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Texas, by both area and population, is the second-largest state in the United States of America. It is located in the south-central depart of the nation. Texas is besides known by its democratic nickname, Lone Star State, referring to its former freelancer republic condition and besides emphasizing the state ’ sulfur independence and struggle to free itself from Mexico. The Lone Star can besides be seen on the Texan State Seal and State Flag. The appoint Texas is derived from the discussion “ Tejas ” which means ‘friends ‘ in Caddo terminology .
Texas was the twenty-eighth state to join the United States. The cattle industry was the chief industry when the Texan economy was pendent on the early days. It was alone in the early twentieth hundred that its economy changed when vegetable oil was discovered in this state. today, Texas is leading in assorted sectors like agriculture, petrochemicals, energy, computers and electronics, aerospace, and biomedical sciences .
Texas has some of the most popular and highly reputed valued metal dealers, besides, that can offer you a variety of bullion, coins, currency, stamps, postcards, antiques, jewelry, and other numismatic collectibles. The state besides hosts assorted mint shows organized by many coin clubs all year-round. The investor-friendly sales tax policies have made Texas heaven for precious metallic element investments .

Gold and Silver Dealers in Texas, by City:

Please check these directory pages to find local precious metals dealers in your city.

Local coin shows

Coin collect is a highly democratic avocation prevailing around the worldly concern. You can witness the passion for it as more and more coin enthusiasts are traveling to different states and countries to attend celebrated national and international coin shows. USA sees many mint shows throughout the year, and Texas is among the states which host a few of the most celebrated coin shows of the nation. If you are planning to visit Texas soon, take a search at the most popular coins shows in this express which are listed below .

Most Popular Coin Shows:

