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This is a doubt we get a bunch. With more and more people and companies looking to add that personal touches to their favors, we see all types of artwork submitted. Truth is, when customizing your chocolate coins or cocoa casino chips, the simple, the better .
In order to create your custom stamping plates, we use what ’ sulfur called “ line art. ” Think of line art as a pencil sketch…black and white colors entirely with no grayscale shading at all. But not all pencil drawings are the lapp ! here ’ s an example of line art that would work beautifully as an imprint on cocoa coins .
This art has everything going for it .

  • Not too detailed.
  • Black & white with no shading.
  • High resolution, which results in sharp edges.
  • In other words…perfect.

contrast this with another trope that presents all sorts of problems when it comes to chocolate coins imprinting .
Blech .
much when looking at a drawing against a white setting it would seem like it would work very well as a coin depression. But the thing to remember is that there is no color differentiation on a chocolate mint. It ’ mho either at the surface tied of the mint, or debossed ( pressed ) into the hydrofoil. This makes it a lot more unmanageable to see very well details .

here are the above two images stamped on a coin .
Mario chocolate coinMario chocolate coin
Joker chocolate coinJoker chocolate coin

See what I mean ? One looks wicked amazing while the early barely looks severe .
A common motion is whether we are able to work with a photograph, normally a person ’ randomness profile. The immediate answer is, yes, we are able to convert photos to channel art for an extra tip. But a bunch is dependent on the individual face. Some faces will translate well to a coin and others plainly don ’ thyroxine look recognizable. Again, the simple, the better. The less details needed to distinguish the face, the more accurate the depression will be.

so once we get the face looking good on the mint, the inevitable response is “ Wow, that looks fantastic ! You guys rule ! ! now can we equitable add ‘ Happy Birthday ’ above his front and his appoint underneath ? The more elements we add to the small canvas ( chocolate coins are 1.5 ” diameter ), the smaller everything has to be to fit it all in. When in doubt, go large. Your imprint will constantly look better at a larger size than scrunched down to fit in the center of arced text .
With gaze to file type…we can work with about all types. The following are all acceptable : eps, tif, jpg, gif, pdf, artificial intelligence, psd .
And that ’ s about all there is to it. It ’ s not equally complicated as might think. Let us know how we can help design your personalized chocolate coins or chocolate casino chips and make them uniquely yours .

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