Record-setting coin sale highlights the value of coin collecting

The only 1933 Saint-Gaudens $ 20 amber double eagle that is legal to be owned by a private party sold for $ 18.87 million on June 8 The worldly concern of numismatics watched in prediction on June 8 when Sotheby ’ sulfur auctioned off one of the most unique offerings in the history of american coins. The only 1933 Saint-Gaudens gold $ 20 duplicate eagle that can be legally owned was sold to a new owner, who paid more than $ 18 million .
For one mint .
In realizing this price, the highly anticipate auction exceeded its expect price of $ 10-15 million.

1933 Saint-Gaudens gold $20 double eagle
Image courtesy of Sotheby ’ second .

This particular coin has an extensive history, including ownership by foreign royalty and legal battles for survival, that adds scheme and character and plays a function in its attraction. Its history carries extra system of weights, allowing it to command capital care and record high price .
The gold coin traces back to King Farouk of Egypt and was later purchased in 2002 by brake shoe graphic designer Stuart Weitzman, who offered it for sale through the June 8 Sotheby ’ second auction .
The U.S. Mint had produced 445,500 double eagles in 1933, which were to be distributed as others had before into circulation. however, in one of his first acts, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared an effective end to the nation ’ s adhesiveness to the gold standard, banned the payout of gold coins, and restricted the private ownership of some forms of aureate.

According to U.S. Mint ’ s records, the stallion mintage of 1933 double eagles were to be melted with the exception of two that were sent to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C .
however, in 1937, a number of the coins appeared for sale. A 1944 Secret Service investigation determined that they had been stolen from the Mint and nine were seized from their owners ( all nine were late melted ).

But before that probe, one mint was mistakenly granted an export license when requested by Egypt, whose King Farouk was a coin collector. It became part of his solicitation, thereby making that 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle outside the legal jurisdiction of the United States politics.

Political tumult in Egypt led to King Farouk ’ sulfur abdication in the 1950s. He was exiled to Italy and many of his possessions, including his 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle, were offered at auction. At the request of the U.S. politics to Egypt, the 1933 double eagle was removed from the auction.

however, the whereabouts of the mint were strange until british coin trader Stephon Fenton surrendered the coin to United States authorities in 1996 .
The coin ‘s birthplace, a history of ownership of a valued aim, is known .

The 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle provenance

According to U.S. Secret Service reports and depositions, it begins with United States Mint, Philadelphia, 1933 ; via George McCann ( February [ ? ] 1937 ) ; Israel Switt, “ at about the begin of February 1937 ” ; James G. Macallister, July 1, 1937 ( $ 500 ) ; B.L. Taylor, July 1937 ; Max Berenstein ; R.H. Smith ; Ira S. Reed, 1941 ; J.F. Bell, “ erstwhile in 1942 ” ; B. Max Mehl ( possibly via Ira Reed ), February 23, 1944 ; King Farouk of Egypt, February 23, 1944 ( $ 1,575 ) ; Republic of Egypt, July 23, 1952 ; The Palace Collections of Egypt, Sotheby ’ sulfur Cairo, February 24, 1954, bunch 185 ( region, bow out ) ; anonymous Egyptian ( via a Cairene jeweler ) ; Stephen Fenton ( via André de Clermont ), October 3, 1995 ( $ 210,000 ) ; United States Mint ( January 25, 2001 ) ; Sotheby ’ s/Stack ’ sulfur, July 30, 2002 ( $ 7,590,020 ) ; Stuart Weitzman .
Hanging in legal limbo for several years after its 1996 emergence, the coin was stored in a Secret Service vault at the World Trade Center in New York City.

The legal status of the 1933 Saint-Gaudens doubling eagle hailing from King Farouk was resolved and the coin was subsequently removed from the World Trade Center.

The 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle was offered for sale by Sotheby ’ s/Stack ’ sulfur in 2002, realizing $ 7.59 million, setting what was then the populace record for the highest price ever paid for a single coin .
The mint remained the only legally gettable exemplar of the 1933 Saint-Gaudens doubly eagle, in summation to the two impounded at the Smithsonian Museum. Over the years, at least 11 other known examples that besides made their means in public hands have surfaced and are now in custody of the United States government .

A dateless hobby remains vibrant

Coins of this state ( and many nations of the earth ) are more than just a mean of commerce. They frequently carry unique inheritance, serving as benchmarks to history, accomplishment and the fibers of the fabric that make up America.

Throughout time, they have become artifacts of bygone days, emblematic of the effective, the bad and the ugly, but always genuine in representation. Like the 1933 Saint-Gaudens gold $ 20 double eagle, they all have a report to tell .

Changing times

Since that coin was made, engineering has risen to a premier placement as an impulse for “ better. ” Whether it is newer, faster, more cost-efficient, more efficient or any early advantageous characteristic, the function of technology has reached a degree where you can not live without it, even when you do not know it is there .
For the most part, technical advance has blended into the environment, much to the point where consumers are either unaware or unconcerned about its presence and function. There is hardly a single aspect of our lives that has not changed in the by few decades. There are barely any that will not continue to change as newer technology is tried and proven .
The bait of technology has driven consumer tendencies as the latest appliance leads to frantic buying behaviors. The telephone started as the “ electrical manner of speaking machine ” in 1876. As the nation grew, therefore did the need to communicate.