Central Texas Coin Show – Wingate Inn 1209 North I-35 Round Rock, Texas 78681. telephone : 512 677-1044
The display is sponsored by the Capital City Coin Club. The event has a minimum of 40 dealer postpone apparatus which will have U.S., foreign, and ancient coins, aureate, silver, paper money, proof sets, tokens, jewelry, books, and collectibles on expose. There will be door prizes at the show. ANACS coin graders will besides be available for coin submissions and grading. Admission charge is $ 3. Kids 12 and under have complimentary entree. Parking is free. Armed security at the venue. Show timings are Saturday 9 ante meridiem – 4 p.m .
Houston Winter Coin Show – VFW Hall # 8790 1560 Foley Street Houston, Texas 77055. earphone : 832-444-4808
The show will be attended by local and national dealers who will be buying, selling, and trade commodities. ANACS will be present to take submittals for grading. The picture will have 24-hour police security system, door prizes, release mint evaluations, and refreshments. The entrance fee mission for adults is $ 3 and for children under 16 is release. Parking is release. The show timings are Friday Noon – 5 post meridiem and Sunday 9 ante meridiem – 4 p.m .
Cowtown Coin Show – Forest Hill Civic & Convention Center 6901 Wichita Street Forest Hill, Texas 76140. phone : 817 444-4813
The show is a 3-day event and will have a minimum of 61 dealer table frame-up. The dealers will buy, sell, and trade all varieties of coins, collectibles, and other numismatic items. The dealers will besides offer detached verbal appraisals. There will be a $ 25 early dame entrance fee charge, and drawings for six $ 20 dealers ’ certificates after the usher ( valid for 12 months ). There will besides be refreshment and 24-hour security at the venue. The admission charge is $ 3 and parking is free. The usher timings are Friday 2 post meridiem – 6 post meridiem, Saturday 9 ante meridiem – 5 post meridiem, and Sunday 9 ante meridiem – 3 p.m .
El Paso Annual Coin Show – El Maida Shrine 6331 Alabama St. El Paso, Texas 79904. phone : 915 533-6001
This is a 3-day annual picture hosted by the International Coin Club where many dealers from around the region will be buying, sell, and trade coins and early numismatic items. There will be individual items vitamin a well as solid collections for educational displays. The show will have free kids auction on Saturday for the long time group of 7-14 years, with the club supplying the command currentness. There will be a raffle totaling $ 2000 and the prizes may include $ 500 diachronic coins. The raffle tickets are $ 1 and are optional. The tickets for the raffle can be purchased at the door. Admission is free. The show hours are Fri 1:00 post meridiem – 6:00 post meridiem, Sat 9:00 ante meridiem – 6:00 post meridiem, and Sun 9:00 ante meridiem – 4:00 p.m .
Fort Worth Coin Club Coin Show – Forest Hill Civic & Convention Center ( So. Fort Worth ) 6901 Wichita Street Forest Hill, Texas 76140. earphone : 817-992-1868
The show is sponsored by Fort Worth Coin Club. The dealers will display their collections and mint enthusiasts can buy, sell, or trade coins and other numismatic items with them. The venue will have police security. Coin enthusiasts can get their collection appraised for free by dealers. There will be a $ 35 early bird admission charge on Friday and drawings for six $ 20 dealers ’ certificates after the picture. Food stands will be available for refreshments. The entree commission is $ 3, valid for all 3 days and parking is absolve. The appearance timings are Friday 2 post meridiem – 6 post meridiem, Saturday 9 ante meridiem – 5 post meridiem, and Sunday 9 ante meridiem – 3 p.m .
Texas Numismatic Association (TNA) Annual Coin & Currency Show – Arlington Convention Center 1200 Ballpark Way Arlington, Texas 76013. call : 817 723-7231 .
This is one of the biggest coin shows organized by the Texas Numismatic Association. There will be 225 dealer tables at this event which will be attended by dealers and numismatists from around the area and neighbor states. The show will besides include educational programs, gold coin raffles, and scout deserve badge program. Admission is free. The usher timings are Fri 10:00 ante meridiem – 6:00 post meridiem, Sat 10:00 ante meridiem – 6:00 post meridiem, and Sun 9:00 ante meridiem – 3:00 p.m .
Bellaire Coin Club BCC Coin and Collectable Show – Arabia Shriners Center 10510 Harwin Dr Houston, Texas 77036 .
This annual picture is hosted by the Bellaire Coin Club and will be attended by over 70 local anesthetic and national dealers and around 1600 visitors. There will be an align of rare U. S. coins, amber & flatware bullion, ancient coins, newspaper money, stamps, diachronic documents, comics, jewelry, banal & adhere certificates, ceramics, glass, supplies, books, and much more on display. The show will include free coin auction for children, Boy Scout Collecting Merit Badge, drawing of aureate and flatware door prizes for paid attendees. The consequence is at a bite browning automatic rifle convenient localization. The entree charge is $ 3 but rid for children under 12, Bellaire Coin Club members and boy and girlfriend scouts with uniforms. For active duty military and jurisprudence enforcement personnel, there is besides loose admission with ID .
Texas Coin Show – Grapevine Convention Center, 1209 South Main Street ( Hwy 114, passing Main Street, first light turn right on Vine ) ( 4 miles northwest of DFW Airport ) Grapevine, Texas 76051 .
This 3-day display will have a 70 trader table frame-up. ANACS will provide their marking services at this display and R J Peed Supplies will besides be introduce at the event. There will be 3 gold door prizes. The display will be protected by 24-hour police security. There will be a $ 3 entree charge and park is absolve. The show hours are Friday 2 post meridiem – 6 post meridiem, Saturday 9 ante meridiem – 6 post meridiem, and Sunday 9 ante meridiem – 3 p.m .
Austin Coin and Currency Show – Best Western Plus Austin City Hotel 2200 South IH 35 Austin, Texas 78704. call : 817-688-6994
This is a 3-day usher and dealers who attend this event will be showcasing a wide-eyed diverseness of coins, tokens, collectible pins, collecting supplies, old bank notes and checks, disused stock certificate, paper currency, ancient coins, sports cards, and many more collectibles. Numismatists can buy, sell, or trade an person detail or a collection here. The show will have a $ 35 early bird entree tear ( Friday 10am – 2pm alone ), hourly door prizes, complimentary appraisals, and 24-hour arm security. Parking is free. entree for adults is $ 3 but children of or under 16 have loose admission. The indicate timings are Friday 2 post meridiem – 6 post meridiem, Saturday 9 ante meridiem – 5 post meridiem, and Sunday 9 ante meridiem – 3 p.m .
Lubbock Coin & Currency Show – Clarion Hotel & Conference Center 3201 Loop 289 South Lubbock, Texas

