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April 2018. That ‘s right around when I started using Sweatcoin, and I was pretty intrigued by it. On one hand, I thought it sounded a spot excessively good to be true. I mean come on, getting paid to walk ? My scam senses were decidedly tingling. On the early handwriting, I thought that even if it was legit, it would n’t be sustainable for hanker. How do you stay profitable when you ‘re paying people to do something ampere simple as walk ? It was at this point I promptly jumped down the rabbit hole of finding other apps that would pay me to walk, but that ‘s beside the point. fast ahead to the confront day, and the Sweatcoin app is however running strong ( no pun intended ). That being said, I ‘ve seen the app go through some boastful changes over the years, and I ‘ve besides seen and heard versatile Sweatcoin reviews from others, with some hating the app, and others loving it. With all sorts of mixed feelings going around, I figured it was finally time for me to release my own Sweatcoin review, and I’m going to be as honest and transparent as I can here. If you ‘ve been wondering how Sweatcoin works ( and how they make money ), what a “ sweatcoin ” even is, whether or not this app is worth using, and more, nowadays is the day my acquaintance. I am here to answer all your questions .

Key Points ⚡

overall rat :

Minimum Age 13
Location(s) International ( 51 countries/regions )
Platform(s) Android, io
Avg. $/hour $0.10
Avg. Work Volume Opportunities are almost always available
Ways to Earn Walking, watching ads, referrals
Payout Options Charity Donations, Gift Cards, PayPal, Physical Products, Digital Offers, Experiences
Minimum Payout $0.10 (5 Sweatcoin)
Avg. Payment Speed 2 business days

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What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin - it pays to walk Sweatcoin is an app that rewards you for walking. In exchange for your steps, you earn Sweatcoins, which can be redeemed for products, cash, and more. If you ‘re into origin stories, Sweatcoin was founded in 2016 by Oleg Fomenko and Anton Derlyatka, two russian fitness fanatics. They started the app to motivate others to be more physically active, and their end finish is to transition Sweatcoin into a fully-fledged currency. Speaking of currencies…

Is Sweatcoin a Cryptocurrency? Am I Earning Real Money?

curtly answer : nope. Sweatcoin isn’t on a blockchain and therefore isn’t a cryptocurrency. And, because Sweatcoins do n’t have purchasing power outside of the Sweatcoin app, I would n’t call it “ real money ” either. When you earn Sweatcoins, you ‘re earning more of a mini-currency. That could change soon though… The Sweatcoin team and founders DO want Sweatcoin to be tradeable on exchanges at some degree, so a Sweatcoin cryptocurrency could be a possibility in the future. If that were to ever happen, you could theoretically earn Sweatcoins and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies and fiat cash whenever you ‘d like. Sweatcoin would be much more like “ substantial money ” at that point as it would have way more real-world uses .

Where is Sweatcoin Available? Who Can Participate?

  • Age requirement: 13 years old.
  • Country requirements:  Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong SAR China, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam
  • Device requirements: Android, io
  • Payout requirements: Varies depending on chosen payout option.

Sweatcoin is constantly expanding so if you do n’t see your state on the number above, sign up on their site to receive a presentment when they launch in your state.


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Is Sweatcoin Legit?

A lot of people hear “ beget paid to walk ” and immediately think, “ Sweatcoin is a scam ! ” I know I did. And honestly, that ‘s a pretty justifiable reaction based on the old, “ if it sounds besides good to be true, it is ” way of think. But is it true ? Is Sweatcoin a victimize ? truthfully, it is n’t. Sweatcoin is legit and honest with their promises. Does that mean you ‘re going to be able to quit your day job and earn a fortune walking around ? Nope. You can earn some extra money, but do n’t expect to get rich hustling Sweatcoin. The stallion point of the app is to merely motivate you to exercise while offering minor rewards, and Sweatcoin delivers on that. I even have a Sweatcoin PayPal payment proof for the nonbelievers…

Sweatcoin Payment Proof ($100 Earned)

To prove further that Sweatcoin is legit and that they actually do pay, here ‘s a Sweatcoin payment proof screenshot from my PayPal :Sweatcoin payment proof from Paypal for $100 USD thus far I ‘ve cashed out twice, earning $ 200 USD sum. I ‘m holding onto the rest of my coins and invites for now hoping for better switch over rates and rewards. Keep in mind, the reason I was able to earn $200 from Sweatcoin has a lot to do with referrals and the Sweatcoin influencer program, which I ‘ll talk more about below. I equitable wanted to show you this to prove that Sweatcoin WILL deliver on any rewards you cash out. That, in my judgment, makes them legit .

