1/2 oz $25 Gold American Eagle Coin (Date Varies)

The $ 25 Gold American Eagle Bullion ( 1/2 snow leopard ) is produced by the U.S. Mint, which has been striking and distributing cherished metallic element, collectible coins and national medals since its foundation garment in 1792 .

$25 Gold American Eagle Coin Highlights:

  • Mint: U.S. Mint
  • Metal: Gold
  • Purity: 22 Karat / .9167 fine gold
  • Weight: 1/2 troy oz
  • Diameter: 27 mm
  • Thickness: 2.24 mm
  • Face Value: $25
  • Date Varies; based on availability
  • Based on the iconic 1907 Augustus Saint-Gauden design
  • U.S. official gold bullion
  • Quality, weight, purity guaranteed by the U.S. Government
  • Eligible for self-directed IRA

The ½ snow leopard Gold American Eagle coins are made of .9167 saturated aureate, with a weight unit of half-a-Troy-ounce and were first released to the public in 1986. They are guaranteed by the U.S. government to contain the express quality and weight of gold in troy ounces. By jurisprudence, the gold must come from sources in America, alloyed with silver and copper to produce a coin which is more insubordinate to wear .
Inspired by one of the most iconic coins in american history, 1907 $ 20 Gold Double Eagle, this mint is a collaboration between President Theodore Roosevelt and couturier Augustus Saint-Gauden. The obverse of the mint features a design inspired by Augustus Saint-Gauden ‘s iconic 1907 Liberty, shown stand in movement of a rising sun. Liberty holds a torch overhead in her right handwriting and an olive branch in her leave hand, representing enlightenment and peace respectively. On the buttocks leave of the coin, a representation of the capitol buildings is shown, in accession to the discussion “ LIBERTY ”, which is engraved around the top of the obverse design.

The change by reversal of the character 1 gold mint showcases a design by sculptor Miley Tucker-Frost ( once Busiek ), featuring an american bald eagle clasping an olive outgrowth, returning to his family in their nest. The lettering “ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ”, “ IN GOD WE TRUST ”, “ ½. OZ FINE GOLD 25 DOLLARS ”, and “ E PLURIBUS UNUM ” is besides inscribe. Tucker-Frost ‘s original sculpture was named after Reagan ‘s 1980 Republican convention speech in which he used the idiom “ together, a new begin. ” Having first been chosen as the official commemorative artwork of Reagan ‘s inauguration, and after a distribute of lobby, a mint was struck using the design.

The type 2 aureate American Eagle ‘s reverse design features a close-up and personal perspective of our nation ’ s official dame. The intensity of the bald eagle ’ mho gaze and the detail in the feather around the neck is striking.

Why invest in the $25 Gold American Eagle Coin?

Whether you ‘re looking for gold bars, coins or early cute metals, we can help you. Consider buying extra gold coins including Gold Sovereign Coins from the british Royal Mint, the Gold Philarmonic from the austrian Mint, the Australian Gold Kangaroo, the Gold Canadia
Some of the gold we offer can be held in a autonomous IRA, providing you with the associated tax benefits. however, extra paperwork will need to be completed at the time of buy. Please contact us for far details .
*With the release of the 2021 type 2 version of the Gold American Eagle, designed by Jennie Norris, you may receive a reverse design type 1 (Miley Busiek) or type 2 (Jennie Norris) design based on our current inventory.*

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