A bang-up position to meet several dealers from the region, who will have a variety of US and foreign coins and currentness on expose. There will be a raffle for gold and eloquent coins and hourly door prizes at the show. early bird $ 35 entree tear Friday 10 ante meridiem – 2 p.m. This 3-day event will have a $ 3 admission fee, valid for all three days. Children aged 16 and under have free entree. Parking is free. The picture hours are Friday 2 post meridiem – 6 post meridiem, Saturday 9 ante meridiem – 5 post meridiem, and Sunday 9 ante meridiem – 3 p.m .
Annual Waco Coin Show – Bellmead Civic Center, 3900 Parrish Street, Bellmead, near Waco, Texas 76705
This picture is an annual event sponsored by Waco Coin Club. Around 32-dealer table apparatus will be filled with a variety of coins and currentness from the USA equally well as around the global. The dealers from around the area and neighboring areas will take part in the indicate and will be buying, betray, and trading coins and currency. Dealers will besides offer barren appraisals and the event will have door prizes. The picture has $ 2 entrance fee charges and dislodge admission for kids. There will be 24-hour patrol security at the venue. Parking is free. The show timings are Friday Noon – 6 post meridiem and Saturday 9 ante meridiem – 4 p.m .
Amarillo Coin and Currency Show – Amarillo Civic Center – regency Room 401 South Buchanan Amarillo, Texas 79101. earphone : 817-688-6994
The show is conducted by the Golden Spread Coin Club. It will be attended by more than 20-25 dealers from Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and even Arizona who will be setting up their booths at this display. Numismatists and amateur coin enthusiasts will have a great opportunity to see a variety show of rare coins, currency, and collectibles at this display. detached appraisals by dealers, hourly door prizes, raffle for gold and ash grey coins are some of the highlights of the appearance. admission charges are $ 3 for adults. Kids aged 16 and under have free entrance fee with paying pornographic. $ 35 early dame admission commission ( Friday 1 post meridiem – 6 post meridiem only ). The show will be secured with 24-hour armed security. The show timings are Friday 2 post meridiem – 6 post meridiem, Saturday 9 ante meridiem – 5 post meridiem, and Sunday 9 ante meridiem – 3 p.m .

Breaking Down Bullion Sales Tax in Texas

Texas eliminated the sales tax on sales or purchases of gold, silver, and platinum bullion and numismatic coins starting with October 2013, making investing in cute metals economically feasible. previously, the state of matter charged a 6.25 % sales tax on purchases of any gold, silver, or platinum bullion or numismatic coins under $ 1000. The tax exemption provides a great opportunity for nickel-and-dime investors to invest in precious metals and besides help more cherished alloy dealers to enter and stay in Texas .
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When buying from Bullion Exchanges, the residents of Texas do not have to pay any sales taxes, as Bullion Exchanges is not based in Texas. Please take your time to browse through our tax-exempt gold and silver medal products. however, please eminence that there may be a local use tax that an person might have to pay so it is advisable to check with a tax master before making a purchase .

Mints in Texas

Provident Mint 15850 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75248 Phone: (800) 313-3315, (469) 317-3500
The Provident Mint ( NTR Metals ) is an ISO9001 certified mint. Built over a sprawl 30,000 squarely metrical foot, this private batch specializes in designing and producing exclusive die-struck bullion products like Zombucks, Molon Labe, copper and silver bullets, and many more. The silver medal for the bullion is purchased from the Ohio Precious Metals, the only American-Owned LMBA refiner, and COMEX good pitch refiner in North America. Provident Mint is precisely among a handful of mints that are qualified to produce IRA-eligible gold and silver bullion products .

Online coin dealers

Online buy is the best way to buy coins and bullion. It is comfortable, easy, it saves time and energy, and you can check through several shops in one run to compare their prices and get the best bargain. Bullion Exchanges is a believe on-line precious metallic trader which offers you a huge inventory, competitive prices, and prompt service. Below you will find the most popular on-line mint dealers in Texas .

  • Provident Precious Metals – A premier provider of international and domestic bullion, currency, and numismatic coins located in the North Dallas suburbs.
  • Austin Rare Coins and Bullion – An industry leader in physical precious metals and rare coins since 1989
  • United States Gold Bureau – This company has been in business since 2003 and offers a wide variety gold, silver, and diamond products.
  • Capstone Acquisitions – A family-controlled business that offers a variety of US coins and ancient coins from Greece, Persia, and Rome.
  • Paramount Rare Coin and Currency – An international rare coin and currency brokerage company.
  • Texas Bullion Exchange, Inc. – One of the country’s most trusted precious metal dealers.
  • Montgomery Chandler – An online dealer with a great variety of US modern coins, US historic and rare coins, as well as world coins.
  • Dick Osburn Rare Coins – Deals with all varieties of US coins and currency, and specializes in Liberty Seated and Bust Coinage.
  • Royal Coin and Jewelry – Specializes in buying, selling, and trading US and foreign coin collections.
  • Liquid Bullion Coins and Collectibles – Offers high-quality rare coins and bullion at wholesale prices. Also buyers of rare coin and bullion collections.
  • American Eagle Reserve – Offers great online service and products.
  • International Precious Metals – Offers a large inventory of US and ancient coins, 24/7 service, and easy accessibility.
  • U.S. Coins – One of nation’s leading rare coin companies.
  • U.S. Secure Coins – They have been in the rare coin business for over twenty years.
  • Bozarth Numismatics, Inc. – They have a vast inventory and eBay store.