Is the Sweatcoin App Safe to Use?

Besides wondering if Sweatcoin is legit, a lot of people want to know if Sweatcoin is safe to use. In the past, this was much more of a concern since Sweatcoin used to require constant GPS datum to work by rights. now that that ‘s no retentive the character though ( more on how Sweatcoin works below ), Sweatcoin is safer than ever. On top of that, Sweatcoin has made it clear on their site that they will never sell your data. GET modern MONEY-MAKING IDEAS EVERY WEEK Sign up for Swift Saturday Financial, a weekly newsletter filled with money-making methods, business ideas and stories, jobs, tips, and more. e-mail first gear name Please wait …

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Support Quality

I ‘ve lone had to contact Sweatcoin support once due to an error that caused all of my invites to dissappear. They got binding to me in a day and resolved the problem. That said, I have read reviews from others who have had not-so-great experiences with Sweatcoins support team, so they ‘re not perfect .

How Does Sweatcoin Work?

Sweatcoin: earn, get, track, connect Starting in early 2020, the way Sweatcoin works and counts steps massively changed. For the longest time, Sweatcoin could ONLY track outside steps, and it used the telephone ‘s GPS as a way to confirm real number steps. This worked well for stopping cheaters, but it caused battery drain and bad step conversion. For every 1,000 steps, only about 650 converted into Sweatcoin, which was annoying. now though, Sweatcoin has a more advanced algorithm. They no longer require GPS data to confirm steps AND they can count indoor steps. This has lowered battery usage and increased step conversion rates to an average of 90%! sol, second to the motion : How does Sweatcoin work? well, before you can start gain, you ‘ll need to download the app and create an score. After that, plainly walk around with your call in your pocket ( inside or outside ) and you ‘ll start earning 0.95 Sweatcoin for every 1,000 steps you take. Why only 0.95 SWC you ask ? well, Sweatcoin takes a 5% commission on every Sweatcoin generated. They do this because they need the funds in order to pay out referrals and other bonuses. Fun fact : Sweatcoins can only be generated through physical natural process. The Sweatcoin company itself ca n’t even “ print ” or create Sweatcoins any other room. once you earn some Sweatcoins, you can either save them, redeem them for a reward in the app ( rewards change daily ), or transfer/sell them to a supporter. Speaking of friends, Sweatcoin has a built-in mini social net where you can follow and send Sweatcoin to each other. On top of that, if you have friends who are n’t on Sweatcoin yet, you can even invite them for rewards ( more on that under ) .

How Does Sweatcoin Make Money?

While we ‘re on the subject of how Sweatcoin works, let ‘s talk about an even bigger question : How does Sweatcoin make money? They ‘re out here paying millions of users to stroll approximately, how is that sustainable ? well, Sweatcoin actually makes money in a few unlike ways :

  1. Funding – This is a big one and it’s what allowed Sweatcoin to get up and running. Investors give money to Sweatcoin to support growth, and in return, they get a piece of the company that will ideally be worth more than what they paid for it later on.
  2. Brand partners – The rewards on Sweatcoin come from brands, and those brands pay to be there. Sweatcoin is essentially a very niche advertising platform.
  3. Ads – There’s a ‘Daily Bonus’ feature in the Sweatcoin app that gives you a random number of Sweatcoins in exchange for watching an ad. Sweatcoin makes a bit of money each time you watch one of these ads.
  4. Premium membership – This is newly added in 2021. Sweatcoiners can now pay $4.99 USD/month (or $24.99/year) for a range of perks (more info below)

Sweatcoin is besides working with governments and insurers to make money, as increase physical activity can improve communities and lower health risks .

Sweatcoin Membership Levels Explained

Yes, Sweatcoin has membership levels, but do n’t worry ! You don’t have to upgrade if you don’t want to. So what are the Sweatcoin membership levels for ? well, in the by, Sweatcoin had 5 membership tiers available :

  1. Mover (costs nothing – free!) – Earn up to 5 SWC per day or 150 SWC per month.
  2. Shaker (costs 4.75 SWC/month) – Earn up to 10 SWC per day or 300 SWC per month.
  3. Quaker (costs 20 SWC/month) – Earn up to 15 SWC per day or 450 SWC per month.
  4. Breaker (costs 30 SWC/month) – Earn up to 20 SWC per day or 600 SWC per month.
  5. Trouble Maker (costs $0.99 USD/month) – Earn up to 50 SWC per day or 1,500 SWC per month. Double your earnings (1,000 steps = 2 SWC).

