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Enter the Gungeon: The 15 Best Synergies, Ranked – FandomSpot

The Gungeon is a pitiless place full of punic traps and condemnable ( if adorable ) monsters .
The best Gungeoneers are those that master the gifts of the depths. If you know how to get the most out of your drops, you ’ ll become ahead .
Since the Advanced Gungeons and Draguns update, that means knowing what synergies to look for and what they do .
The follow are some of the best synergies that can carry you through the whole game.

15. Diazepam

I ’ ve always been a fan of accurate, dependable weapons like the Winchester and Sniper Rifles .
then anything making them more viable gets a like from me .
The Muscle Relaxant item is supposed to make your weapons 66 % more accurate, but it grants a 50 % damage increase to compensate for the redundancy on already accurate weapons .
This synergy is particularly dear with the Hexagun and Hegemony Rifle, as they benefit from both the accuracy and wrong .
Items needed: Muscle Relaxant + A.W.P., Bow, Hexagun, and most Rifles .

14. All Chests Unlocked

This international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate strictly a synergy thus much as it is a jazz band, but it ’ randomness besides dependable to leave out .
The Mimic Tooth Necklace has always been an excellent instrument for skilled players .
It turns all chests into mimics and lets you struggle for loot rather of spend keys .
Add a Ring of Mimic Friendship, though, and all that ’ randomness left are a bunch of open chests wax of gem .
If you manage to pull this off, you ’ re guaranteed a fantastic run .
Items needed: Mimic Tooth Necklace + Ring of Mimic Friendship .

13. Meltdown

As its name might suggest, Meltdown is a synergy that brings together two highly radioactive weapons .
Putting together the Gamma Ray ’ s ionizing radiation with the Big Boy ’ randomness nuclear cargo splits the green radio beam into five branches. You ’ ll cursorily fry bosses if you manage to aim correctly and keep your distance .
On top of that, calling down the Big Boy while holding the Gamma Ray will partially replenish your ammo so you can keep destroying your enemies down to their deoxyribonucleic acid .
Items needed: Gamma Ray + Big Boy .

12. King Bomber

money is baron .
And that ’ randomness barely as true in Planet Earth as in Gunymede .
There are enough of merchants in the Gungeon, selling everything from mighty weapons to health, armors, and blanks – if you ’ ve got the cash .
The King Bomber synergy is one of the best ways to get it .
Combining the Lil ’ Bomber with some bling will make every fail it shoots drop improving to nine casings on reach .
It besides looks a spot like King Bob-omb from SM64 .
Items needed: Lil ’ Bomber + Coin Crown, Crown of Guns, or Gilded Bullets .

11. Hidden Tech Time

Everybody talks about Gunknight Greaves + Ballistic Boots stopping prison term after taking wrong .
It ’ sulfur helpful, but it requires you to get hit regularly to provide a real advantage .
Hidden Tech Time, on the other hand, only requires a table to work. Flip it, and your enemies will freeze in time for a bit. The TTS item triples your shots during this time, guaranteeing massive damage .
This synergy rends any room with a table wholly fiddling .
Items needed: Table Tech Sight + Bloody Eye .

10. Great Queen Ant

The Gungeon Ant is a hard to master weapon that alternates between spewing flammable oil at enemies and lighting it up by spitting fire .
It ’ mho utilitarian but a bite dangerous to use, and it ’ s annoying to wait around as your enemies burn to death .
Coupling it with a royal token gives give birth to the Great Queen Ant – a grotesque-looking rocket launcher with great stopping power. On acme of that, the blast destroys enemy bullets in the vicinity .
Items needed: Gungeon Ant + Crown of Guns, Heck Blaster, Gilded Bullets, Coin Crown, or Ring of Fire Resistance .

9. Rubenstein’s Monster

The RUBE-ADYNE weapons are pretty commodity individually, but together they ’ re crushing .
Combining them gives parturition to the Rubenstein ’ randomness Monster, which fires a rapid pour of herculean pink lasers that ricochet on impact .
This high DPS and long-range come together to make the artillery undeniably lethal .
You can get a peek at the Rubenstein ’ s Monster in action in the animated dawdler for the Advanced Gungeons and Draguns update .
Items needed: RUBE-ADYNE Prototype + RUBE-ADYNE MK.II .

