets, ensure the substitute you use has put measures in stead to mitigate security risks. hera are factors to look out for :

Two-factor Authentication:

  • On signing up, activate two-factor authentication ( 2FA ). This offers another layer of security to your report apart from the distinctive email/password combination. other exchanges provide 2FA on funds secession .

Secure wallets:

  • Transfer the SUB tokens to an external wallet for safekeeping .

Get help on official sites only:

  • Avoid getting scammed by asking for help on official sites only. Use official emails and support channels .

Using a secure internet connection:

  • We recommend using private networks if possible ; otherwise, use VPN or the Tor web site. Avoid accessing your wallet or exchange on public networks .

Provide only mandatory KYC documents:

  • Providing personal details on exchanges is compulsory. Provide entirely the required details to avoid surfeit information leaking out in event of a security transgress on the crypto chopine .

Use reputable sites only:

  • Buy SUB tokens from reputable sites merely to avoid scams and data leaks .

How to Store Substratum?

Storing Substratum tokens is critical, specially for long-run investors. Although exchanges and brokers have wallets, leaving your crypto assets there is never a thoroughly estimate. here are the two main categories of wallets you can use to store your SUB tokens :

Hot wallets:

  • These are digital wallets that are accessible on-line. Some function through the web, while others are downloadable. SUB is an ERC20 keepsake and is compatible with Ethereum-based wallets. Examples of these wallets are Parity, MyEtherWallet, and Trust wallet .

Cold wallets:

  • cold wallets are not release, unlike hot wallets. Some of the leading SUB wallets are Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S. The coins are hush on the blockchain, but you need to physically affirm transactions — which adds a layer of security .

How to Sell Substratum?

You can sell Substratum using crypto exchanges. Use the be steps :

Step 1: Sign up for an account

Sing up to a crypto platform that supports Substratum.

Step 2: Deposit your SUB tokens

Deposit your SUB tokens to the change.

Step 3: Sell your SUB

Sell your SUB for mainstream cryptos like Bitcoin or Tether.

Step 4: Transfer your BTC or USDT

Transfer your BTC or USDT to an switch over where you can sell crypto for decree.

Step 5: Select the cryptocurrency pair

Select the cryptocurrency pair, for example, USD/SUB or EUR/SUB. The exchange will offer you the market pace for your SUB tokens. Fees may apply.

Step 6: You can cash out

Funds will be deposited into your account. Choose a withdrawal method and cash out .

Is It Worth Buying Substratum Right Now?

From an all-time gamey of $ 3.25 in 2018 to $ 0.0043 soon, Substratum prices have fallen aggressively. The project has not been in a great place in the recent past. The project has faced some headwinds, specially with layoffs of critical staff members. competition from alike blockchain projects is another factor. A ship’s company named Epik has acquired Substratum. They have not announced what they plan to do with the project therefore far. It is interesting to see what ’ mho in store in the long term.

Final Thoughts

The Substratum project aims to decentralize the internet. merely a limited number of crypto platforms support Substratum. The prevailing method acting to buy Substratum soon is by use of early cryptos. After purchase, we recommend storing your substitute tokens safely in an external wallet. Brokers provide a way to trade SUB without owning the tokens. We recommend using the agent tilt we provided .

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