1888 Silver Dollar Value: Key Morgan Dollar Varieties & Prices

The 1888 Morgan flatware dollar is best known for its interest die varieties. For collectors of rare varieties and mistake coins, this is surely a samara date in the Morgan dollar serial .

What Is an 1888 Silver Dollar Worth?

here is a table of modal prices for 1888 Morgan dollars in diverse grades. Included are two popular 1888-O Morgan dollar varieties, the “ Scarface ” and “ Hot Lips. ”

Issue Very Fine Extremely Fine About Uncirculated Mint State 61 Mint State 63 Mint State 65 Auction Record
1888 (P) $39 $45 $55 $80 $125 $275 $18,400 (MS67)
1888-O $39 $47 $55 $85 $125 $375 $20,563 (MS66)
1888-S $110 $180 $205 $360 $550 $2,000 $31,200 (MS66+)
1888-O “Scarface” $350 $525 $1,700 $4,250 $7,250 $16,000 (MS64) $14,688 (MS64)
1888-O “Hot Lips” $225 $400 $1,150 $15,000 $17,500 (MS62) n/a $12,925 (MS60)

How Much Is an 1888 Silver Dollar Worth?

1888 morgan silver dollar 1888 Morgan silver dollar. A entire of 19,183,000 Morgan dollars were minted in Philadelphia in 1888. modal prices can be deceiving on this mintage, as quality varied wide in Philadelphia that class. That is a trouble that is more frequently associated with the ramify mints—New Orleans specially. careless of where they were minted, all Morgan dollars contain 0.77344 troy snow leopard of saturated silver medal and measure 38.1 millimeter diameter .

How Much Is an 1888-O Morgan Silver Dollar Worth?

1888 o morgan silver dollar 1888-O Morgan silver dollar. The 1888-O Morgan ash grey dollar saw a mintage of 12,150,000 coins. Like most flatware dollars from this mint, many of the 1888-O Morgans show abrasions from crude treat in storage bags. due to the average weak strikes on this coin, another trait unfortunately seen on many New Orleans Morgan dollar mintages, 1888-O Morgans in the higher grades go for a snatch more than their Philadelphia counterparts .

The Hot Lips and Scarface Morgan Dollars

The adult claim to fame for the 1888-O Morgan dollar is that the mintage includes two of the most celebrated ( and favored ) Morgan dollar varieties : The “ Scarface ” and “ Hot Lips ” Morgan dollar. Both of these are considered VAM Morgan dollars. What is a VAM Morgan dollar ? It is a group of limited die varieties that are highly appealing to coin collectors. “ VAM ” is an acronym of the names of the numismatists that discovered and documented the kind coins, Van Allen and Mallis.

Each different variety show is identified by a number. Another less well-known 1888-O diverseness is the “ Shooting Star, ” VAM 7A .

The 1888-O “Scarface” Morgan Dollar

1888 o morgan silver dollar scarface 1888-O Morgan silver dollar, “ capone ” assortment. The “ Scarface ” Morgan dollar was caused by an obverse die break that starts at the upper-left edge, near the scatter between the E and PLURIBUS. The crack runs diagonally down and to the right, making a “ scar ” across the nose and buttock of Liberty. The length and depth of the crack/scar can vary, depending on how close the die was to failing wholly when the coin was struck. This variety is catalogued as VAM 1B .

The 1888-O “Hot Lips” Morgan Dollar

1888 o doubled die obverse hot lips morgan silver dollar 1888-O doubled die obverse “ Hot Lips ” Morgan silver dollar variety. The “ Hot Lips ” Morgan dollar displays a heavy die doubling that is most pronounce on Liberty ‘s lips. On some examples, a complete moment hardened of lips can be seen over the original top lip. This mint was a big factor in taking collecting Morgan dollar varieties mainstream. It is classified as VAM 4. What Is a “Doubled Die”?
Coin dies are made by impressing the design into the die using a die hub. Until very recently, it took several impressions to wholly transfer the design onto the die.

If the die shifted slightly during this march, you could get a second, offset impression of the design. If the error is n’t caught and the dies put to use, the resulting “ doubled ” design was transferred to the coins made with it .

How Much Is an 1888-S Morgan Silver Dollar Worth?

1888 s morgan silver dollar 1888-S Morgan silver dollar. only 657,000 1888-S Morgan dollars were struck at the San Francisco Mint. This low mintage makes the coin relatively scarce compared to the Philadelphia and New Orleans Morgans struck the lapp class ( not counting the “ Scarface ” and “ Hot Lips ” varieties ) .

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