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Although launderette owners have more options these days when it comes to payment systems ( such as card-automated machines ), you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate deny the benefits of classical coin-operated washers and dryers. They ’ re expected by many customers, they ’ rhenium easy to understand, they eliminate the motivation for a bill counter, and they allow you to manage your store with fewer staff members. therefore if you ’ re purchasing modern equipment for your personal laundry commercial enterprise, don ’ metric ton count out coin-operated machines. today we ’ ra discussing why you should consider coin-op laundry equipment and what to look for as you begin shopping .
Coin-Operated Washers and Dryers

Coin-Operated Washers and Dryers


  • Customers expect them. Most consumers expect to pay with quarters when they visit a laundromat. Although they might be pleasantly surprised to have another option, they probably won’t be shocked or disappointed if they find coin-operated machines awaiting them.
  • They’re easy to use. Customers understand coin-operated washers and dryers. Most people have used them in the past, but even if they haven’t, the system is so simple that anyone can figure it out. Put in your laundry, add detergent, choose a setting, insert your coins, and press start: (typically) it’s as simple as that!
  • They eliminate the need for a billing counter. If you don’t have a coin-operated or card-operated system, you will need to have a billing counter where customers can pay. However, your space will likely be limited. Eliminating the need for a counter will open up more space, which you could fill with more coin-operated washers and dryers! Plus, customers will be treated to hassle-free payments and won’t need to stand in a long line to pay.
  • You will need fewer staff members. In addition, you won’t require as many staff members to maintain the facility. Staff members won’t need to supervise or survey the use of the machines, because they collect money, record time, and run efficiently on their own. And of course, your staff also won’t need to run a billing counter.


If you ’ re in the commercialize for coin-operated laundry equipment, keep these features in beware as you browse, compare, and purchase your washers and dryers. Look for. . .

  • Machines that can stack up vertically, saving space
  • Windows on the machines, allowing customers to view the laundering process
  • Wide door openings, for easy loading and unloading
  • An easy-to-use payment system
  • Heavy-duty, durable machines that will last for many years to come
  • High-capacity machines to allow for bigger loads
  • Secure coin boxes to prevent thievery
  • Tamper-proof functionality, so that customers can’t manipulate the machine to get a free cycle

Are you on the hunt for high-quality, coin-operated commercial laundry equipment ? If so, be certain to check out Laundry Solutions Company, a full-service supplier of premium vended, on-premises, and multi-housing commercial laundry equipment. Since 1976, we have been providing exceeding sales support, laundry design services, commercial laundry equipment ( and leasing options ), and laundry equipment overhaul and parts .
Although headquartered in Springfield, MO, we besides operate out of Tulsa, Kansas City, and St. Louis, and we ’ re proud to be the sole authorized distributor for Speed Queen equipment in the states of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. To learn more about our products and services, please give us a call at 800-383-9274 or contact us on-line. We look forward to hearing from you !

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