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Hello Steemit,

I showed you in the mail bittrex # 1 how to bring bitcoin in order to trade this currency with other coins. The pursuit post is a elementary tutorial to show you how to exchange these other coins in Bittrex.

Bittrex reminder:

Bittrex is a crypto trading platform where you can find many coins. Be aware there aren ’ t all coins existing, for example IOTA is not available in Bittrex, you must use another chopine like bitfinex to get it. With a deal platform, you can exchange bitcoin with other crypto coins. The inaugural step is to create an account, nothing complicated but just in case you can find steps here :
• Go on bittrex : hypertext transfer protocol : //
• Click on login and then sign-up
• Put your electronic mail address and create a password
• Agree with “ Terms of Service ” and click on sign-up
• You will receive an e-mail, validate your report with the connection attached to it
• If you have the message “ Email confirmation successful ” so your history is created = )

How to buy coins in Bittrex with bitcoin ?

You need first to have bitcoin. In fact, it is the bare way to trade crypto-coins. If you don ’ thymine know how to bring bitcoin, check my stake Bittrex # 1 :
hypertext transfer protocol : // @ cedaout/bittrex-1-how-to-import-cryto-in-bittrex-english-francais
My current bitcoin in bittrex :
presently there is 0.04851247 bitcoin in my wallet. And I want to buy the coin NEM or NewEconomyMovement ( XEM ). first step is to look for this mint in the bitcoin markets :
Click on “ BTC-XEM ” in market column. The information page of the crypto concerned should appear .
Information page of NEM crypto
Scroll down to find the full trade foliate with “ trade ”, “ Order reserve ” and “ My ordering history ” :
In “ Order book ” you can exchange NEM with Bitcoin :
Display part to buy NEM
You now have respective fields to fill .
Units: This is the measure of XEM you want to buy. If you want the maximum using all your bitcoin, click on “ Max ”.
Price: The BTC price will not be displayed … yet. You need first, to choose what kind of prices you will use : “ last ”, “ Bid ” and “ Ask ” .
What is the difference between LAST, BID and ASK ?


‘ Ask ’ represents prices of sellers. Nothing extra about this one, you merely receive your crypto money immediately .
If you want to sell coin, you can use it and create your offer in “ Ask ”. You can try to sell it at a better price than buyer ’ sulfur proposals. When you have validated it, your request will appear with a headliner in “ Asks ” :
You can besides find your request in “ Open orders ” while it is not accepted by a buyer .


‘Bid ‘ is the stream highest value that buyers are volition to pay. You can use it if you want to buy coins cheaper than the ask price .
For example I want to buy 10 XEM, but the ask monetary value is 0.00006450, it is excessively expensive and I want to try to buy it for 0.00006401 :
It will appear in the bid list with a ace in the last column of your request :
lapp as “ ASK ”, while it is waiting for a seller, you can find the sum up of this current transaction in “ Open Orders ” :


The “ last ” price represents the price at which the stopping point trade wind occurred .

Where can I check if the transaction works?

After accepting the transaction, a first message will appear :
then when the transaction is done and validated :
This last message can appear few minutes after accepting the transaction, so don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be worried ; ).
besides, after buying, you can find your crypto in your wallet :
Be aware that there are fees from Bittrex for each transaction. Check good the curriculum vitae before accepted the transaction :
Quantity: Number of crypto you want to buy
Price: The price of a unit of this crypto
Subtotal: Quantity * Price
Commission: This is the tip I talked to you
Total: The entire monetary value you have to pay in bitcoin
This is the end of this post. Hope it will help you a short, if you liked it upvote, resteemed and follow me = ).
If you have any questions, put it in a gossip and I will do my best to answer ; ) .

See you soon on steemit!

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