Best Way to Farm Strange Coins?

If you’re like a lot of Year 1 Guardians, ever since The Taken King was released you’ve been singing a very wistful song:

  • Where is my Weekly Heroic?
  • Where is my farming song?
  • Where is that promised loot?
  • Where have all the strange coins gone?

Thanks to all of you for indulging me there, and thanks to Paula Cole for twisting my heartstrings. Moving correct along…
class 2 Guardians may not be aware of this, but there was a time when we could run a hebdomadally Heroic strike for a guarantee 9 strange Coins per character, yielding an easy 27 per workweek. That time ended with The Taken King, and the question we now ask has echoed through the Destiny community ever since – where, in all seriousness, have all the Strange Coins gone ?
How precisely are we supposed to be able to pick up what Xur is laying down without some pass source of currentness ?
The answer, as it turns out, is : they are everywhere. foreign Coins can now be earned pretty faithfully by doing any activity in the plot. So how do you take your fun, Guardian ?

Let’s begin by outlining your sources…

first, we ’ ll review some promptly hits that occasionally result in big money : Nightfalls. That ’ south right, Strange Coins are on the plunder table for Nightfalls – and not a measly 4 or 5, either, but duplicate digits – I ’ ve seen vitamin a many as 23 drop from a single Nightfall completion. We don ’ t have exact data on the upper berth and lower limits, but we can decidedly recommend grabbing two friends and getting these out of the means foremost. If you run it on three characters, your odds go up, and you stand a fair chance of getting at least one Strange Coins drop curtain .
Along those like lines, but for the PVP players, you have a closely identical boodle table in the human body of Crucible Weekly Bounties from Lord Shaxx, which can also solution in 20+ foreign Coins per character, and only take a few hours of consecrated feat to complete, evening for average players. Plus, each bounty earns you a nice lump of Faction Reputation, which we ’ ll spill about in a hour .
And if you run three Nightfalls and do the Crucible Weeklies on all three characters as well ? That ’ south six chances to earn 20+ Strange coins. Average that out over a calendar month or two and you should be diving into your riches like Scrooge McDuck !
And it gets even better, because what ’ s happening while you ’ re playing those Nightfalls and Crucible Matches ? Beyond accumulating Reputation ( in a minute, I promise ! ), you ’ re besides getting your regular drops from both Engrams and the Match-End boodle tables. You might have just guessed it : both of those are also great sources Xur ’ second respect currency. rare Engrams occasionally decrypt into a strange Coin at the Cryptarch ( and earn you Cryptarch Reputation – we ’ ra about there ! ), and you can get one to three Strange Coins immediately as a random reinforce at the end of each Crucible Match.

To pile on top of that, if you ’ ve remember to grab your regular bounties, you ’ ve already discovered another reservoir of occasional Strange Coin drops. Both Vanguard and crucible Bounties can drop Motes of Light, Engrams ( much Rare Engrams, which sometimes turn into one Strange Coin ), or one or two strange Coins directly, and with six of each every day there ’ s a bunch of opportunity to accumulate more Coins in your prefer game mode .
now let ’ s spill about that Faction Reputation you ’ ve been earning, because it ’ s actually a great reference of guaranteed profit : four Strange Coins are included as partially of every Faction package from the Vanguard, Crucible, Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, Future War Cult, and Cryptarch .
besides, you can actually get them on Patrol. The “ Strange Transmissions ” that your haunt picks up will yield unusual and random patrol missions that could have you doing…well, basically anything ! Killing specific enemies, sometimes in specific ways, collecting planetal materials, or even dancing. These multi-part Patrol Missions reveal their instructions only a little at a time and may give greater rewards for faster completion, but among the rewards for completing each one you will receive two or three foreign Coins every time .
These special Patrol Missions are random, but they seem to occur with some regularity if you barely spend enough meter patrolling a single planet and completing the criterion missions from the Patrol Beacons, so you can decidedly farm them. Plus, completing Patrol Missions while working on Bounties is possibly the most prison term efficient way to gain Faction Reputation ( you can gain hundreds of Reputation points per hour with a fireteam of three spread across a satellite ’ sulfur zones ), which nets you even more guarantee Strange Coins, along with the random rewards from Engrams and Bounty completions.

That covers a lot of bases, but there’s more:

The Prison of Elders ! You ultimately have a manipulation for all of those Treasure Keys you stored up during House of Wolves and never got around to using once you burned out on Skolas. The good newsworthiness hera is that A ) Prison of Elders Level 28 yields the lapp coins as any early flat and B ) it ’ sulfur super easy nowadays that we ’ re level 40 !
then what kind of results can you expect from Variks ’ sphere ? Well, your guaranteed results only come at the end if you have a key for the big treasure Chest, which rewards 3 strange Coins every time you open it. In accession to that, you will randomly see 1-2 Strange Coins devolve from the smaller Loot Chests to either side. Add on crown of that Engrams from both the chests and the many enemies you killed on your means to them, and you can safely expect 3-9 Coins per run, so long as you have a Key. And yes, you can hush get more treasure Keys – not only are they a ( rare ) random drop from the Loot Chests, but you are still guaranteed one every week that you complete a single Queen ’ s Wrath Bounty for Petra Venj .
All in all, it ’ s like we said, they ’ ra everywhere !

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