In 2021, Sweatcoin subscriptions changed to just two tiers:

  • Free – Convert up to 10,000 steps per day (~10 SWC).
  • Premium (costs $4.99 USD/month or $24.99 USD/year) – Earn up to 100 Sweatcoins per day, earn 2x the sweatcoin per step (1,000 steps = 2 SWC), gain access to a premium marketplace (more info below), get your charity donations matched, get premium app icons.

Note: If you ‘re an previous Sweatcoin exploiter and were subscribed to the Quaker, Breaker, or trouble Maker tiers above, you ‘ll still have access to these going forward. now, the interview is : Is upgrading worth it? well, mathmatically, the price of upgrading to any of the tiers above is worth it arsenic long as you ‘re clocking enough steps per day. When it comes to the Premium subscription, which costs veridical money, if you earn at least 250 Sweatcoin per calendar month ( that ‘s approximately 150,000 steps, or ~5,000/day, give or take ), at a rate of $ 0.02/SWC ( more on their respect below ), you ‘re technically getting your moneys worth .

How Much is a Sweatcoin Worth?

All this lecture about perspiration and coins and we do n’t even know the real dollar value of what we ‘re earning ! here ‘s the thing : The value of a Sweatcoin is basically whatever people decide on. There ‘s no official exchange to determine an actual price. With that being said, there is a way to get a general theme of what a Sweatcoin is worth : In the past, you could trade 20,000 SWC for $ 1,000 PayPal as a marathon volunteer. Based on that exchange, 1 SWC = $ 0.05. Unfortuntealy, the $ 1,000 offer is presently unavailable. Based on current offers ( e.g. a $ 400 Dyson Hair Dryer for 20,000 SWC ), it seems 1 SWC =~ $0.02. again, the value of SWC is never set in stone. It fluctuates and changes based on the available offers and the perceive value .

How Much Does Sweatcoin Pay?

immediately that you know how much a Sweatcoin is deserving, let ‘s do some mathematics to figure out how much Sweatcoin will very pay you for your walk. As mentioned above, Sweatcoin pays 0.95 SWC for each 1,000 approved steps. That means, realistically, ~1,053 approved steps = 1 Sweatcoin. now, taking into report the fact that, on average, entirely 90 % of all steps are approved and converted into Sweatcoin, you actually need around 1,170 steps total to earn 1 Sweatcoin. Assuming you walk about 100 steps per hour ( which is the average for a moderately intense walk of life ), it will take you ~12 minutes to earn 1 SWC. Less if you ‘re running. At a value of $0.02/SWC, you’ll be earning around $0.10/hour walking with Sweatcoin. With the average american walking 3,000-4,000 steps each day ( 90k-120k/month ), that works out to around $ 1.50- $ 2.05 per month. If you are above median and soap out the unblock Sweatcoin terminus ad quem of 10,000 steps a day, you ‘ll be earning around 8.5 Sweatcoin per day ( worth about $ 0.17 ) or 255 Sweatcoin per calendar month ( around $ 5.10 ). You can increase your hourly rate by strategically using the 2x boost, or by purchasing a agio membership ( more information on these below ) I ‘ll talk more about converting your Sweatcoins into real cash further on in this review.

Read more: Events Timeline

Earning Sweatcoin: More Info + Tips & Tricks

There are four main ways to earn Sweatcoins :

  1. Walking/Running/Cycling/etc. – Walking/Running will work the best and result in the most converted steps, but cycling works too. Remember, you can earn for indoor steps now too.
  2. Daily Bonus – As mentioned above, the daily bonus gives you Sweatcoin in exchange for watching ads. You can anywhere from 0.5 SWC all the way up to 25 SWC for each ad you watch.
  3. Sweatcoin Races – These are challenges that you can join through the community tab on Sweatcoin. If you hit the step challenge for the “race” (e.g. walk 250k steps in one month) you’ll earn some Sweatcoin + have a chance at a bigger reward.
  4. Referrals – This is one of the most lucrative ways to increase your Sweatcoin earnings. For each friend you invite, you’ll earn 5 SWC. With 30 invites, you join the elusive Sweatcoin influencer club, which gives you access to exclusive Sweatcoin rewards (more info on that below).

