1971 Kennedy Half Dollar

Notes: This was the first year that the US Mint issued Kennedy Half Dollars in a not argent state. Anything after 1970 contains no eloquent, with the exception of errors listed below. These coins are a copper-nickel composition, being a nickel jacket over a copper core. Errors include obverse die breaks, struck on nickel planchet, struck on one-fourth planchet, off center strikes up to 70 %, double strikes, struck on silver planchet, and clipped planchets .

More About Errors

1971 was obviously a harsh year for the United States mint. This was the class the mint switched from 40 % silver to a blend of 91.67 % Copper 8.33 % Nickel. This newfangled blend required new planchets to be created, and because of this there are many instances of Half Dollars from 1971 being struck on the wrong planchet .

1971 Half Dollar Errors

1971 Half Dollar Error Guide
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here are just a few of the chief errors that can be found sorting through half dollars. 1971 Half Dollar Struck on Nickel Planchet – one of the many instances of the mint using the wrong plachets. The border of the coins are not reeded, rather the edge is smooth like a nickel. A large parcel of the coin will besides appear to be missing, due to the fact that nickel diameters are not as wide .

40% Silver 1971 Half Dollar – Yes 1971 Half Dollars made from 40 % silver are a thing. They are however not meant to be. 40 % flatware 1971 halves are created when left over planchets from 1970 were used to create 1971 50C pieces. These coins are rare and sell for thousands of dollars when certified. The 1971 Half Dollar struck on silver medal planchet means there are instances of this coin unintentionally minted in silver. If you think your 1971 Kennedy Half is silver look at the reeded edges, if there is a copper ring dead center this coin is not silver medal. Silver coins wont have rings of copper in the center as they are not sandwiched .

Struck on Silver Quarter Error – is yet another planchet error. silver one-fourth planchets struck by 1971 Half Dollar dies created this erroneousness. Again a big parcel of the coin will appear to be missing as the planchet diameter is besides little to display the integral one-half dollar design.

Struck on Non Silver Quarter Planchet -similar to the mistake above, merely struck on a not silver clothe quarter alternatively .

Off Center Strike – When the die strikes an improperly seated plachet off-center this is the mistake it creates. Strikes can be anywhere from 5 % to 95 % off center. The more off center the more of the blank planchet will be left behind .

DDO / DDR Double Die – When the die strikes the planchet 2 or more times a double or tied triple die error occurs. double Die Obverse ( front ) and Double Die Reverse ( back ) are common this class arsenic good. Double Die errors can be hard to spot when searching for mint errors. Try looking at the ticket details of numbers, letters, and batch marks. If you see a bantam dowry of the inscription repeated under, above, or next to anything this is probable a double Die strike error.

Struck on Penny 1C Planchet – crimson or brown in discolor instances of 1971 Halves struck on 1c penny planchets are indeed an erroneousness. They are smaller and thinner than the not error counterparts. A major part of the coins will besides be missing due to the fact that pennies do n’t have the same diameter as half dollars .

1971 Clipped Planchet 50C – When a round die clips the edge of a mint it will create a cookie tender appearance on the edge of the coin. In other words a parcel of the half dollar in the shape of a crescent will be missing .

Lamination Error – lamination errors are besides show this class. When the outer share of the coin is missing due to an error in the production march this is called a Lamination error .

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