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How to make your tiktok repost feature public or private – Take control of Reposts –

sometimes we need to reshare other ’ rantiktok downloader
mness video recording because we comparable their video and we think that their content deserve to exist share. You can make this on Facebook, Instagram and on other sociable medium platform with still by share their message use the plowshare pill .

ampere few calendar month ago, there be not such deoxyadenosine monophosphate feature available for you on tiktok which could constitute used for reposting video merely now information technology be available on tiktok. You toilet easily repost other ’ sulfur tiktok video use this repost feature. The video that you will repost on tiktok will be shown to your followers and they will be able to see that you have reposted it. indiana this article we will spill the beans about how we can lay down repost choice private operating room public on our tiktok television. Simply, you can turn “Repost” option on or off in the privacy settings on your tiktok app. Let’s discuss it in details. Related: How to make tiktok Reposts private? 

Tiktok repost feature – How to use it?

If you desire to reshare oregon repost anyone ’ s tiktok video for case you be scroll tiktok video and come across adenine video which you think you should commend to your follower then this choice bequeath come into account. When you volition tap on “Share” icon on the video it will show you different options and you will also see repost option at the start. When you will tap on this option, it will repost that video to your followers. 

How to make tiktok repost feature public?

If you desire to allow others to repost your tiktok video then you bequeath have to make small change in your setting. i remember information technology be “ along ” by default option merely if information technology Repost choice exist not appear on your television then you can enable information technology easily : open your tiktok app >> tap on “Profile” tab >> tap on three lines icon >> select “Settings and Privacy” >> scroll down and tap on “Repost” option under “Safety” tab >> toggle on it for making Repost feature available on your videos so that other people can recommend your tiktok easily.

How to make tiktok repost feature private?

How to repost your own tiktok video …

please enable JavaScriptHow to repost your own tiktok video with or without watermark The serve be same for make repost have private. If you desire to hide repost option on your video and prevent others from reposting your tiktok then you toilet set the repost option in “Off” state. In the “Privacy” tab click on “Repost” option and set it to “Off”.

How can I stop someone from reposting my tiktok?

You displace hide reposts button on your tiktok videos to prevent him from resharing your videos but it will hide this feature from all other people also. If you want to do this for an individual then I will recommend you to block that person.

Can someone know if I have reposted a tiktok video?

Yes! When you will repost adenine tiktok video, information technology volition show that you induce reposted that television and your following will be able to see that.

Do “Recommending” and “reposting” have difference on tiktok?

No! recommend ampere tiktok exist lapp ampere Reposting adenine tiktok be. The only difference be that both option hold different name.

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