How to Maximize Your Sweatcoin Earnings

Maximizing your Sweatcoin earnings is pretty aboveboard. All it takes are some good habits and a spot of strategy and you ‘ll be earning at your highest potential in no time. Warning: There ‘s no such thing as a Sweatcoin chop or a Sweatcoin generator. If person tells you there is, they ‘re trying to trick you. Do n’t fall for it ! You can boost your earnings in a safe and legit way by following these tips :

  1. Upgrade your account – If you walk a lot, upgrading to premium may be worth the money.
  2. Carry your phone everywhere – This is a pretty self-explanatory tip. The more you carry your phone, the more steps you’ll convert and the more you’ll earn.
  3. Refer others – This is an easy and extremely effective way to earn some extra SWC. You’ll get 5 SWC for each friend you invite, and having a friend to earn with may motivate you to walk more as well. Win-win!
  4. Get your daily bonuses – The daily bonuses are an easy way to boost your Sweatcoin earnings. Make sure to watch them every day.
  5. Use the daily 2x boost – Each day, you can activate your daily 2x boost from the Sweatcoin home screen. This will double your SWC earnings for 20 minutes. Use it strategically!
  6. Never force quit the app – If you close the Sweatcoin app completely it won’t be able to track your steps.
  7. Open the Sweatcoin app once a day – This will allow Sweatcoin to process and verify your steps. It’ll also remind you to cash in on your daily bonuses.

By the way, shaking your telephone or attaching it to your andiron wo n’t trick the algorithm, but I like the means you think 😉

Sweatcoin Influencer Program

The Sweatcoin influencer program allows you to earn money on the app by inviting early users. To get invited to the platform, you ‘ll need to first invite 30 friends. once you ‘ve done that, you ‘ll have access to the influencer hub :Sweatcoin influencer hub page For each unique acquaintance you invite who signs up for Sweatcoin and starts walk, you ‘ll earn 5 Sweatcoin. Plus, your invites become their own unique currency in the app, and they can be redeemed for exclusive influencer-only rewards like cash. ( More on influencer exclusive rewards below. ) Tip : The number of invites required to redeem these offers fluctuates, therefore keep an eye out for the best opportunities .

Spending Sweatcoin: Rewards & Offers

Sweatcoin has a assortment of offers and rewards available in-app, all available for varying amounts of SWC. These rewards include things like fitness courses, clothing/accessories (e.g. socks, shoes, etc.), self-care products, electronics (e.g. TV’s, iPhones, etc.), gift cards, PayPal cash, and more. All of these Sweatcoin rewards options can be broken down into 5 main categories :

1. Shop Rewards

The “ Shop ” section of the Sweatcoin redemption page includes a variety show of rewards you can get in exchange for anywhere from 5 SWC and up .Sweatcoin shop offers previewAn example/preview of Sweatcoin Shop offers These rewards include things like :

  • Physical products (e.g. reusable lids, fitness wear, etc.)
  • Digital offers (e.g. paid Canva subscription)
  • Free trials (e.g. one month of Amazon Prime)
  • Discounts on physical and digital products
  • Gift cards
  • …and more

Some of these honor options feel a sting more like advertisements than rewards, but hey, that ‘s precisely the list of the game. besides, keep in mind that these rewards change often — sometimes casual ! The ones pictured above are good a preview of what was available at the meter of spell. Note: Some rewards are available to Premium Sweatcoin members only ( scroll astir to read more on Sweatcoin Premium ) .

2. Donations

Sweatcoin has several crowdfunding campaigns available at any time that allow you to donate your earnings toward a good cause. You can find these by going to the “ Donate ” check on the rewards page .Sweatcoin tree planting campaignAn example “Sweatcoin for Good” campaign example campaigns include :

  • Supporting education for disadvantaged children
  • Planting trees for forest fire recovery
  • Helping families

By donating your Sweatcoin to a crusade, you ‘re showing documentation and creating more awareness. Sweatcoin aggregates all donations and displays them on the offers page of the app, and it ‘s in truth clean to see how fast the funds grow. When a crowdfunding political campaign reaches the set aim, Sweatcoin as a company donates money to the project .