The device began to bring the world together. imaginative minds were making it better, more efficient, and more attractive. today, a call is indeed multi-functioned that its about replaces most other devices .
In the palm of your bridge player, there is more technology than that which NASA used to program Apollo 11’s successful mission to the moon. The elementary hand-held device becomes a vault of consumer confidence, thanks to the capabilities brought about by the growth of engineering.

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In the universe of numismatics, known to most as coin collect, changing times make it mandate to adapt to be successful, whether your pastime is as a occupation or as a hobby.

Looking for prize in change received from a cash purchase has become a passé rehearse. The coins that carry the most value and attraction are tucked away in dresser drawers and jewelry boxes or places unknown.

A invest mint collector not only faces a reduced a supply of hope coins, but always the threat of fakes and misrepresented coins touted to be better than they are from unscrupulous sellers. If there has ever been a time when above-board ethics, trust and dependability have been needed, now is that time .
“ Counterfeiting and piracy is globally projected to reach $ 2.8 trillion in 2020. ”
source : ICC, OECD, Vandagraf International

Coin World introduces Coin World+ app

The technology found in nowadays ’ randomness cell call holds the key to establishing the confidence and confidence needed for a coin collector to have a satisfactory experience. Coin World, a ahead print and digital publication for 60 years in the field of numismatics, has created a fresh serve called Coin World+, which gives coins a “ voice ” while establishing the inheritance of the item .
Coin World Plus
Coin World+, immediately available for mobile phones everywhere, is purpose-built for the changing times. Learn more at
In the worldly concern of coin collect, third-party grade services are employed by a coin ’ randomness owner to establish authenticity and determine its class, utilizing a scale singular to the hobby. once that has been done, the coin is then encapsulated for security in a plastic holder ( known as a “ slab ” in numismatic slang ), sealed with the tag detailing this information .

Coin World+ gives coins a “voice” through technology

The Coin World+ overhaul allows this to go one gradation further. A “ chase ” with a near Field Communication ( NFC ) pronounce is designed to enable coin enthusiasts to digitally authenticate and entree product-related content with the tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone ( iPhone 7 running io 11, or newer : android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich, or newer ). It operates within a radius of 1.5 inches and allows for two-way communication, with both devices involved being able to send and receive information .
With a Coin World+ rag, each coin has its own code alone ID numeral securely fixed on the come on of the holder. This will enable coins to be well safeguarded as they move through the avocation ’ south distribution network — ( from mints to authorized purchasers to wholesalers to dealers to collectors ) to protect them from counterfeiting, combat gray markets, and provide communication with a mint ’ south owner directly, in a target manner .

How does Coin World+ work?

No app is required to access basic coin details ( year, description, class, grading service information, etc. ), which a exploiter can do by plainly tapping their NFC-enabled smartphone against the coin ’ south Coin World+ rag. The telephone ’ mho NFC lector captures the electronic ID number of the tag. The ID count directs the earphone on-line where the user can entree the Coin World app ’ mho features via their phone ’ randomness world wide web browser. The customer will be able to authenticate the coin from the grader ’ s data and obtain fundamental information .
Those who want to receive extra information and access more features will need to download and register the absolve Coin World+ app. available on Apple ’ s App Store and Google Play, the Coin World+ app allows for services such as inventory management, initiation of a privation list and on-line patronize for the coins you covet .
“ All investors and collectors want as much information as possible. Coin World has history, pricing data and valuation information on more than 20,000 U.S. coins. The Coin World+ app makes it easy for anyone to see that information by plainly waving your smartphone over one of our tags, ” said Rick Amos, Amos Media Company CEO, owner of Coin World .
Each tag is designed with a tamper-proof antenna, so if it is damaged or an attack to remove it is made, the chain of communication is broken. therefore, the coin will need to be resubmitted for a substitution tag .
With the presence of the unique ID, coin owners and potential buyers can be assured of authenticity and an understand of the coin ’ randomness travel. Any deviation of the tag can be detected and flagged, should it not transfer through convention channels. If it affects a mint already in a user ’ randomness armory list on the app, the owner receives a notification .
Since the information on a coin holder equipped with a Coin World+ tag can be read by any device with NFC engineering, counterfeits become easier to identify. This protects the stigmatize owner, the coin owner, the potential customer and anyone involved in the chain of the coin feel .
For the foremost footprint of the Coin World+ program, only coins that are encapsulated by third-party scaling services can receive the tag. Grading services, dealers and individuals may purchase the tag. The price is determined based on the value of the coin at the time the rag is purchased – $ 10 for coins less than $ 10,000 and $ 20 for coins greater. future programs are in the works to include composition currency, ancient and world coins.

In an historic period where accurate information is key, Coin World aims to build a coalescence within the numismatic industry, including the mints, their authorized purchasers, wholesalers, graders, dealers, auctioneers, industry associations, task forces, and content providers, to provide collectors with utilitarian information that supports the avocation and uses engineering to reach out to the current arsenic well as adjacent generation of collectors.

While it may have changed, no longer “ your church father ’ mho hobby, ” coin collecting continues to be an exciting endeavor as a hobby or an investment opportunity. Success lies in utilizing the means to prevent unpleasant surprises. Knowing your coins are valuable, authentic, and desired can increase the peace of mind in realizing your investment is procure, thanks to technology like Coin World+ . provides a free newsletter to get the latest data on the 1933 Saint-Gaudens $ 20 gold double eagle as details emerge and be certain to check out Coin World+ to ensure you keep up with the changing times…and are ready when the collectible of a life comes across your way !
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