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1/10 Oz Gold Rounds for Sale at Discounted Premiums

The amber Liberty coin, or cycle, is one of the most low-cost ways to obtain aureate. Money Metals Exchange offers this one-tenth troy snow leopard piece, each take of .9999 pure ( 24 karat ) amber and is minted specifically for Money Metals right here in the USA. The one-tenth ounce gold rung ‘s value is based on its aureate subject, plus a bounty – a premium that is less than legal tender coins such as the fractional gold american Eagle or canadian Maple Leaf. In other words, this amber round gives you more amber for your money versus comparable fractional gold options, like gold bullion bars or bullion coins. These privately minted rounds are not legal affectionate and are intelligibly marked with the Money Metals Exchange mark to promote ensure there is no confusion with any coin or numismatic detail .
“ lady Liberty ” ( obverse ) – This design was inspired by John Mercanti ‘s rendition of the Lady Liberty obverse of the United States Mint ‘s Platinum American Eagle coin, beginning minted in 1997. Mercanti, a celebrated american sculptor and engraver has designed many of the U.S. Mint ‘s most democratic amber coins over the stopping point respective decades, but the Platinum American Eagle obverse is wide considered to be his best sour, you can get more information on these fractional platinum coins when buying the Lady Liberty gold mint .
Money Metals Exchange ‘s gold round incorporates this arresting delineation of the head of Lady Liberty, a female figure representing Libertas – the Roman goddess of Freedom – along with the son LIBERTY inner-stitched between the individual spokes of her crown.

Descending Eagle ( turn back ) – The bald eagle is a popular symbol placed on numerous U.S. coins, beginning in 1795 and becoming more prevailing in the mid-1800 ‘s. The bald eagle has been a long-standing symbol of the United States of America dating back to 1782 when it was chosen as the nation ‘s emblem at the time the seal of the United States was beginning adopted. The eagle was selected due to its long life, great military capability, and majestic attend and because it was then believed to exist entirely in North America.


When the design concept has been perfected on newspaper, a careful plan is established to transform the design into three-dimensional form. An 8-inch diameter oil, clay sculpt is made, and a similar-sized plaster cast is constructed, which brings out abrupt detail in the finished round. The artist looks for fluid lines and moral force compositions to create a feel of life and motion. once this stage is arrant a rearward depression of the plaster draw is sent to the die engraver, where a pantograph car is used to reduce the mildew to the size needed and to engrave the die in inure steel, yielding up to 500,000 impressions in the coin bid .
To learn more about our collection of amber 1/10 coins, aureate rounds, and gold bars or if you have any questions on how to buy gold and silver, call Money Metals Exchange at 1-800-800-1865 .

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