3. Auctions

Auctions are new to Sweatcoin and they ‘re identical cool. Every two days or so, Sweatcoin puts a newfangled wages up for auction, and the community basically decides on the price. Whoever is uncoerced to pay the most Sweatcoin for the item wins it. Items up for auction typically include giving cards and physical products .$500 Airbnb gift card auction on SweatcoinAn example Auction in progress on Sweatcoin auction examples that have happened so army for the liberation of rwanda include :

  • A PS5 (sold for 29,292 Sweatcoin)
  • A $500 Amazon gift card (sold for 28,430 Sweatcoin)
  • A $1,000 Nike gift card (sold for 27,561.02 Sweatcoin)

needle to say, you can find some great reward options here, and you get to pick how a lot you want to pay. still, you ‘ll need to save up your Sweatcoin if you want to participate ! Most offers go for over 20,000 SWC. Payment speed: If you win an auction, you ‘ll receive your reward within 30 days .

4. Influencer Exclusives

As mentioned above, if you invite 30 friends to Sweatcoin, you ‘ll gain access to the Influencer Hub, which has single rewards. These rewards include cash rewards paid via PayPal or bank transfer :Sweatcoin cash rewards for influencers These cash rewards typically cost Invites + Sweatcoin. For model, for $ 200 cash, you might need 160 invites and 800 Sweatcoin ( this is precisely an exercise — rates vary and change much ). And the other rewards influencers have access to are called especial Offers :Sweatcoin Dine at the Eiffel Tower special influencer offer besides referred to as Marathon Offers, these are big rewards like vacation opportunities/experiences ( e.g. go to Disney World, dine at the Eiffel Tower, etc. ) and expensive products ( e.g. Theragun, Dyon hair dry, etc. ). These special Offers typically cost over 20,000 Sweatcoins each — all of which must be earned entirely by you ( i.e. no pooling together your earnings with friends ). Unlike the cash rewards though, these offers do n’t normally require you to spend any of your invites. Payment speed: Around 3 commercial enterprise days for cash rewards, varies for marathon offers .

5. (Unofficial) Sell Your Sweatcoin to Someone Else

If you ‘re uncoerced to take on a bite of hazard, you can sell your Sweatcoin to random users on the internet. here ‘s how : Since Sweatcoins are tradeable through the app, there are people out there who are volition to buy them. They send you cash ( typically through PayPal ), you send them your Sweatcoins, and that ‘s that. I personally have never sold Sweatcoins myself, so I do n’t have anyone to recommend, but you can easily find offers by googling “ sell Sweatcoin ” or “ sell Sweatcoin for cash ”. Warning : Selling your Sweatcoins to strangers is hazardous. If you ‘re dealing with an unreputable person, there ‘s a prospect you could lose your coins entirely. Be careful !


For those of you wondering, you can only get a refund on offers that you purchased if they were never delivered. If you redeem something on accident or plainly change your take care, unfortunately, you ca n’t just get a refund. Redeem carefully ! Tip : Offers can sell out. If you see one you like, snag it up before it ‘s excessively belated !

Sweatcoin Review and Rating Breakdown

  • Earning potential
  • Payout Options
  • Payout Minimum
  • Payout speed
  • handiness
  • support
  • serviceability

3.4 Summary Sweatcoin is a legalize app that will pay you to walk, but do n’t expect to earn a lot from it. In world, it pays $ 0.10- $ 0.30 or so per hour of walk. hush, it ‘s a great means to motivate yourself to get moving !

Rating Breakdown

Earning Potential 0.5/5

Sweatcoin is decidedly not a big money-maker ! You ‘ll learn less than a dollar/hour with this app. fortunately, if you ‘re walking anyhow, it ‘s basically passive income .

Payout Options 3.5/5

Sweatcoin changes their rewards much, so it ‘s hard to rate this area. overall, I ‘ve seen some actually aplomb rewards available ( and some very bad ones ). You can besides sell your Sweatcoin to others, which is a decent — but hazardous — option .

Payout Minimum 4/5

Some rewards cost ampere little as 5 SWC, and you can trade with your friends with adenine little as 1 SWC .

Payout Speed 4/5

Selling your SWC to person else can be done in a day. otherwise, most Sweatcoin rewards take a few occupation days to be delivered .

Accessibility 4/5

Sweatcoin is available in many different countries, and anyone who knows how to walk can use it !

Support 4/5

normally promptly and helpful .

Usability 4/5

The Sweatcoin app is updated frequently and it ‘s super slowly and dependable to use. however, the casual microbe does happen .Try SweatcoinLeave a Review

Sweatcoin Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Simple – The Sweatcoin app is easy to get started with and use and getting paid to walk is probably the easiest money-making opportunity ever.
  • Lots of rewards – The rewards and offers on Sweatcoin are constantly changing and there are quite a few to choose from.
  • Motivates you to exercise

The Bad

  • Low earnings – This app definitely won’t make you rich!
  • Can be buggy – Sometimes Sweatcoin won’t count your steps properly. Some users have had problems with their coins being deleted as well, but fortunately, that doesn’t seem too common.
  • Good rewards take a long time to reach – Let’s be honest, most of us will want to save up for the really good rewards (like vacations, PayPal cash, or big products). Unfortunately, those can literally take years to achieve.

