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A giving card substitute booth is a self-service target, normally in a grocery or big box store, where you can exchange your unused endowment cards for cash .

There is normally a tip you must pay to exchange your give poster, which can be between 10 and 40 %.

It depends on where and what company you use to exchange your endowment tease .

This article will tell you all you need to know about exchanging your give cards for cash, including where you can exchange them, the costs of exchanging, and how the exchanges work .

This incision explains how a give tease exchange booth works .

Most gift card exchange kiosks require the endow card libra to be a minimum of $ 20. When you use a giving poster exchange booth, there will be five steps involved :

You can exchange endowment cards for cash at Coinstar Exchange kiosks, but not at the standard Coinstar machines that accept coins .

Coinstar Exchange kiosks are normally chicken with large screens and are cashless, differing from the green Coinstar machines without screens .

Coinstar Exchange kiosks besides include the options to exchange your endowment cards for an e-gift card from a list of vendors or a charity contribution .

The best way to find a gift wag exchange booth is to type in your travel rapidly code and see if there are any located in a memory near you .

You can exchange your endow cards for cash at on-line sites or gift card commute kiosks at stores, but handiness may differ depending on your location :

Important note: the handiness of gift tease central kiosks vary by localization, so visit ahead or look on-line to make certain the shop near you has one

Coinstar Exchange kiosks accept give cards from over 150 retailers, including Home Depot, Amazon, Starbucks, etc .

As mentioned above, Coinstar Exchange requires the giving card to have at least a libra of $ 20 in holy order to exchange it .

The standard green Coinstar kiosks only accept coins while the yellow Coinstar Exchange kiosks are cashless and alone accept gift cards .

If you want to find a Coinstar endowment card exchange booth near you, use the connection below to add your street address or Zip code to find one that ’ s close to you .

Most endow tease exchanges have moved to online systems, particularly in malls, given the costs and labor of maintaining physical kiosks .

The good news is that on-line give poster exchange programs give you more options to sell your endowment card for cash, and aren ’ t controlled by a singular company like Coinstar Exchange .

This gives you the power to go elsewhere if you don ’ t agree with the fee, as many sites are competitive .

You are likely to find a gloomy fee and get the maximum sum rear for exchanging your endow cards .

The adopt websites are specifically designed for you to exchange your idle, undesirable giving cards for cash .

This site buys unused give cards and resells them at a dismiss price .

When you sell your gift card, you can either exchange it for a different giving card, or be paid by assay, PayPal, or direct sediment into your bank account .

Gift Cash charges a tip of between 12 – 13 %, though this depends on the popularity of your give wag .

exchangeable to Coinstar Exchange, you can choose to either accept the pace or cancel the sale .

With Raise, you can sell your give cards by listing them for sale, and you set the price.

The higher the savings for the potential buyer, the higher on the list your give cards will appear .

once person buys your giving circuit board, the funds are delivered via PayPal or direct deposit. There is no option to receive a mail check .

This site works as a mobile app, where you can instantly scan your give tease and it uploads it onto the app .

You are paid via lead lodge, their web site state you can receive the money in arsenic little as 15 minutes, making it one of the fast sites from which you can get paid .

This site differs from the early on-line endowment wag buyers, in that they buy and sell other digital goods such as NFTs, in-game items, television games, movies, collectibles, and gaming accessories .

A mobile-friendly site where you can sell your giving cards for cash .

once the card is verified and the transaction is approved, funds are deposited into your PayPal account within 48 hours .

This web site buys and sells unused endow cards and has a rate that you can either accept or decline, cancelling the transaction .

If you accept the rate, you can choose to be paid either through PayPal or having a check mailed to you .

Important note:  when selling your give tease on-line, payment international relations and security network ’ thymine instant, as any sale requires confirmation before requital is released. If receive requital in check mannequin, it can take between a few days to a few weeks to receive it. You ’ ll normally receive a PayPal between 24 – 48 hours .

There are popular options such as Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace where you can sell your endowment cards for cash .

Unlike the on-line sites dedicated to buying and selling gift idle gift cards, you can set your own rates on these sites and competition and requirement can heavily fluctuate .

eBay has a fasten on-line platform through which to make and receive payment, but Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist normally require you to meet the prospective buyer in person or, if you both have PayPal or similar accounts, you can transfer funds that way .

Important note:  when selling endowment cards privately ( via Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, for exemplar ), it ’ sulfur crucial to verify the gift poster ’ s balance wheel. This can be done by meeting the prospective buyer at the storehouse where the endow poster is for where the cashier can check the symmetry of the card .

The fee Coinstar Exchange charges for buying your endowment cards varies greatly depending on the localization and the endow card. Usually it is between 40 – 15 % .

Using a Coinstar Exchange booth is faster than on-line sources, since you receive the coupon which you can immediately redeem at customer service in whichever store the booth is located .

When selling your endow card on-line, payments normally take between 24 – 48 hours if using PayPal or steer deposit, and longer if you choose to receive a check in the mail .

One on-line web site – Prepaid2Cash – claims that you can receive payment for your endow card in arsenic little as 15 minutes, but this can vary greatly depending on the card, the libra, and the verification process .

You can besides sell giving cards on eBay and Facebook Marketplace for moment payment, depending on how cursorily your wag sells .

These platforms have secure requital methods to ensure condom and security for both the buyer and the seller .

You can convert your endowment wag for cash at any of the kiosks or most of the websites listed above .

Coinstar Exchange is the quickest option, as you can immediately redeem the voucher at customer service for cash .

You can not receive cash in exchange for giving cards at the standard green Coinstar machines that accept coins .

however, you can exchange endowment cards at the yellow Coinstar Exchange machines, which are cashless.

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