How to get hired at Coinbase

How to get hired at Coinbase

By Grant D ’ Arcy, VP of Talent and Learning There ’ s no doubt Coinbase is one of the most exciting places to work right now. Crypto is at a defining consequence — public adoption is at an all-time high and growing, and the explosion of Web3 applications is uncovering fresh possibilities every day. As the first publicly-traded crypto company and the world ’ s most trust exchange platform, Coinbase is at the epicenter of the diligence.

In just the death 12 months at Coinbase, we ’ ve tripled our head count, expanded into new markets, and brought new crypto innovations to our customers — and we ’ rhenium good getting started. We recently announced our plans to continue to scale globally while we add 2,000 technical roles, which are just a fraction of the 6,000 total hires we aim to make across the commercial enterprise this year. In addition to a once-in-a-career opportunity in a rocketship company, we offer competitive, guileless compensation ; unique benefits like multiple company-wide recharge weeks ; and a remote-first environment where > 95 % of our roles are not tied to any particular office or localization. interested in joining us as we work to increase economic freedom in the universe ? Keep read to learn what to expect if you apply for a job at Coinbase — including tips from our recruiters on how to improve your chances of achiever .

Step 1: Submit an application

We advertise open roles on our Careers page, american samoa well as through LinkedIn. Our application is reasonably standard ( name, e-mail, resume, LinkedIn profile, etc. ), but it besides asks whether you have used any Coinbase products in decree to give us a sense of your know with crypto. once submitted, your resume will be assessed for skill equip with the character you applied for, typically ( though not always ) within 48 hours .

Step 2: Recruiter screening

therefore things look like a fit on paper, what ’ mho next ? The recruiter riddle is a flying informal conversation, which aims to parcel information in both directions. For us, it ’ s an opportunity to learn more about your skills, experiences, timeline, what motivates you in your career search, and to confirm your conjunction with our mission-focused approach path. evenly, it is an opportunity for you to better understand the character and team you ’ ve applied for, american samoa good as ask us about anything on your mind, like our mission, culture, or recompense and benefits. At Coinbase, we approach compensation a little differently, and we ’ ra diaphanous about it. Our standard compensation is highly competitive and we provide outsize rewards for top performers, so we eliminated negotiations on wage and fairness. We aim to create a more egalitarian approach to pay by removing this traditional hire drill, which disproportionately leaves women and underrepresented minorities behind. Employees in the same military position, in the same placement, receive the like annual wage and fairness propose. No exceptions. For a successful campaigner, the time from this initial call to offer can take up to 6 weeks. This time frame may vary depending on the bulk of applications and candidate handiness but your recruiter will keep you updated throughout the summons. Our recruiters say: “ Preparation for the recruiter screen can be reasonably alight compared to later-stage interviews, but it is beneficial to come into this call having done at least some research on our company and your likely character. This is a big meter for you to ask questions about us ; our polish, mission, scheme, etc. Don ’ t take it for granted. ”

Step 3: Initial Skills Evaluation

Depending on what function you ’ rhenium interview for, this measure will vary. For some roles, you ’ ll experience a technical challenge, and for others it might be a conversation or two with your future coach or team members focusing on your paroxysm for the character. This will be your first opportunity to make a ( virtual ) face-to-face impression with the team. In case you ’ ra curious about how some of our consultation processes diverge at this indicate, check out these posts from our Software Engineering and Product teams. Our recruiters say: “ Don ’ metric ton practice interview clock time to cover what is already apparent from your sketch. At Coinbase, we favor clear communication, sol be send and compendious. You should be prepared to answer at least one wonder about why you ’ rhenium concern in crypto and Coinbase. ”

Step 4: The remote “onsite”

For any open character, we expect that only a handful of applicants will make it to this final stage. It ’ s more intensive, and it ’ s where you have the greatest opportunity to show us what you ’ ve arrive. It ’ randomness normally made up of 4 to 5 short interviews, sometimes ending with a employment test presented to your panel of interviewers. The 1:1 interviews will much be scheduled as back-to-back calls with a short break in between, replicating the experience of an in-person interview day. You ’ ll be given the identify and claim of each panelist ahead of clock time, equally well as what they ’ ll be focused on during their time with you. For some roles ( and your recruiter will let you know if yours is one ), you ’ ll go through a work trial based on the real number oeuvre required in the character. The work trial could be a presentation or project that you prepare ahead of time, or it could be a alive collaboration or code challenge. This is an opportunity to ‘ walk the walk ’ and show us the skills and ideas you ’ vitamin d bring to the challenges we deal with every day at Coinbase. Our recruiters say: “ Spend time preparing for this phase, and ask your recruiter lots of questions about how to best prepare. We want you to succeed ! Look up each of your interviewers on LinkedIn and think of questions that might relate to their work and experience at Coinbase. besides, read the caper description cautiously and come to the interview with net examples of how your past job experiences will make you successful in this specific role at Coinbase. ”

Step 5: Making an offer

After all candidates have finished their onsites, the hire panel will meet within a few days to make a decision on the best campaigner for the character. If you get an offer, we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to ask any outstanding questions to help ensure Coinbase is the right place for you. You will have the opportunity to chat with your future coach equally well as early team members, arsenic well as thorough conversations with your recruiter to walk through our compensation, benefits and pay for performance doctrine in capital detail. We go to extraordinary lengths to get top endowment in every seat at Coinbase. So, for those who make it through our rigorous, but prove, interview summons, we ’ rhenium impression confident and excited to welcome you to the team. The bring has good begun — derive articulation us .

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