Local Precious Metals Companies

Provident Precious Metals P.O. Box 325 Lavon, TX 75166 United States of America Phone: (877) 429-8790
Provident valued Metals is one of the most popular valued alloy caller in the USA which has numerous national and external clients. They have a strong on-line presence dealing with a wide variety show of gold, argent, platinum, palladium, and copper products. They sell all varieties of US and alien coins, wholesale bullion products, and IRA bullion products, excessively. They are authorized by PCGS, NGC, NCS, PMG, ICTA, and CCE .
The Collector, LLC. 109 E. 8th Street Georgetown, TX 78626 United States of America Phone: 512-864-7787 and 877-577-7787
The company offers a divers range of US coins, currentness, amber and argent bullion, historic documents and antiquities to both collectors and investors. The company ’ randomness chief numismatist Danny Hall has over 40 years of experience in this field of commercial enterprise, hence clients are offered merely the finest choice trade and ace personal service. They are authorized by PCGS, NGC, and PNG .
Capstone Acquisitions, LP PO Box 170938 Austin, TX 78729 United States of America Phone: 512-692-0744
With their outstanding customer service and professional integrity, they have built a hope relationship with their clients. They have a long-run presence in the rare coin market, dealing with all types of ancient coins from Greece, Rome, and Persia and besides all types of US coins. They are authorized by PCGS, NGC, PNG, CAC, ANA, and ICTA .
Great Southern Coins 1100 N. Main Street Suite 101 Boerne, TX, 78006 Phone: (830) 331-9117
This party is a leading on-line mint dealer which has a strong on-line presence on eBay. apart from eBay, they besides trade on respective different auction sites. Their inventory is huge and they offer a big bullion excerpt for their clients. They besides offer exceptional customer service and are long-familiar for their honesty and dependability. They are an NGC authorized wholesale dealer .
United States Gold Bureau 1908 Kramer ln Bldg B Suite 800 Austin, TX, 78728 Phone: (800) 775-3504
They help clients diversify their portfolio, protect assets, and preserve purchasing office for a hanker time. Their service is friendly, instructive, and helpful. They specialize in bullion coins, gold coins, silver coins, modern coins, US coins, and diamonds. They besides deal with other cute alloy products like platinum, palladium, and copper. They are an NGC and ICTA authorized principal .
Royal Coin and Jewelry 4658 Beechnut St. Houston, TX, 77096 Phone: (713) 644-0881
They specialize in US and alien coin collections, PCGS, NGC, & ANACS certified coins ; currency ; Republic of Texas, Confederate & Obsolete bank notes ; gold, ash grey, and platinum bullion and quarrel ; historic documents ; diamonds and valued stones estate jewelry, alien mint & currency rally. They besides offer services like estate appraisals and elimination, 15 minutes dislodge verbal appraisal. They are wholesale-to-the-trade and authorized by NGC, NCS, and PMG .
Texas Bullion Exchange, Inc. 87 Interstate 10 N Suite 201 Beaumont, TX, 77707 Phone: (409) 347-8071
A premier valued metal dealer in Texas that offers cherished metallic element products at competitive prices with a bang-up committedness to fiscal security and a big choice of products. Their staff is knowledgeable and courteous and will assist with any customer queries. They deal with gold, flatware, platinum, and copper products. They are wholesale-to-the-trade and a PCGS, NGC, ANA, CCE, and ICTA authorized trader .

