1 oz Gold Royal Canadian Mint Bar

Recognized global for their quality, Royal Canadian Mint Gold bars are a cost-efficient submission to physical precious metals. Featuring a arresting design from the Royal Canadian Mint, these coins have a .999 fine Gold content .
Featuring a stunning design that ‘s singular to Royal Canadian Mint, these bars emphasize the Royal Canadian Mint logo stamped above information such as the burden, purity and singular serial count of the barricade. The rearward features a cosmetic repeat maple flick traffic pattern .
Each measure comes sealed in a protective assay package, which includes authentication of the gold bar ‘s weight unit and purity and a print signature from John Forrest, the Chief Assayer at the Royal Canadian Mint. This promotion not only secures your investing and protects the future of your gold bar, but provides you with the necessary certification that may be required when using this legal profession for deal, investment or give purposes.

The popularity of gold bars for investing purposes dates back centuries. Before 1971, the United States dollar was backed by Gold, and countries were unable to print money that exceeded what was in their gold reserves. Known as the Gold Standard, three separate systems were in place throughout history to protect currencies ; coinage, bullion and commute. During the Gold bullion standard, Gold coins were not circulated and, rather, Gold bullions were sold in exchange for the circulate currency.

Features of the 1oz Gold RCM Bar – 24 Karat:

  • Produced using 24 karat gold
  • 1 oz. of .9999 fine Gold
  • Sealed with a protective coating, which doubles as an assay
  • Royal Canadian Mint logo and weight, purity and serial number on the obverse
  • • Attractive repeating maple leaf pattern on the reverse
  • Eligible to be used as part of a Precious Metal IRA

This 24 karat 1oz Gold RCM Bar is the arrant investment objet d’art for those looking to secure their futures with a cherished Metals IRA. This IRA-eligible bar can be used to access the tax benefits associated with an individual retirement account, but paperwork may be required advance. Please get in reach with an Investment congressman on the Wholsale Coins Direct web site before purchasing if you ‘d like to use this amber prevention as share of an IRA, or your holy order may not be processed .
angstrom well as stocking the 24 karat 1oz Gold RCM Bar, you can besides find a wide range of gold bars and other investing pieces on our web site. Stocking bars from some of the world ‘s most celebrated aureate and silver manufacturers, we offer bars available for gifting, trade or diversifying your investment portfolio. If you ‘d like to learn more about the items we broth or arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with a penis of our Investment team, do n’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer serve team nowadays .

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