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The 1.25 oz $ 8 canadian Silver Bison Coin is a recently introduced silver medal bullion mint in the precious metals marketplace. Offered by the Royal Canadian Mint annually since 2015, these coins are entirely released each class with a modern design and available initially only from JM Bullion. right now, you can purchase the 1.25 oz $ 8 canadian Silver Bison Coin on-line from JM Bullion. Coin Highlights:

  • Arrives in protective plastic flips!
  • 5 years of issue available!
  • Contains 1.25 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver in random condition.
  • Bears a face value of $8 (CAD) backed by the federal government of Canada.
  • Reverse features a new bison design each year.
  • Obverse includes the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Each of the 1.25 oz $ 8 canadian Silver Bison coins in this list is available to you in random condition. The condition of the coin you receive is dependant upon the available in our warehouse when your orderliness is processed for embark. The coins will come with a year of consequence sign dating from 2015 to 2019. The canadian Silver Bison mint was first issued in 2015, and the coins became the first-ever 1.25 Troy oz coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. Each silver medal mint has .9999 pure silver capacity and a expression value of $ 8 ( CAD ) backed by the canadian government. The Royal Canadian Mint will produce a newly image on the overrule font of these coins each.

For the 2015 release, the overrule design features the union american english bison as it runs across the open plains of Canada, with rolling hills visible in the distant background. On the reverse for 2016 is the image of a bison standing at the waters edge, its head lowered to drink from the flow. In the background, a jagged rockface rises to meet the horizon.

The 2017 canadian Silver Bison Coin is the double of the wood bison, which is more numerous throughout Canada than the american english plains bison. The bison is captured on the open plains of Canada in left-profile relief, with its massive name dominating the coins design field. Youll notice grasslands under its feet and clouds rolling across the flip above. The final two issues in 2018 and 2019 had a shared inverse design capturing the bison ’ s read/write head in right-profile relief. As is customary, the right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II from Susanna Blunt is featured on the obverse. Her Majestys effigy is included aboard engravings that read Elizabeth II and the face respect of the mint as 8 Dollars. The micro-laser engraved radial lines and maple leaf added to the Maple Leaf bullion program in 2014 is nowadays available on the 2016 canadian Silver Bison coin. This includes radial lines visible on both sides, and a maple leaf outhouse on the reversion that bears in the year of offspring, visible only under intense magnification. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask. JM Bullion customer military service is available at 800-276-6508, on-line using our exist old world chat, and via our e-mail address .

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