Bullion Depositories

Inwood Security Vaults Inwood Village 5470 W Lovers Ln #333 Dallas, TX 75209 Phone: 214-357-6888
This is the only private vault facility in the Southwest region. The adeptness is around 4000 square animal foot in size and provides closets, cabinets, and even rooms to help store valuables of different sizes. The adeptness is protected by steel reinforced concrete, five layers of unassailable field glass, man trap entree through double secured doors, and state-of-the-art foundation thick vault doors. A sophisticate security system with cameras is installed in place along with a Halon fire retardant system. They have not had even a individual incident of larceny or damage in 32 years. The facility offers procure memory for valuables of any size, complete anonymity, and impregnable software delivery services .
Texas Precious Metals 959 Hwy 95N Shiner, TX 77984 Phone: 361-594-3624
Both individual investors, arsenic well as IRA customers, are offered long term memory solutions at CNT Depository Inc. by Texas Precious Metals. CNT Depository is a state-of-the-art COMEX approved storage facility. The facility is 100 % insured by Lloyd ’ sulfur of London, no outsource security, and has fully allocated and segregated storehouse. Since the facility is privately owned, it is not subject to the same limitations imposed upon trust institutions by the united states Government .
Dillon Gage Headquarters 15301 Dallas Parkway Suite 200 Addison, Texas 75001 Phone: 800-375-4243 / 972-386-2901
International Depository Services Group – the most sure group of depositories for physical cherished metals in the worldly concern – is a privately-owned and independently-operated auxiliary of Dillon Gage with locations in Delaware, Texas and Ontario. Each location is a state-of-the-art, custom-made, full-service depository that offers secure, effective and insured cute metals, certified coin and cryptocurrency storehouse solutions with Class III vaults. Each focuses on custom business logistics solutions including memory, fulfillment, armory management and many other value-added services. International Depository Services Group maintains several cute metals accreditations, including the commodity exchanges COMEX/CME and the Intercontinental Exchange Futures U.S./ICE ; is an associate in the London Bullion Market Association, Industry Council for Tangible Assets and International Precious Metals Institute and is certified for CryptoCurrency Security Standards. IDS of Delaware, once Diamond State Depository, opened in 2010 in New Castle, Delaware. IDS of Canada opened in 2013 in Mississauga, Ontario. IDS of Texas opened in 2017 in Dallas, Texas. For more data, call 888-322-6150 or visit hypertext transfer protocol : //

United States Gold Bureau Secure Storage 10920 Lakeline Mall Drive Austin, TX 78717, USA Phone: 512-261-3494
A bang-up topographic point to store your valuables like precious metals and diamonds. There are two locations of this state-of-the-art storehouse facility, one in Texas and the early is Massachusetts. They provide access to one of the few accredited storage facilities formally authorized to secure cherished metals against COMEX Futures contracts. The facility is a 20,000 hearty foot in full secured space and has over 1400 square foot of Class III segregated vault space and 75 square animal foot of Class III condom available for secret customers. All deposits are 100 % insured through Lloyd ’ mho of London .
Provident Metals 15850 Dallas Parkway Dallas, TX 75248 Phone: (800) 313-3315 / (469) 317-3500
provident Metals in partnership with Elemetal provides condom and secure storage for everyday bullion investors. Storing the precious metals here offers condom, easy elimination, and insured bullion. Storing cherished metals with them offers long terminus benefits like safety against economic crises and other unanticipated events .

Smelters & Refineries

If you have some gold coins, small bars or jewelry items which you want to convert to early precious metals pieces, Bullion Exchanges offers you high-class gold and eloquent smelt. Below you will besides find celebrated valued metal smelters and refiners in Texas .
Hi-Tech Precious Metals & Refinery LLC 13620 Gamma Rd Dallas, TX 75244, USA Phone: 1 972-239-0597Millenium Precious Metals 2441 Arbuckle Ct Dallas, TX 75229, USA Phone: 877-688-7528DALLAS Central Refining Headquarters – 2650 Andjon Dr Dallas Tx 75220 Phone: (214)-350-4653Central Refining 903 E Nakoma Suite #100 San Antonio, TX 78216 Phone: (210) 490-1414Central Refining 6801 Commerce Avenue, Building 7A1 El Paso, TX 79915 Phone: (915) 843-4653Dillon Gage 11231 Gemini Ln Dallas, TX 75229, USA Phone: 972-484-3377American Recycling Associates 1050 Metromedia Pl Dallas, TX 75247, USA Phone: 972-620-6020Elemetal 10720 Composite Dr Dallas, TX 75220, USA Phone: 469-522-1111BMX Metals 2560 Southwell Rd Dallas, TX 75229, USA Phone: 888-257-7774KKB Refinery Gold & Silver 3599 Highway 6 Sugar Land, TX 77478 Phone: (281) 313-9999

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