Sweatcoin Reviews From the Web

Although I ‘ve had a pretty estimable experience with Sweatcoin, I ‘m constantly curious to see what others ‘ experiences have been like. here are some Sweatcoin reviews I found on the web. Let ‘s start with some commodity ones :

Great Motivator (5/5) I have been using Sweatcoin daily for over a year now. It has given me therefore much motivation to walk more. Have n’t bought anything with Sweatcoins however though, been saving up for the Marathon Offers !– Marcus J.

It’s Awesome! (5/5) It ‘s amazing ! It ‘s very useful to me since I always walk on my way to work – Trixia Villalobos

Love this app (5/5) Love this app. Crowdfunding makes me feel like a million bucks and I like being able to do it privately .– Merna Butcher

I like these Sweatcoin reviews because they in truth show precisely what Sweatcoin is all about : motivation for physical seaworthiness, health, and feeling good. nowadays let ‘s attend at a review with a bite of constructive criticism :

I like this app but sometimes it feels… (3/5) I like this app but sometimes it feels like a victimize. Some days it does n’t record my steps. nowadays I walked for about 8km = 10,143 steps and sweatcoin says I have done 0. I believe they linked with the Google fit app. My Google fit app is showing all my steps, so how is it that sweatcoin has missed this ? besides, last year when I changed to a newfangled call I lost all my sweatcoins and had to start all all over again. C’mon sweatcoin sell the intersection that you are selling do n’t promise one thing and deliver another. I sweat arduous for this thing .– Sithulisiwe Ndlovu

This one ‘s a bully one. On one hand, Sweatcoin has said that Google Fit/Apple Health steps do n’t constantly = Sweatcoins. Sweatcoin has its own algorithm to determine which steps are approved. That being said, this can glitch and I ‘ve seen it happen myself, and it ‘s torment. The fact the reviewer stated they switched phones and lost their Sweatcoins is very disappoint. however, I ‘ve switched my call since using Sweatcoin and they transferred over barely fine, so I ‘m not quite sure what could have happened here. Ok, let ‘s look at one last absolute negative reappraisal :

Waste of time (1/5) The more sweatcoins I earn, the less money they ’ re worth. waste of clock .– Jackie Tindal

This one is debatable. Sweatcoins could lose measure over prison term, but they could gain prize adenine well. It is worrying though that as more users sign up, more Sweatcoins are generated, and therefore inflation could cause them to lose value. Jackie does have a good point here. To play devil ‘s advocate though, Sweatcoin gaining more users could besides cause more sponsors to sign on to the app, therefore increasing the value of each Sweatcoin. In the end, it ‘s about impossible to predict Sweatcoins future value, merely as it ‘s impossible to predict a malcolm stock going up or down. All of the Sweatcoin reviews above were found on TrustPilot, where Sweatcoin has an average score of 3.8/5 .

Is Sweatcoin Worth It?

In my mind, Sweatcoin is lone deserving using if :

  1. You just want to be motivated to walk more and you see the earnings as a bonus;
  2. You already walk a lot each day so the earnings are essentailly passive; or
  3. You have tons of friends to invite

If you fit any of those scenarios, sign up and enjoy. You might want to check out these other apps that pay you to walk besides. If you do n’t fit either of those cases, give Sweatcoin a pass — try some alternative opportunities .

How to Get Started

Getting started with Sweatcoin is ampere easy as 123 :

  1. Download the app
  2. Create an account
  3. Confirm your email address
  4. Explore the app and familiarize yourself with all the opportunities and options
  5. Start walking and earning

And that ‘s it ! If you found this Sweatcoin review helpful and you want to support the blog, I’d love it if you signed up using my referral link. Thanks!

Sweatcoin Alternatives and Similar Opportunities

Final Thoughts

Hope you found this review helpful ! if you did, please consider sharing it .

  • Have questions or feedback? Leave a comment!
  • Have you used Sweatcoin? Click here to leave your own short Sweatcoin review below. Thanks!

Sweatcoin review: can you actually get paid to walk (and is it worth your time)?




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