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Zero Matrix by Jay Review:

Ten gimmicked coins, 12 plastic cards, 10 successor gimmicks, 6 effects, 1 vinyl wallet, 1 DVD and $ 65 bucks. Is it muffin or is it debris ? Stay tuned to find out .


Four of the effects are supposed to be a matrix style effect with diaphanous cards. then there is one effect where you pluck a coin from a visualize of a coin on a translucent card, and last an effect where four regular Aces instantaneously become translucent Aces .


For the matrix routines, the method is gimmicked coins and some dexterity of hand. For the mint from calling card and transparent Aces routine, pure dexterity of pass and, of naturally, the issue translucent cards. For the latter two routines, the method acting is wholly legitimate.They both use a relatively criterion ( however advanced ) tease dexterity to accomplish the effects .
The other four routines – the matrix routines – trust on the gimmicked coins. A catch that, theoretically, causes the coins to be inconspicuous and hidden in homely sight until you want them to appear. Well. .. like I said, theoretically.

inaugural, the gimmicked coins are plastic, but they actually look pretty beneficial and handle well, so that ‘s not besides much of an return. however, the principle – a identical old principle – that “ hides ” the coins, equitable does n’t work, with one exception I ‘ll cover in a here and now. Basically, if you are doing a coin matrix, the odds are you are doing close up magic. If, on the other hand, you ‘re doing this effect on a stage with a camera pointed at your board, then you might be able to do this effect. It ‘s all about the ignite .
In fact, the principle used is a stagecoach illusion principle that ‘s not meant for conclude up. then in that venue, or possibly on television receiver or a YouTube video recording, this would likely work good finely. however, for a casual performance or a near up performance, three of the four matrix routines will not work .
The one-fourth matrix effect, however, will work. It ‘s called Joker Game, and due to the nature of the translucent Joker cards supplied, the particular coin hiding principle works precisely fine even in close up settings. however, you have to be identical accurate and very careful with the cover of the cards and the coins. If you ‘re off by a quarter of an column inch, you precisely might expose the catch .

Ad Copy Integrity

The written ad copy very makes no specific claims. The DVD, however, is misleading in some spots and bordering on corruptible on early parts. The first misinform function is the effect where a lacuna translucent batting order changes into a Joker translucent card with the wave of a hand. This consequence is not taught on the DVD. however, most magicians will likely know how to do this. The second mislead part is the barehanded product of a coin shown in the trailer. That is besides not taught on the DVD.

The boundary line corruptible parts are the matrix effects shown in the trailer. They do n’t look that good in veridical life. I imagine that with some thoroughly lighting and camera it could look that good, but not in person close up .

Product Quality

The DVD is chinese. There is no option for English. however, you can turn on closed caption and it will give you english subtitles. The problem with that, of course, is that if you do n’t speak chinese, you have to read the English textbook. When reading, you ca n’t see what he ‘s doing, and when watching him, you ca n’t read. It ‘s very difficult to follow along .
however, before I realized that the close caption ( CC ) would work, I watched a share of the DVD without it, alone hearing him address Chinese. The television camera work was such that it was relatively easy to follow along. The CC made it harder to follow along. That said, however, there were enough of places where a moment more depth was needed, and it just was n’t there due to the CC/Chinese barrier .
The gimmicks are well made and the principle used in the gimmicks is a solid principle. The trouble is that it ‘s not meant for conclusion up make. The plastic translucent cards you get are very well made. You get 4 Aces, 2 Jokers, 4 blank cards and 2 cards with coins printed on them ; one heads and one tails.

Final Thoughts

With the DVD, you besides get replacement gimmicks. Though it does n’t cover this in the DVD, you could use them to turn regular coins into gimmicked coins very easily. however, keep in mind that the device is n’t the problem with this product, per southeast. It ‘s the nature of the principle. It does not work close up. Putting that aside for a consequence, for $ 65 bucks you ‘re getting a bunch of stuff, and all of it is pretty solid. It ‘s just the fact that you ca n’t do three of the routines included on the DVD unless you ‘ve got a television receiver spot or a situation where you can control the lighting .
If you ‘re going to do a television spot, I think the investment might be worth it. besides, the principle will work if you ‘re using the Joker cards and you ‘re careful. Further, you do get a couple of other effects you can do with the include cards, that do n’t rely on the gimmicked coins. All in all, this one is hard to call. There ‘s a lot of rubble-ish substantial when you consider the nonindulgent operation conditions. But at the lapp time, there are very rigorous performance conditions for a Zig Zag magic trick. That does n’t mean it ‘s a bad method acting .
Final Verdict:
2.5 Stars with a Stone Status of Grubble .

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