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Some Tips After 100 ‘Destiny 2’ Dares Of Eternity Runs

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 ’ s new six valet activity, Dares of Eternity, is one of the best it ’ s introduced in quite a long while. That ’ randomness fortunate, considering I have now broken 100 runs and 130+ chests opened in my quest to first, get all the Anniversary cosmetics, then to get good weapon rolls, now to get a single copy of a invalidate sword that may or may not exist .

Along the way, I ’ ve picked up a few tricks to make your runs faster and more fun. Destiny 2 is nothing if not insistent, so you might angstrom good get the most out of these activities. here are as many promptly tips as I can think of after these 100+ runs :

  • Spam your heavy right when the game starts. A few Gjallarhorn shots can more or less instantly clear all the Taken. Someone will plant a flag to replace it.
  • For Minotaurs, a single void beam will take their shield 100-0, but you cannot miss at all or you’ll be left with a sliver.
  • The Taken is the fastest race in either round 1 or 2, given that you can nuke the main guy and throw the balls super fast for a quick clear, mostly ignoring the ads.
  • The Fallen are probably the hardest given that people keep getting blown up by endless explosive shanks. But the Fallen round 2 boss is easy because he has no immunity mechanics.
  • Do not throw Cabal bombs at a distance as it’s a tremendous waste of time to miss. Get up close and personal.
  • A sniper is more or less useless in this mode minus having one for the Hive. You can probably clear 2/3rds of the crystals by yourself without moving much with one.
  • If you fail to line the circles up when you jump into the obstacle course and you miss, try again. It’s simply not worth going into round 2 without infinite heavy ammo if you don’t have to.
  • If on normal you’re going for speed, the first person should just start the round, regardless of if everyone’s there or not. Waiting takes too long. On hard, you should wait, because everyone having infinite heavy is a lot more important there.
  • This may be obvious but the game tells you outright which rounds and boss you get on hard mode. This allows you to bring the right champion mods, and to always pick the boss correctly for the final round. I keep seeing people guess wrong when there is no guessing involved.
  • On normal mode, I always guess Cabal for the boss. I don’t believe infinite heavy does as much against Crota because he can only be damaged by Cleavers anyway. Zydron is pretty easy at baseline, heavy or no. I think you benefit the most from infinite heavy for the Cabal fight. And no, there is no correct way to guess, it’s always random, as confirmed by Bungie.

Destiny 2

  • While Gjallarhorn is clearly the best choice for rounds that give unlimited heavy ammo, even that gets boring after a while, if you ask me. I’ve found that swords are really good for this mode with all the yellow bars and champions, and they will keep you from being booped out of the zone in the Fallen mine part. One day has a sword modifier too that gives you extra damage resist.
  • For the Crota fight, make sure someone is always stationed by the portal across from the entrance, killing Xur acolytes as they come out so damage multipliers stack. This is usually more important than swording Crota yourself.
  • For the Cabal or Zydron fights, if you cannot one-phase them, make sure you go around collecting super powerups when they appear. Spamming the bosses with primary or secondary ammo is not going to be as good as simply getting another super and using it, especially if everyone does it.
  • You have a max of 21 Treasure Keys and 30 Strange Coins before they start going to the postmaster. I would use Strange Coins to buy packages, as those can potentially drop up to 3 keys by themselves.
  • Rotate characters to make your way through all daily bounties for maximum packages. Gjallarhorn spam alone is enough to get the multikills you need for any of the three daily weapon bounties if you don’t want to actually use that weapon.
  • 300,000 points is probably only going to be possible on hard mode unless you get the craziest Lightning Round ever. You can get 250,000 points for the pinnacle on normal but more or less only if you farm final boss minions or you get a good lightning round. On Hard it’s almost a guarantee.
  • I would do the four man challenge for the triumph this week before reset. Between the Taken and Zydron, I don’t think you’re going to have an easier time to do it. I not only beat it with four randoms this week, we even beat all three rounds of the lightning round too.
  • Finally, the void sword does not exist and you are all just very good at photoshop.

Have fun out there !
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