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How can I let people know what my Bitcoin Cash address is ? How do I know what my Bitcoin Cash address is ?

How do I know what my Bitcoin Cash address is?

You can find out your Bitcoin Cash address by opening your Bitcoin Cash wallet .
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Every digital wallet is a little different, but your Bitcoin Cash address will constantly be displayed somewhere within the wallet .
here ‘s an exercise of a Bitcoin Cash address :
bitcoincash : pqx5ej6z9cvxc2c7nw5p4s5kf8nzmzc5cqapu8xprq
An address can besides be displayed as a QR code. For model :
Bitcoin Cash QR code
hera ‘s how to find and partake your Bitcoin Cash wallet in the Wallet :

How can I let people know what my Bitcoin Cash address is?

Your digital wallet will allow you to copy your Bitcoin Cash address to your clipboard. then, you just need to provide the sender with that address via e-mail, messaging app, SMS, etc .
Most wallets besides provide you with a QR-code version of your Bitcoin Cash address. If you ‘re in the same room as the transmitter, they can scan your QR code to get your address .

Can I receive bitcoin cash to a centralized cryptocurrency exchange?

Yes. You just need to provide the transmitter with your custom Bitcoin Cash address for the change you ‘re using. This is a matter of navigating through the exchange ‘s web site, copying your Bitcoin Cash address to your clipboard, then providing it to the sender by, for exercise, pasting it into an e-mail and sending the message .
note that receiving bitcoin cash to your cryptocurrency change wallet normally takes quite a bit longer than receiving your bitcoin cash to a ‘non-custodial ‘ wallet you control. This is because centralized exchanges do n’t allow you to directly interact with the Bitcoin Cash network.

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Is it safe to give out my Bitcoin Cash address?

You can safely give out your Bitcoin Cash address to friends, family, and acquaintances. No one can steal your bitcoin cash unless they have both your address and the private keystone to it. however, you should know that, since the Bitcoin Cash network is publicly viewable, anyone who knows your Bitcoin Cash address can easily find out precisely how much bitcoin cash you have at that cover by just pasting the address into a Bitcoin Cash block explorer like this one. They can besides see every transaction you ‘ve always made using that address. If you do n’t want people to see this information, you ‘ll need to use a fresh Bitcoin Cash address. fortunately, that ‘s slowly to do ! The Wallet, for example, allows you to create an inexhaustible total of newly Bitcoin Cash addresses with the partake a button .
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