8. To Serve Android

Despite being excellent company for the stumble into the bowels of the Gungeon, the patrol military officer summoned by the Badge international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine all that durable – and his damage could use a boost .
To Serve Android massively improves the police policeman by turning him into Robocop – or deoxyadenosine monophosphate close as you can get without infringing copyright .
In this form, your law-enforcing companion is wholly invincible and does slenderly more damage .
It ’ s one of the best allies to have in the Gungeon .
Items needed: Badge + Bionic Leg, FMJ, Mass Shotgun, The Judge, Deck4rd, or Grasschopper.

7. Ice Water

The Mega Douser is great summer fun .
But it ’ randomness reasonably useless apart from pushing enemies away .
But couple it with the Snowballer ’ s blast freezing engineering, and you ’ ll get a vigorous current of icy urine that freezes enemies and leaves a coating of frost all over the floor .
It ’ s basically Mr. Freeze ’ randomness Ice Gun .
With it, it ’ randomness easy to good keep everyone flash-frozen as you deal with them one by one .
The Ice Water synergy besides grants both weapons a 30 % damage increase, turning these two mediocre guns into meaning powerhouses .
Items needed: Mega Douser + Snowballer .

6. Cosmic Horror

This is a synergy I ’ five hundred be scared to get if I was a Gungeoneer .
Cosmic Horror takes the BHG ’ s already baleful black holes and makes them a softwood more deadly when three autonomous tentacles shoot out from them to grab enemies in the vicinity and pull them in .
furthermore, the implications of this synergy are chilling .
Is there another dimension behind the black hole ’ s event horizon ? Is it filled with tentacle monsters ?
I never want to find out .
Items needed: Abyssal Tentacle + Black Hole Gun .

5. Particle Accelerator

The Particulator by itself is already reasonably beneficial .
It shoots a giant bullet train that splits into 10 smaller ones that home in on nearby enemies .
With the correct cover, it can make clearing a room a walk in the ballpark .
On the other hand, the Laser Sight is a reasonably excess token – but bring them in concert, and you ’ ll get one of the most annihilative combinations in the game .
Whenever one of the Particulator ’ s tracking projectiles hits a target, a potent laser is fired in its direction to finish the job .
This will clear a room in seconds and make short bring of many bosses .
Items needed: Particulator + Laser Sight .

4. Jolly Roger

Making a treaty with benighted forces is constantly a great way to get some excess firepower .
Get a reserve of the Skull Splitter and VertebraeK-47, and the spirit of Nuign the Cursed will flow through you, creating the Jolly Roger synergy .
Both weapons are already among the best in the game by themselves, but they ’ re just obviously overpower together .
The Skull Splitter gets increased price and crop, and the VertebraeK-47 will freeze enemies in an instantaneous .
With this, you ’ ll clear rooms and delicacy bosses like it ’ sulfur nothing .
Items needed: Skull Splitter + VertebraeK-47 .

3. Betrayer’s Lies

Answering Brother Albern ’ s questions isn ’ metric ton besides hard .
But sometimes you good want to damage some private property .
Destroy his thorax, and you ’ ll find it ’ second full moon of Lies .
By themselves, the Lies are harmless – but couple them with the Betrayer ’ s Shield, and you ’ ve got yourself one of the best defensive weapons in the Gungeon .
It gives the gun infinite ammunition and larger magazine size, rending you virtually inaccessible if you play moderately well .
If you ’ re used to being called a liar and a thief, this is for you .
Items needed: Betrayer ’ s Shield + Lies .

2. Akey Breaky

The AKEY-47 is one of the best guns in the game thanks to its significant damage, and most importantly, its ability to open chests without outgo keys .
Since the Shelleton Key does basically the same .
The devs decided to give us something outstanding as compensation if we ever held the two .
The AKEY-47 changes its determine to resemble a Shelleton, and now shoots skulls alternatively of keys .
As a leave, not only does it do much more damage, but it gets infinite ammunition .
Items needed: AKEY-47 + Shelleton Key .

1. Cormorant, the Aimless Knight

cormorant is the most legendary detail jazz band in Enter the Gungeon .
As you get further into the Gungeon, you ’ re limit to find a pair of Gunknight items .
I always knew there had to be something more if you got every piece, and I wasn ’ thyroxine disappointed.

once you get all four pieces of armor, you ’ ll turn into Cormorant, the Aimless Knight, which reduces all reload times to 0.0s .
It besides increases your execration by three – but by then you ’ ll be decked out in Armor pieces, and it won ’ metric ton matter sol much .
Items needed: GK Helmet + GK Gauntlet + GK Armor + GK Greaves .

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